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SodaPoppin Bets $13,000 On Skin Arena! ($13K POT WIN!)

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Please watch: "MOST EXPENSIVE CSGO INVENTORY EVER! - $600,000 CSGO INVENTORY" ➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9uejPXm7fM -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Biggest bet in history? watch this dude called Chance Morris AKA Sodapoppin bet $1000 and then gets outbid of $10,000! AND WINS IT! His Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FfzlTHAtQk His Channel!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtu2BCnJoFGRBOuIh570QWw
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Text Comments (94)
Corey Kirkman (1 year ago)
Epic dude, good stuff right thur!
Green Goblin420 (1 year ago)
"Give me my 10% baby!" then walks out
Dazity God (1 year ago)
Why u stealing people's content
l (2 years ago)
Servine (2 years ago)
General Copey (2 years ago)
Chris (2 years ago)
Give me a knife :D
Joris van de Ven (2 years ago)
Gerry0907 (2 years ago)
You had a 0.00 percent chance
Jakub Nowakowski (2 years ago)
Rip dragon lore guy *
Der Coole Boy (2 years ago)
I want to trade with you
kawaii. (2 years ago)
Friend was so hyped coz he knew hes getting a skin or two xdd
therobb (2 years ago)
The reaction xD
MarkySharky (2 years ago)
what's your roblox username
ufuk kaya (2 years ago)
oxi olaydı uçardı amq
Russian Cyka (2 years ago)
ruubi (2 years ago)
Im Detroit (2 years ago)
Give my the ultraviolet gut knife pls
Im Detroit (2 years ago)
+Ryan Christiansen stfu
Im Detroit (2 years ago)
+Jonas Amokacis (žaidimų maniakas) i don't no
Jonas Amokacis (2 years ago)
+Im Detroit (ImDetroit) tell us 5 reasons why he should give that knife to you.
Ryan Christiansen (2 years ago)
+Im Detroit (ImDetroit) LOL noob
Im Detroit (2 years ago)
I love this knife
PickleRick (2 years ago)
Outro song?
TheComedyCuber (2 years ago)
it says sodapoppin 13,000 dollars and he won 13,000 dollars ummm
Xanny (2 years ago)
+bigmoe5 ? what is the difference?
Sawaab .A (2 years ago)
OMG Congrats MAN!!!!
Ferdinand Lindemann (2 years ago)
SpartaRamoHD (2 years ago)
I was watching people put over 30k last time. Then theres me who cant even put the minimum. *sigh*
Chris Reyes (2 years ago)
Why is that guy excited? "Finally!" I can have McDonald's for life!"
MCPomFrit Sovs (2 years ago)
plz give a skin plz
EvilManTR ­ (2 years ago)
zenciye bak amk sevinçten evi yıkacaktı one lan afhdusah
yvng nigga (2 years ago)
i wish i had cs skins i my best skin is the sg cyrex
"I wish I wish..." stop fucking wishing then and buy the fucking skins, you wishing motherfucker
ShrekingBall (2 years ago)
My best is only a ak-47 stak trak elite build factory new
Rakuten Games (2 years ago)
how is the song at the end called? :D
PotatoStone (2 years ago)
I think that you should share some, isn't that a good idea?
ethansaywa (2 years ago)
or anything
ethansaywa (2 years ago)
can i have a knife
AwesomeScout (2 years ago)
TheGaul0ises (2 years ago)
Holy shit. Are you slowly turning gay Soda? :D You are acting so strange :D Like a Ladyboiiiiaaa
Geoffrey Barre (2 years ago)
OMG 0,00 % win 13,000 $ O MY GOD X)
Kwan 0112 (2 years ago)
Littlenose Alice (2 years ago)
Pablo Brown (2 years ago)
That guy could cash out all them skins on opskins and make so much real cash.
Pablo Brown (2 years ago)
yes I will give you that.
SEANYBOYYYY (2 years ago)
+Azia Gaming - Clash Of Clans It's the same concept as spending a bunch of money for useless gems and shit in Clash of Clans.
