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FORTNITE NEW ROGUE AGENT SKIN! - *SHOULD YOU BUY IT? - HONEST REVIEW* today i will be talking about the rogue agent skin in fortnite, and if you should buy the new fortnite skin that is called rogue agent, the rogue agent skin can be found in the fortnite store.
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Pryda (27 days ago)
i hope you guys enjoyed the video!
Almog Gruber (15 days ago)
Hey Pryda can you shout me out, my stream is twitch.tv/asg7. I'm new but I'm aiming for 25 followers this month :)
dolmnx pd5 (27 days ago)
I like the Recon outfit👍🏽
Lasniko (27 days ago)
What was your channel name before? You sound familiar but i dont remember you
Lasniko (27 days ago)
JoshHowarth oh fuck i remember him now lmao
JoshHowarth (27 days ago)
Lasniko karambit
SantaPiM (27 days ago)
If its actual real giveaway i like the PS4 exclusive skin xd
super jk (27 days ago)
Please give a shout out
Robbie Watling (27 days ago)
Link up BB
Fatalis (27 days ago)
Idk who you are or why I subbed to you but I'd still enjoy the skin haha. So my favorite skin is the Astronaut^^

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