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PAID $700+ BY GAMBLING WEBSITE TO SCAM MY VIEWERS!? (Exposing Gambling Website!)

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PAID $700+ BY GAMBLING WEBSITE TO SCAM MY VIEWERS!? Today i will be discussing how i was paid $700 + to scam my own viewers, in this video i discuss how a gambling website approached me to play and promote their website and the deal was to play on their website but the gambling website im exposing today had a small catch. ♕My Twitter: https://twitter.com/laithkamal ♕FREE Gambling Money: http://csgosamurai.strikingly.com ♕ LIGHTING STRIKE GIVEAWAY: https://gleam.io/KluBo/karambt-awp-lighting-strike-giveaway ♕ CAN WE GET 50 LIKES?! ♕ Music done by a bot: https://www.jukedeck.com/
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Text Comments (36)
Pryda (1 year ago)
I hope SOME YouTubers learn from this :) not blasting anyone.
- Shalev611 (1 year ago)
man you have so much luck this man scam me he say she pick me winner and im win in the jackpot but not get the item and my first knife go
Neon TM (1 year ago)
+KarambT sup dude love your content is there anyway we can like Skype and i can gamble with u like we can a record a video I can make some cases for u on drakemoon, I will get some money to and gamble with u sound fine?
Pryda (1 year ago)
Neon ™ hiii!!! <3
Neon TM (1 year ago)
KarambT Dude i am from ukraine
Dallas Doran (10 months ago)
poker stars & spin palace are a scam they won't give your money back
Ikkeme (1 year ago)
MVP KarambT
fear (1 year ago)
same person did me that way her name was eva
Mefi (1 year ago)
You give some a skin for 10suby, and 10 like pleats I love mean Plis
TerrorLlama (1 year ago)
Pryda (1 year ago)
Alexandros Daniel Angelevski i have no idea i just wanted to meme
TerrorLlama (1 year ago)
Ureshii ._ (1 year ago)
dude plz do my case on drakemoon! you can even test spin it, so here it is https://www.drakemoon.com/case/fade-bruh-eez1
Azri._.Haziq (1 year ago)
Can your old subscriber gets the cheapest knife ? https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=88502432&token=TnhnlWpk
Clout Gang (1 year ago)
i love your videos! Pin me and ill go back and like all your videos!
mrjonnyfive21 (1 year ago)
was this skin boom? I got scammed by them.
Sir Killtastic (1 year ago)
das a spicy meme
ItsAreteen (1 year ago)
Can you leave me the website in PM or here? I want to DDoS it with some friends, don't worry we wont use CMD xDDD, we use Linux.
PeppyJack (1 year ago)
love you<3
Wassim Waridat (1 year ago)
Holy shit you're a Jordan Same here but I live in Belgium my mom is from Amman but she moved to Belgium where do you live?
Wassim sick
Wassim Waridat (1 year ago)
Nice imagine I meat you I go on vacation every 2 years
Pryda (1 year ago)
Sick man! Amman :D
Danxier Maple (1 year ago)
so i mean youre not really exposing anyone
fLy14yr (1 year ago)
Profile says slovakia...
Utuber Plays (1 year ago)
Bro this happened to me with my knife. What happened is he told me that he will make me winner on the site i said prove it he made people winner when i said make them winner on the site. they had like 0.1% and they won But when i deposited i won however the site went down then my skins didnt come.I looked at the site it no longer said i won it said some unknown thing. Now i regret it :(
Utuber Plays (1 year ago)
KarambT hopefully one day
Pryda (1 year ago)
Utuber Plays hopefully they'll get what tjey desevre
Utuber Plays (1 year ago)
well lucky u didnt lose them skins :D i was to foolish D':
Pryda (1 year ago)
Utuber Plays holy crap man thats so bad! I was thinking about that method but he only wanted like 10c skins on deposite
Failederino (1 year ago)
is this a joke?
Failederino (1 year ago)
this isn't really "exposing" anyone... this can be a random scammer guy doing this anyways, really no big reason to make a video on it.
Pryda (1 year ago)
Failederino nope
Pryda (1 year ago)
I've seen this stuff so much bro it sucks. I'v been scammed before not by this tho. #FuckScammers

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