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These are the top 10 places in the world to play pokemon go! If you guys enjoyed watching this video please leave a THUMBS UP!! Also go check out my channel for other Call of Duty videos and Pokemon Go vlogs! WATCH MY LAST 2 POKEMON VIDEOS!!! MASTERBALL COMING TO POKEMON GO! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1xyVJa7vWs TRADING IN POKEMON GO!?!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBP9ftQ6IoU ______________________________________________________________ Keep up with me on Social Media!! Twitter: @Forthepacks Twitch: twitch.tv/forthepacks Instagram: Forthepacks Great People To Follow: I EB I: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ UCdTIvPsCnXs86WU1FcjWpjQ TheTemperedWolf: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmDQa7bx9XjxveuVngWHfew SONG USED IN THE VIDEO: Soundcloud (Free Download) _____________________________________________________________ About The Video: This video is about the Best Places To Play Pokemon Go! The ten places that I chose have really good pokemon that spawn there and they are also either really neat parks, monuments, or historic places. If I could play pokemon go anywhere in the world, I would play in thes best places to play pokemon go! There are so many rare pokemon spawns at these ten best places and let me know if you catch anything good!
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Text Comments (159)
Kamal Khadak (2 months ago)
34.0076, -118.5 pier
Technical Hero (3 months ago)
Ryan Dass (4 months ago)
Table mountain ,Cape Town (South Africa )
Mohammed Aftab (4 months ago)
Where is a eevee nest
Prudhviraj M (6 months ago)
Superb bro
I Am GAMER (6 months ago)
I am from pear 39
Naveen Athwal (7 months ago)
Thanks for Telling popularity place for Pokemon go Because I don't know this places I am search the lagendry egg Raid Battle you Soved my problem Your Awesome
Angel Nogue (7 months ago)
Pair 39
Snowyy (8 months ago)
just sayin its pronounced circulau key lmao. but nice vid :D
lil Batman (8 months ago)
water bottle!!! (8 months ago)
in India Goa has so many rare pokemon
Selene (8 months ago)
add chicago to that list as well.
Plydy (9 months ago)
I hacked Pokemon go so that's y I'm watching so I can teleport to any country and see which has best Pokemon
crazzed_blue_ (7 months ago)
Sameer Thakur (9 months ago)
sir which city Disney land and Colosseum where pokestop
Sameer Thakur (9 months ago)
sir which city Disney land and Colosseum where pokestop
Vigan (9 months ago)
u should put santa monica pier its so good
Replete Tub (9 months ago)
Is that good btw I am saying this before I watch the video
Replete Tub (9 months ago)
I am in la today
The Alpha (10 months ago)
I'm not even playing Pokémon go. But your voice made me leave a like.
Atree03 (8 months ago)
Packs (10 months ago)
Lol thanks
Origami masters (10 months ago)
I got an onix thanks
GotaHero (10 months ago)
How do you play pokemon go on your computer?
mr cluck mincraft (1 month ago)
I know right. I just said that to my self😄🍪🍪🍪🍪
The Alpha (10 months ago)
They patched it. You can't do it anymore...
Paradaux_ (10 months ago)
Old towne in Kissimmee Florida, 47 pokestops, 27 gyms, saw a charizard and gyrados but I'm a lowlevel
Packs (10 months ago)
Charging Redstone (11 months ago)
At the semetery
Vivek Rudra (11 months ago)
you are supper bro
Dat Rock Fan A (1 year ago)
gateway of india i got gyarados hitmonchan lapras vaporeon and charmaleon in one spawn!!!!
Akhil TS (1 year ago)
you rockedddd brooo........
Packs (1 year ago)
Gibus guy (1 year ago)
it sounds weird but in my country the best place for pokemon go is graveyard belu there are a shit lot of machops and good things
retro x (1 year ago)
The Lemon Juice (1 year ago)
Thanks for the vid
Jiyad Borbhuyan (1 year ago)
governors island
TurtleBayCA .?! (1 year ago)
ForThe Packs can you please sub to me
Packs (1 year ago)
ITZ KRYPTIC (1 year ago)
fav is santa monica cali
Wy-Bird (1 year ago)
Last I checked you weren't supposed to play the game on a computer...
