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How To Install Fonts For CS:GO And How To Remove Fonts In CS:GO (VERY EASY METHOD & 100% SAFE)

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Please watch: "MOST EXPENSIVE CSGO INVENTORY EVER! - $600,000 CSGO INVENTORY" ➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9uejPXm7fM -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Hope you enjoy this video this question gets asked alot so i decided to make a video about it enjoy if you enjoyed the video leave a like comment and subscribe and ill make sure to push out more of these! Links ------------------------------- Steam Profile: http://tinyurl.com/o5ochcg Send Me Cases Skins Keys here: http://tinyurl.com/naklarv Buy Cheap Games 100% secure and reliable: https://www.g2a.com/r/golden-karambit
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Text Comments (47)
Klaude Angeles (8 months ago)
you just took that intro from jrcuber and edited it
Zoxay (1 year ago)
Silver 4 teaching about CS:GO fonts. Please just concentrate about the actual game and practice instead of this misc stuff, but nice man xP
Frajmz CZ (2 months ago)
u concentrate xD the same u probably play shit xD
ZAX (1 year ago)
Will it reset my config?? D:
Weasley (1 year ago)
I can't remove my font! halp...
IceSplash Team (1 year ago)
Fuck you!! How to remove??
Flux (1 year ago)
end of vid
H&A Gaming (1 year ago)
How do i do this without reseting my config?Or what will happen if i just delete the fontmapping.cfg and all font files?
7up (1 year ago)
intro please?
Klaude Angeles (8 months ago)
7up search for jrcuber he is the owner of the intro
Onni Jokinen (1 year ago)
i got vac banned
Preslav Peev (1 year ago)
okay cheter u cunt XD
Onni Jokinen (1 year ago)
Preslav Peev i just tought that i got banned there was just something wrong with vac
Preslav Peev (1 year ago)
Dont lie u cunt
Huh (1 year ago)
don't lie
I've got a problem: Practically every text just breaks off,even if it didn't end.
Whita (2 years ago)
totaly not dr.buddha's intro :)
David cordukes (2 years ago)
Ewww bandicam
Steve Saji (2 years ago)
You just earned yourself a like and a sub 😅
Mighty Mango (2 years ago)
Awesome, just did your instructions and I hope it works! You earned a sub.
Saiyan (2 years ago)
intro song???
smileyface (2 years ago)
You lying sack of shit. Resently I got a message on csgo that said that there was something wrong with my csgo! I reacted in horror ''I don't have any shady files'' I said. But i deleted all my workshop maps and restarted csgo. Still did not work but then i uninstalled the font i had and then it was fine. So learn from my mistake and don't install fonts. I was to close to a ban. And i don't wan't any legit players to be vac banned.
crunch (2 years ago)
+smileyface LOL I downloaded the fonts and nothing went wrong. You probs did it wrong.
Syre (2 years ago)
classic silver on 7day ban for killing team mates
caterino (2 years ago)
You are the only one on youtube who can teach anyone how to do this THANK YOU
caterino (2 years ago)
:) Yeah its pretty good haha
Pryda (2 years ago)
+Ronan Doran Ayyy thanks man! i love your profile picture
Technology Weeks (2 years ago)
When is the giveaway going to end
Sigi Schees (2 years ago)
thank you so much
Pryda (2 years ago)
+Sigi Schees You're welcome sorry for the late reply
TehHoly Nico (2 years ago)
Yo man, so i actually did sub, but i need so much help!! I have a mac and idk how to do this, like whne i go on the steam folder, steam apps, there is nothing... HALPPPPP SOMEONE
TehHoly Nico (2 years ago)
Yo man, i dont have gyazo, this is my last chance. Do you have Skype? if you do, this is mine "CatherinaPeruzzi" it says i'm from "Brazil" You dont have to talk, just so i can sharescreen man, i've been trying to install a font for like 2 months now (For cs:go) so pls! helP!
Pryda (2 years ago)
+TehHoly Nico can you link me to a gyazo screenshot? perhaps i could help you out :)
Tudor Bogos (2 years ago)
Does it work in competitive? Will u get vac banned?? Thats what the site says. Im worried. How do u uninstall it btw??
Pryda (2 years ago)
+Tudor Bogos Hey no you wont get vac banned, i also explain in the video how to uninstall it :D
CheeXY (2 years ago)
Thank you so much. Watched other videos, did'nt work.. they only dropped the steam file from the download into program(x86)/steam. :)
Pryda (2 years ago)
+CheeX Your welcome bro <3
Chiminim (2 years ago)
Simple and easy video. Good job, and thanks :D.     (silver 4 teaching LEM) xD
Flux (1 year ago)
yo i wanna know how do you get your hand to look like that in game your gloves look so cool and your hand is low on the gun i wanna use that
Pryda (2 years ago)
+eDDiProductions hahahaahahaha thanku master subscribe ;)
Brio - CSGO (2 years ago)
Thank you :)
Pryda (2 years ago)
THANK god i did well then :D 
Brio - CSGO (2 years ago)
+Golden Karambit - CSGO CHANNEL Most of the other channels had like short cuts to everything and was complicated i was like "Ughhhhhhh"
Pryda (2 years ago)
+ItsLegends - Minecraft CSGO and Montages Your most welcome buddy :D
Salama Attia (2 years ago)
This helped a lot .  I subbed :D
Pryda (2 years ago)
+Salama Attia THANK YOU! <3
Space4cake (2 years ago)

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