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- - HELL - YEAH - TT - RACE - ♛ - ✔ ★~Streets~200Mph~★ Isle of Man TT ✔

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Top speed 190-206mph over a 38 mile street and mountain circuit. The Worlds Greatest Motor-Sporting Event, The Isle of Man TT. ALL RIDERS SURVIVED THE CRASHES IN THIS VIDEO. "TT" = Tourist Trophy . . Music By: " Rev Theory " (Hell Yeah) ▐►Ulster GP 2013►http://goo.gl/sh0NBe【HD】Download. Use " JUMP35 " Discount Promo code - for 35% off. ▐►PHOTO►http://goo.gl/bvfsQ◄ ▐►Ulster GP►http://goo.gl/gWMTb◄(Crash)35% off Promo Code.
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Text Comments (1564)
Sony Exxperia (13 days ago)
Super WOW U guys are GODDESS drive...!!
Dave (1 month ago)
Where the Gods race. The rest can fuck off
Muhd syed (3 months ago)
Hell yeah..........
Grant Novak (4 months ago)
how. could you unlike? these men out there life right out there for you to see
Christos Antonopoulos (6 months ago)
Its you the road and mother nature thats what it is for me the rest does not exist
Oleg Zemlianskyy (8 months ago)
С*ка, бл*, та ну-ка нах*й !!! о.0
Tri Trinh (9 months ago)
Does anyone know what song it is?
Alex B (11 months ago)
best show in the fucking world...
Pe Speedtrans (1 year ago)
Fine adrenalin........
Péter Pét (1 year ago)
kurvanagy. De betiltanám a faszba. Élet és veszélyes.
Marco Fonseca (1 year ago)
Motogp é mel de colherinha kkk, TT RACER tem que ter no minimo tres bolas kkkkkk
Christos Antonopoulos (1 year ago)
Basically machine and you must be one and know what your machine can and cannot do, I have a dual combined braking system, standard, no braided lines list can go on and on. It's a good thing I have learned to tame my ego, and adrenaline.
Andy Hancock (1 year ago)
shows exactly what the isle of man is about...scary and bloody amazing in one second
casper galvez (1 year ago)
Uploaded to pornhub
QuickUnit (1 year ago)
Best fucking video on youtube, anyone who rides knows what I'm talking about.
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ashotofmercury (1 year ago)
Really don't understand your comments about women. Surely a man does what he wants? ;) Also 'if you die they have no more money issues'. Seriously. What a dumb thing to say...... :/
Damian maidana (1 year ago)
s'il te plaît ils me disent qu'un sujet consiste en ce qu'il passe. graicias
AZNXXXful14 (1 year ago)
This looks like fun
Aidan Dunn (1 year ago)
1:28 peeling off that new helmet sticker :P
tiny (11 days ago)
Aidan Dunn not that this matters a year later... But that's a tear off. It's a plastic film that you tear off to clean your windscreen at speed. If you watch Nascar pitstops they have ones the size of the whole front window that they take off during stops
Emir AbiGG (2 years ago)
Türkler burdamı
FurKan KARAOĞLAN (1 year ago)
ben burdayım
alec y (2 years ago)
yo this is a race where NO MATTER what place you come in, YOUR A FUCKING ANIMAL!!
james merricks (2 years ago)
that makes my heart rate increase every time
jd parker THE BLOCKER (2 years ago)
Steve Smith (2 years ago)
Well done. Best compilation of the races I've seen.
bashar2 Alshaar (2 years ago)
waw man
Ozzie The pup (2 years ago)
♛ - ✔ - - HELL - YEAH - TT - RACE - ♛ - ✔ ★~ no
Control Room (2 years ago)
Damn, that was freaking awesome! This video goes right to favorites.
Aditya Jha (2 years ago)
犬千代 (2 years ago)
Guttorm Markussen (2 years ago)
youtube is ENGLISH, lets keep it that way...
Ozzie The pup (2 years ago)
+phil demmon +犬千代它的anrenaline推动sport-驾驶汽车是safe-骑自行车是和谐 - hello i had a go with google translate. Reply
phil demmon (2 years ago)
+犬千代 它的anrenaline推动sport-驾驶汽车是safe-骑自行车是和谐 - hello i had a go with google translate.
julio Angel (2 years ago)
speachless. just awesome if i knew i was going to die tomorrow that definitely be the way to go...I'd be smiling the whole way..great video
Luiz Marques (2 years ago)
Vandalville007 (2 years ago)
definitely some Jedi kind of shit...
gamccoy (2 years ago)
Measure your pulse rate BEFORE and then AFTER watching this video. Yes, it's that bad ass.
Celal Cibir (2 years ago)
The Collision (2 years ago)
0:55 was a bad crash. Was he ok?
phil demmon (2 years ago)
+The Collision Ey up - think this about the same guy - http://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/2010/august/aug1710-cummins-x-rays/
The Collision (2 years ago)
+MM Creative at least he didn't die.