Eric S (1 year ago)
San Francisco beats all these, already recorded to have most stops in the world by poke hub and the e tire city loaded with spawns. Not counting the large number of pier hot spots like pier 39.
Packs (1 year ago)
I heard San Fran was unreal
lekha vis (1 year ago)
great good job
Villa Till I Die (1 year ago)
I wouldn't go to England right now it's not as cultural as you think any more it's just Indian restaurants and mosques the only real cultural thing in England is the old buildings and some fish and chips restaurants but that's it now it's not like you think it is especially Birmingham is really bad for immigrants and migrants it's changed a lot. It's not the old cultural england anymore 😭😭😭
Packs (1 year ago)
I heard it is nothing like it used to be..
YEZA PREDRUXZEN (1 year ago)
Left a dislike
cjcxnoscoperx73 ok (9 months ago)
TurtleBayCA .?! (1 year ago)
Packs (1 year ago)
Great man thanks for the dislike… LOL
Curvest (1 year ago)
At my house. 3 dratinis right down the road, slowbro, and a dragonnight
kijkduin the netherlands
Packs (1 year ago)
Thank you I'll have to try!
I subscribed
Wow you know a lot congrats
Kings park Perth Australia is great
san fransisco
Jonathan Valadez (1 year ago)
POKEMON GAMERTNT I went there I lag like hell
Samsung Galaxy (1 year ago)
the video's are osum
Packs (1 year ago)
thank you so much!
Tech Reloaded (1 year ago)
Where to find pikachu
Hej På dig (1 year ago)
Nice vid👍🏼
Packs (1 year ago)
Thanks Daniel!
Tommyd2318 123 (1 year ago)
my road is the best it had 1 snorlax triple dragonite 5 charizard chansey golem muk vaporeon nidoking nidoking alakazam spawned on my house but ran away!
Packs (1 year ago)
no way. WHERE ARE YOU!!!
the blue toad bros (1 year ago)
balos point bro
Packs (1 year ago)
where is that
Tanya Gorin (1 year ago)
JackTheDude K (1 year ago)
ForThe Packs he's right
Packs (1 year ago)
Omg I want to go there
You never said San Francisco
Packs (1 year ago)
San Fran is such a good place to play
TheZombiesHunter (1 year ago)
where have you been
Packs (1 year ago)
making my comeback BABY!!
Saberdiamondgaming ! (1 year ago)
Portland OR
Packs (1 year ago)
I heard Portland is great for pokemon, and I love OR!!
chloe (1 year ago)
maybe you should make it if separate locations... I live in the United States and no I don't think I'm ever going to Rome, New York, etc.
Packs (1 year ago)
Very true, I may make a video like that soon!
MiniMunch14 (1 year ago)
Where are you
MiniMunch14 (1 year ago)
ForThe Packs Aye
Packs (1 year ago)
I'm back hotdog
Desiree Hardee (1 year ago)
area 51
JackTheDude K (1 year ago)
ForThe Packs XD
Packs (1 year ago)
Area 51 has mew haha
Trono (1 year ago)
Yo man, it's been a bit since I've seen anything from you. I remember the last time I watched you, you had only 500 subs, now you've got just about 3k. Congrats on that dude. Can't wait to see more!
Trono (1 year ago)
+τhατ rαηdσm ηεrd I'm not kidding tho, my city is ranked #4 in the world for playing this game. it's pretty insane
Mo Fo Got trolled (1 year ago)
DNotableTrono13 / Trono41 Every DownTowns in the world always have alot of PokeStops!Its cool.
Trono (1 year ago)
Oh, and you should see how many Poke-Stops are in the downtown area of my town, it's freaking ridiculous. There's at least 20 I can see just looking at my phone.
Shadowbolt 7 (1 year ago)
Shadowbolt 7 (1 year ago)
Definitely Rio Townsquare
Packs (1 year ago)
Thanks man!