Pablo Brown (2 years ago)
how? its a virtual skin that doesn't do anything in game. Just looks 'cool' lmao I would actually try and make some real money instead wasting money on cases for skins.
TheSeineTV (2 years ago)
Skins are way more important than real money
Last Tabs (2 years ago)
*plays cs:go for 2 hours* *says fuck this game* *goes and buys all kinds of skins for thousands of dollars hours later* *gets on skin arena* *puts 10000$ in* *3000$ profit* *dances* *never plays cs:go again* *goes and blows all money at the casino*There's your story kids have fun
Alexandru Cristian (2 years ago)
+Reneko Actually, he placed 1k and another guy tried to snipe the pot with 10k bet :) And chance won. I'm out
Last Tabs (2 years ago)
+Panthrax no I don't know I just pretend I know because I'm so smart
Panthrax (2 years ago)
+Reneko Who cares. He just made 10,000 dollars. Do you understand how much money that is?
JJ JJ (2 years ago)
Anal Penetration
Michael Pagliaro (2 years ago)
Dick tation
Czerasky (2 years ago)
ssiesz pale
Blazeboy 888 (2 years ago)
RIP headphone users
Last Tabs (2 years ago)
+kamil dobias  *rest in peace all headphone users that don't know how to calibrate their headphones correctly
SeanUk_ (2 years ago)
Nice how nick goes over the top whilst chunce just sits there
Moiz Raza (2 years ago)
Ok... I never played cs:go or gamble but can some give me a brief description about how all of this works because I am so confused how people get so hyped over this, like is this actual money or just game money?
Moiz Raza (2 years ago)
+TheGalaxyGamerz Gamez ohhhhh ok, no wonder people get hyped up
TheGalaxyGamerz Gamez (2 years ago)
Sorry for a late respond, you can make this real money on opskins . It can also be used to sell/trade for keys or steam wallet.
Kristoffer Raphaug (2 years ago)
Why do you repost a video that is Sodapoppins video?
Prograss_ (2 years ago)
is this real money?
kobejg (2 years ago)
+ingramation1 yes
RaZi SCOPES (2 years ago)
+ingramation1 steam money
꿈밤 (2 years ago)
TheScriptflipable (2 years ago)
TheScriptflipable (2 years ago)
yeah, nick is the man!
Kim Poulsen (2 years ago)
+TheScriptflipable BEST PART!! Laughing like hell over here .
Rui (2 years ago)
Digital Coins (2 years ago)
Where's my 10% cut bro
Kennedy Junior (2 years ago)
you get ALL of this knifes? Please can you give me one ;p
HUBLISH' (2 years ago)
+Kennedy Junior Sodapoppin // Chance morris on youtube, Won this, Not karambit.
Big Daddy (2 years ago)
Omg you win with 9% the luck is real
Servine (2 years ago)
+Bora Global its luck
Swedish_Robber (2 years ago)
+Bora Global He had a good gaming chair...
Suck Dauce (2 years ago)
+Big Daddy I won 1k with 1.25 chance i only betted my USP-S skin
Magnus Dahl (2 years ago)
Waow 📲
Unbound (2 years ago)
What the fuck. That shit is so lucky, whenever I go to skinarena, I always lose :c EDIT: next time cut out the outro from sodapoppin -_-
LegendaryGamingChannel (2 years ago)
+Golden Karambit - CSGO CHANNEL wot m9
Pryda (2 years ago)
did that it :D 
Unbound (2 years ago)
+Golden Karambit - CSGO CHANNEL or link the original video in the description haha
Pryda (2 years ago)
Gotta give him credit :/ so i decided to keep it and just re-render it
Coleman19 (2 years ago)
Lucky mofo
KaptinKooshTV (2 years ago)
+Immune Gaming oh and he had .02%
KaptinKooshTV (2 years ago)
+Karambit - CS:GO Tips and Tricks i had a 90% chance against a site owner and he won 2 of my knives... he won 5 in a row talk about scamming people
Pryda (2 years ago)

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