MM Creative (2 years ago)
Broken bones ,raced after a year
Frozen Flame (2 years ago)
The Fuel Warriors ...
Guillermo Lara (2 years ago)
DAMM! HELL, YEA. Speed adrenalina.
Lucas199 (2 years ago)
What is the name of the song ?
Mark Bickerton (1 year ago)
+Lucas Vinicius Hell Yeah by Rev Theory
salomon kluan (2 years ago)
i love this
蒋锋 (2 years ago)
Watching this gives me shivers.. Burr
010karl010 (2 years ago)
I wonder what mail came today? I think I'll go get it. La di da di da such a beautiful day. *enters street, bends forward looking in the mailbox* wwwwwweeeeeEEEEEEEEOOOOOO SMACK!!!!   ..heh...
Sam Hirosky (2 years ago)
Song? If I download it and listen to it when I ride, maybe the size of my balls will increase
Cruceru Vlad (2 years ago)
+Sam Hirosky Rev Theory - Hell Yeah . enjoy your next ride:)
Thalles Titi (2 years ago)
Não me canso de ver esse vídeo e escutar essa música!
Jussi (2 years ago)
Hell yeah!
Akira Umi (2 years ago)
I thought porn on YT isnt allowed?
Md Shahbaz khan (2 years ago)
I found this awesome all in one cheat for Mortal Racing :) https://www.facebook.com/Mortal-Racing-Unlimited-Gems-Astral-Gems-Cheat-572331939582870/?pidid=9e24a108-6003-4902-81cf-277038d623d7 - - HELL - YEAH - TT - RACE - ♛ - ✔ ★~Streets~200Mph~★ Isle of Man TT ✔
Cpt Slow (2 years ago)
I dont believe how that have a balls to ride without any safe zone ! This is crazy!
Margie Sharp (2 years ago)
Is this really
yahoo911emil (2 years ago)
men then should make a anime about this kind of sport
Christian Stout (2 years ago)
Can't believe those guys who fell down a hill at 150+ mph survived. That's incredible.
Switch42o (2 years ago)
+Christian Stout they may not have...many folks die doing this race.
Phil Stout (2 years ago)
That's just insane
Jayden Whiteman (2 years ago)
lifebeginsat190 (2 years ago)
this video is so bad ass...the music to visuals is perfect.....I'm so pumped after watching this....HELL YEAH!!!
Kueschter89 (3 years ago)
my favorite isle of man video. really awesome and i love it so much i could watch it every day...but better not before i ride my CBR
C (3 years ago)
Blue mountain state anyone?
OKSANA ISAK (17 hours ago)
But it was put in the ditch the kids to my video 30 and couldn't get is the king was because its
Furkan Akdeniz (2 years ago)
+Elm 98' ::D
john pratto (3 years ago)
these guys are studs. unbelievable
떡잎살구 (3 years ago)
Crazy guys....
SoBe188 (3 years ago)
still amazed they're able to get airborne considering the size of their massive fucking balls.
Diogo Meneses (3 years ago)
Remarkable observation!
jack gil (3 years ago)
je suis motard , pistard a mes heures perdues , mais vous !  vous êtes des extraterrestre ! avec des couilles énormes . née en 1963.
mustafa demir (3 years ago)
ulan en ufak sarsıntıda adamlar paramparça olur amk.
steve ong (3 years ago)
mat rempits...boleh pergi cuba di IoM-TT...don't just do it here
kieron flett (3 years ago)
tt isle of man should have a  video game same as formula one and moto gp  would be awesome 
taufiqutomo (2 years ago)
+Richie De Bruyne That Manx TT Superbike? Played numerous times. Always a DNF on the TT course ._.
taufiqutomo (2 years ago)
+richkingb01 No game store in my city sold it. Most people here don't even know what TT is.
Richie De Bruyne (3 years ago)
+kieron flett there  was a game on the sega dreamcast or the saturn back in the day when the arcades where still alive there was an arcade game of TT racing     loved it !!!!
Bokieyoh (3 years ago)
Haha but I think it would be a very hard game, because the streets are small and the bikes are fucking fast :D
123coyoteg (3 years ago)
Holy fuck I had a copy of that when I was 6 but never played it! I'm so mad at myself for getting rid of it.
HRicKy Speed (3 years ago)
Show de video! Adrenalina pura!
rayray chapdelaine (3 years ago)
mcguiness, you are da man!!
島袋学 (3 years ago)
Evan Kingery (3 years ago)
50 seconds
Jiff Fast (3 years ago)
George Baird (3 years ago)
What a great video! Dangerous as hell but what a blast it must be. I love speed.