JackTheDude K (1 year ago)
ForThe Packs I like how u actually answer comments
Packs (1 year ago)
Rio sounds fun
Gabriel Torres (1 year ago)
I once saw a Charizard in the Santa Monica Pier
Packs (1 year ago)
California is great for rares
the gods of the packs
Packs (1 year ago)
saranda dg (1 year ago)
And i live in the mid of nowhere
Packs (1 year ago)
Hopefully you will play when you travel to the city
Tanya Gorin (1 year ago)
saranda dg me to I live in the forest so I use the hack
OhMyOverwatch (1 year ago)
I've Been In The Colluseum And It wasn't When Pokémon go was out 😭😭😭😭😭
Packs (1 year ago)
Wow you would have gotten so much
oyounes (1 year ago)
MangzYT (11 months ago)
omar younes WATER!!!
Packs (1 year ago)
Wtf no way
Seth Mcneely (1 year ago)
st.monica pier
Chronically Fabulous (1 year ago)
Kings Park in Perth, Western Australia is amazing, too ☺ Assloads of Kanghaskans, Pinsirs, the odd Dragonite and a handful of each starter, along with Oddish, Clefairy, Staryu, Magikarp, Cubone and TONS of Eevees 😊 It's also packed with PokeStops, because it's a park full of memorials to fallen soldiers (they mark almost every gumtree along every road through the park) and Kings Park is always busy with people dropping lures at all hours. Highly recommend checking it out! ☺ xox
Packs (1 year ago)
I really want a Khengas Kahn
Ryan Andrews (1 year ago)
we should meet some time
Packs (1 year ago)
Sure when I get big
Ryan Andrews (1 year ago)
mine best place is st petersburg beach in florida
B345T M0D3 (1 year ago)
What is his hairline
Packs (1 year ago)
That's mean lol
Borys Franco (1 year ago)
Hey I live near largo what are some nest near our area
Borys Franco (1 year ago)
+ForThe Packs yea Ik that one but it's a pinsir nests now do you know any other ones
Packs (1 year ago)
Largo Central Park!
Ravage4Savage (1 year ago)
They are my hotspots
Ravage4Savage (1 year ago)
Pier 39 and Dolores Park in SF
Packs (1 year ago)
I heard that is amazing too
Mr HaraldP (1 year ago)
Orebro Nicolai church
Packs (1 year ago)
Really!? Nice
Gunship The Gamer (1 year ago)
My favourite hotspot is at Canada's wonderland in Canada
Gunship The Gamer (1 year ago)
+ForThe Packs lol 😂 me too
Packs (1 year ago)
I love Canada's wonderland
Nicholas Velez (1 year ago)
I live in jersey in the middle of nowhere but once in a while we hit up newyork do hopefully next next time we go we can check out Central Park (not just for the Pokemon lol)
Packs (1 year ago)
Central Park is loaded with super rare Pokemon it's insane
Samuel Tan Qing Hui (1 year ago)
There is one more hot spot at KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is spawned with almost unlimited pikachus.
Packs (1 year ago)
That's so sick
BCP (1 year ago)
Helped Me Alot!
Packs (1 year ago)
Peter V (1 year ago)
Disneyland is in Anaheim CA, not LA
Packs (1 year ago)
You are right!
Michelle Frankich (1 year ago)
That's cool to know where the most popular places are! I like the pics. thanks!
Michelle Frankich (1 year ago)
+ForThe Packs I left a like! Thumbs up! keep the vids commin
Packs (1 year ago)
Make sure to leave a like! :)
Thomas Jurkunas (1 year ago)
Thomas Jurkunas (1 year ago)
+ForThe Packs omg ur awesome keep it up!
Packs (1 year ago)
Atta boy so close!
Bruh Huh? (1 year ago)
Mo Fo Got trolled (1 year ago)
Omega Gaming 102.7 Long Beach too.
Omega Gaming (1 year ago)
+ForThe Packs I live in LA so I say Santa Monica
Packs (1 year ago)

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