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Isle of Man TT - Redline

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Sulby Straight section of the TT course is the fastest section of all. Speeds can reach over 200mph. During practice for the 2006 Isle of Man TT race, New Zealand competitor Bruce Anstey was timed through a speed-trap at a speed of 206 mph (331.51 km/h)on the Sulby Straight.
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Text Comments (69)
J Rod (6 days ago)
Crazy how much different the exhaust notes are between the brands
Fyzel Cum Chud (7 days ago)
This needs to be a national anthem
Twistedd Mindzz (14 days ago)
10 people dislike this??? Gives me chills down my spine... There's no other sound like it!
Abdul Firdaus (15 days ago)
Good video, I love the sound of his bike wow nice rich voice plane.i love Isle Of Man
Tony Roulette (2 months ago)
If I had a bucket list,this would be the only thing on it, going to see this race,, won't happen.
Tony Pate (8 days ago)
Why "won't" it happen ?
HasanHasan Hasan (3 months ago)
So love you race 👍👍👍👍
347chas (3 months ago)
5 thumbs down, must be scooter riders.
Adrián Cruz (4 months ago)
Probably, the best spot ever to watch the TT. Fucking awesome.
Tony Pate (8 days ago)
Dickie Dijkman (4 months ago)
Carlos 500 (4 months ago)
Dickie Dijkman thank you my friend, I have a few others on my channel. Ride safe
Manjunatha MS (6 months ago)
What a Sound , I love it
james palmer (7 months ago)
That ducatti sounds wierd as hell pegged out
Viciousv609 (8 months ago)
Just get it geeeeettttt it
jeff deathrage (8 months ago)
Nothing like the sight of trees n poles whizzing by at 144 (top speed on my ride). 200 is beyond comprehention......
Nick Roberts (8 months ago)
Made my dick hard
itsabdibro (1 year ago)
police cant catch them even with a ferrari
Adam Coxill (3 days ago)
itsabdibro or helicopter check out guy Martin outruns helicopter on ere insane video
keesisnice (1 year ago)
1:27 - 1:44 great
Toni Nugroho (1 year ago)
buen video
yammer haw (1 year ago)
What an optical illusion when the cam op is zoomed in and they're taking the corner at 190 mph+. Looks like they're going about 100 mph or less when zoomed in. Great video!!
TheCollector (1 year ago)
what bike by 1;11 Best Sound a Lot deeper
Kalistenika (1 year ago)
2:50 that sound gave me so big shivers omg.. actually whole video did
Peter Lywa (1 year ago)
Oh my godness. Those guys are not humains
J Rod (6 days ago)
Peter Lywa you're right about that
Jenna (11 months ago)
Peter Lywa i dont think any one is humains.
Stuart Lees (1 year ago)
No stupid bloody background music; just the sound of the bikes.  Perfect.
TERROR FROM ABOVE (2 years ago)
OMG!!! now I see y they produced far better racers than the ones here in U.S
Kelvin Noden (2 years ago)
I was stood at Crosby last year right at the roadside as the kamikaze pilots thundered past it's truly mind blowing.
Carlos Carvalho (2 years ago)
One of the best videos from Isle of Man !!!
Ron (2 years ago)
Máté Ágoston (2 years ago)
Why they can't go faster than 206 mph for 10 years?
Joe03Bar (3 months ago)
The fastest recorded bike (from my memory) was the Hawk Racing BMW back in 2012. Just over 210mph, never seen anything like it.
SepticSceptic (4 months ago)
I think its fast enough.
Máté Ágoston (1 year ago)
+Buell Birne Du bist dämlich, nicht meine Frage. Semmi olyanról nem tudok, hogy a TT-n lassították volna a motorkerékpárokat hengerűrtartalom csökkentéssel, benzinátfolyás szabályzással, meg hasonlók szabálymódosításokkal az elmúlt 10 évben, szóval a végsebességek most nagyobbak lehetnének, mint 2006-os rekord, de nem azok.
Buell Birne (1 year ago)
für dämliche aussagen
Máté Ágoston (1 year ago)
+Buell Birne Wie auch immer, was ist dieses Verhalten für??? Nicht genug sex?
bobbins05 (2 years ago)
How do these people sit on these bikes? having balls that big cant be easy
kevin johnson (2 years ago)
Graet vid....after hearing the beasts go by afew time s then I listen toZep,The Who, AC/DC...great wa y to get ready to hit the highways here...speed lnd 100km/hr lol
Derek Vazquezz (2 years ago)
This video gave me a full erection.
Moises Placencia (2 years ago)
Moises Placencia (2 years ago)
I have a cuestion what's the speed 320 km/h
Carlos 500 (2 years ago)
+Moises Placencia Thanks for your comments Moises, 320kmh is 200mph, the record on this part of the TT course is 207mph. Enjoy the TT when you go, ride safe
Moises Placencia (2 years ago)
Carlos 500 you just gained my subscription and let me tel you got to go to see the TT it s amazing thank you for uploading this video
rs cosworth (2 years ago)
aljacko1 (2 years ago)
Awesome vid. The 2 that disliked must be odd eh?
Weltmeister (2 months ago)
probably called peggy and enjoy knitting and driving slow
hasrinh72 (3 years ago)
Love this vid mate...keep it up..
helloyouful (3 years ago)
Are you there this year, will you be making a TT 2014 video??
Carlos 500 (3 years ago)
Unfortunately I was not able to go but have lots of race footage from previous years that has been hidden away, video to come. Next year back to the island!
RThenk A (3 years ago)
Honda's whooow
RThenk A (3 years ago)
I would like to watch! once 🏁 👍 👍
RThenk A (3 years ago)
Great !!!!
Dave B (3 years ago)
1:05  Norton?
lifelesskids (3 months ago)
Dave B crossplane sound probably r1
james palmer (7 months ago)
Dave B ducatti
yammer haw (1 year ago)
Maybe a Ducati. I don't think Norton races in anything but the Classics. Could be wrong.
marianito1968 (3 years ago)
yes,aprilia power
Tony Summers (3 years ago)
great film there they are really flying there aswell great weather 2    A *****

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