Kirk S (3 years ago)
Balls the size of melons
sponge01 (3 years ago)
Clicked on this vid to watch this race however the chaps racing those awfully fast motorcycles wer racing so fast one nearly spilled ones cup of tea in absolute surprise and wonderment , i can only assume these gentlemen are suffering from swollen Testicularosis  or are just absolute Bloody heroes so raise a glass to them and say FUCK YEA  PIN THAT BITCH TO THE TARMAC AND RESPECT 
Whitetailjedi (3 years ago)
+whitetailjedi I have no idea what "soluted" is...Swype and spell check didn't help at all there! Your were "saluted", my apologies for the sad fumble of my acknowledgement for your spectacular post.
Whitetailjedi (3 years ago)
For sure! So glad other people get to the same conclusion I do! Mad respect for theses guys just does not say it. Even with nearly 3 decades of experience on 2, 3, and 4 wheels off road and on, this still blows my mind! I am certainly an enthusiast but I think the most oblivious of human beings can find awe and appreciate what's happening here! The choice of musical inspiration, if your a fan of the genre, just cranks up the voltage. Consider yourself soluted for the choice of testicular championing of the well deserving riders as well Bravo!
Whitetailjedi (3 years ago)
Badass start to finish! Won't be the last time I watch this one for sure! Thanks for sharing! I couldn't hope to be that fast in my dreams, truly courage on a superhuman level!
Whitetailjedi (3 years ago)
+Peter Huskins Oh yeah for sure! I'm just "TT" bombing my brain with all of 'em but this one makes me wanna hop on my bike and do burnouts till something blows up! Anyone thats ever been on a superbike feels fast but these guys...wow...just indescribable!
Peter Huskins (3 years ago)
Keep searching whitetail man, there are loads of great TT videos here! (though the music on this one is very good)
Woooooooo! Ohhhhho! Great !
Maxhotgo (3 years ago)
YinYinSaka (3 years ago)
man spricht nicht über das pr0gramm...
thekhebiker (3 years ago)
Schirms ™ (3 years ago)
verpiss dich
Moritz Königschulte (3 years ago)
Gerald Cline (3 years ago)
One of the best I've seen  of the isle, awesome, and great F--ing music... well done..
Helo Ben (3 years ago)
Wohoo !! Fck yeah !
Mike Hernan (3 years ago)
Amazing!!!!! D:
Henry James Galvizo (3 years ago)
buwis buhay
dudley472 (3 years ago)
who crashed at 1.14 in the fireball?
Andgoo (3 years ago)
I'm surprised a 1k bike can even pull them with such giant balls.
nametso namza (3 years ago)
i like this WOW 
pitbuljackie (3 years ago)
Tax me I'm Canadian (3 years ago)
Holy shit, now thats an AWESOME video.
Paul Tabet (3 years ago)
Six Pounder (3 years ago)
ScottishManx (3 years ago)
Includes Manx Grand Prix footage.
Eddie Gotham (3 years ago)
Modern day Gladiators
Vrum-vrum MotherFaca (3 years ago)
Rev Theory – Hell Yeah
Dionarley ruas vieira (3 years ago)
What's song track ?
Vrum-vrum MotherFaca (3 years ago)
Rev Theory – Hell Yeah
kamil kumser (3 years ago)
müzik olmasaydı da orjinali ile tatmin olsaydık
sammy tenn (3 years ago)
i wish one day i reach my goal and be there with these awesome people!
Matt W (3 years ago)
lol i wouldn't even want to reach 90 on that track, holy shit
jenshaakon (3 years ago)
Have someone died in this race?
Brandon Tran (3 years ago)
+Garth S Holy fuck that's almost 3 people per race!!!
Garth S (3 years ago)
242 people have died in the TT Isle of Man race over the last 95 races/ practice runs.
wakesake (3 years ago)
i dont think so. Most of the crashes we have seen here i have read about them, the racers survived. if it was possible we wouldnt wanna lose any of them 
Paddy Theosophist (3 years ago)
Great vid!........but wudda went better with *Terrorizer~Fear of Napalm*  ;)
賴柏廷 (3 years ago)
It look so fucking dangerous
Mr Jameson (3 years ago)
0:49 holy shit... ragdoll
MegaMissfitz (3 years ago)
Hell yeah!!!
MortSakhalin (3 years ago)
how many of them got to the finish? healthy
Kristian Kristensen (3 years ago)
is it only professional riders who are riding? 
Keine Ahnung (3 years ago)
yes but 242 people died since 1911 in this race
Moritz M (3 years ago)
TH3TIMP5 (3 years ago)
Flagging this video because of all the nudity. All I seen though out it was balls
Fortitudine Vincimus (3 years ago)
Hell Yeah!    Jeez....that shit was Balls out.....Totally.....like hanging them out of the Space Shuttle during launch...that's insane....therefore I approve!  Nicely done... Beware of 'Tank Slap'! Excellent video.
HOPE (3 years ago)
HD sTOrM (3 years ago)
ooh !! fuck speed 

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