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How To Sell PUBG Crates On Steam Market

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Manc Dan (17 days ago)
Why does your balance change even though your crates don't sell in the video? Am I missing something?
R6432 (14 days ago)
No i sold them in 5 sec
Manc Dan (14 days ago)
R6432 it looks like you have sold the crates pretty quickly. Like, whilst you were recording? Is that legit or did you leave it "recording few hours?
R6432 (14 days ago)
Manc Dan You need to refresh the page to clear the crates.
NowUCmeNowUDie (19 days ago)
hi Any way to skipp the 1 week w8 time before you can sell the skinn? I´ve seen new skins being selled the same day a new crate apears
R6432 (18 days ago)
No i dont know
Sakkle42 (2 months ago)
You do realize you can just enter a price in "buyer pays" instead, right?
Ivan David Paul (2 months ago)
Thank you!
Vladimir Đurđević (3 months ago)
anybody bought it? you got the money?
Vladimir Đurđević (3 months ago)
R6432 thanks
R6432 (3 months ago)
5 to 10 seconds
Vladimir Đurđević (3 months ago)
R6432 my question is, how many time does it ussualy takes to sold the crate you bough with BP and it is not opened, just a crate?....
R6432 (3 months ago)
If you open the crate, you cant sell the item for one week
Vladimir Đurđević (3 months ago)
R6432 after one week you still does not sell it?
Stephen Doan (3 months ago)
Do you get the money directly when you put them up for sale or does someone have to buy your crates to get money?
R6432 (3 months ago)
Stephen Doan they have to buy them
Aksanto (3 months ago)
dont stop ur vids do them they are good
Aksanto (3 months ago)
thx helped me a lot

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