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ARMA 3: Project Silverlake Life Mod — Russian MAFIA Bank Robbery!

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https://g2a.com/r/Psi (use code "PSI" for 3% cashback) DESCRIPTION The Russian mafia make an appearence on ARMA 3 Project Silverlake, some children too, all for a great cause of course! You can find the ARMA 3 Project Silverlake Life website here: https://forum.projectsilverlake.com/ Thanks for watching, please don't forget to like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video, and check out other videos on my channel. SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter — https://twitter.com/PsiSyn Twitch — http://twitch.tv/PsiSyn Steam — https://steamcommunity.com/groups/PsiSyn
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Text Comments (104)
EliteGamerz (2 days ago)
I hate the girl cop "pinky" fat slut
Max Ferrari (3 days ago)
"Personal Information"
Barry Scott (5 days ago)
I was dying when Cadan jumped out squeaking :D He caught me off guard with that one
Dimitri Yakushev (6 days ago)
make a video where you go on a date with milf
Dimitri Yakushev (6 days ago)
funniest moment on silverlake when those 20 russians ran in
Hectic Hecticninja (6 days ago)
Lewis is being a bit of a cuck to that guy kinda makes what everyone saying about u true ur a fat cunty bastard
zachpengy123 unknown (6 days ago)
Love your videos and I subscribe long time ago
COW (6 days ago)
your a cunt and i watched u since 2013
ProudConservative (6 days ago)
Why don't you play more on your own damn server?
Soffian Killer (7 days ago)
Do IT again Rob the bank with 40 Guys and girls
God Atlas (7 days ago)
Where's the date with milf at lew
Matt Weese (7 days ago)
"ignore the big camera, I just like to watch." Lmfao
The Red Knight (7 days ago)
21:00 ruthless killer! Mwhahahahah yes you have learned well in the dark side
JOHN GALELA (7 days ago)
Sooooo what exactly was happening in the PD?
Knas (7 days ago)
i didnt know that silverlake was in Syria
Tomoplata (7 days ago)
Slimy raspy voiced cunt cop. Yikes
Glorious Leader IV (7 days ago)
Why does 90% of the chicks on here sound so fucked???
Moon Man (7 days ago)
look mum im famous again lol
Walter Thorson (7 days ago)
Shoulda used the army as an escour t doubt those stinky coppers woulda followed if u had a 8 car escort, or all got identical cars but the mSR ANd split up
Elliot Debruyn (7 days ago)
Fun fact: Holding "x" in-game will activate the handbrake to help do drifts.
actuallymichael (7 days ago)
"you need repairs?" *watches you murder someone* "were you the one who needed repairs?"
Mad Music (7 days ago)
when lew lew talks to you in the twitch chat :D
iiTrippz (7 days ago)
17:45 that loss meme
Hype On Drugs (7 days ago)
1 jhuar slong dong wing wang wong videhjo very nice
Lallenor (7 days ago)
Lewis can you plz give me a link to your mouse?
A. Larkin [24AA] (7 days ago)
This is just funny since the UK and US went to war with RUSSIA
Nick Wrightsel (7 days ago)
can I have permission to use the first clip from your video? trying to report you for that, since you are a cunt and blew up my car like a cunt.
Kushislife420 (7 days ago)
Lewlew got that 24 hour stream going on my birthday, its like he was sent from the gods...
Cavyn Mott (7 days ago)
wow lewis is a piece of shit
CantHandletheParrot (7 days ago)
Loving the silverlake content, can't get enough ^.^
Seán Gallagher (7 days ago)
pleas play more takystan I love it pleas
Matti Monte (7 days ago)
cops have autism
KingBee (7 days ago)
Ssshhh. Don't mention the Russians
Dejan Vezmar (7 days ago)
Who is watching this before WW3 ?!?
Crailik (7 days ago)
the microphone has the symbol of a german tv channel on it lmao
dawson l (7 days ago)
Why the hell do you subtitle yourself in third person now?
Muley (7 days ago)
dawson l he’s got one so he can spend more time streaming
dawson l (7 days ago)
Muley since when? He does his own vocie overs. Why would he do voice overs and not edit the rest.
Muley (7 days ago)
dawson l he's got an editor
Galaxy (7 days ago)
Bryce Graham (7 days ago)
How are there so many grills on Silverlake?
Zippo 69 (7 days ago)
oh boy a 24 hour stream of which i can probably watch 25% because i have to work a sunday instead of a saturday F#CK
Zippo 69 (7 days ago)
yeah but he says streaming in the PM so it´ll probably be late and than i´ll have to go to sleep because of work and than actually work and you know very depressing
dawson l (7 days ago)
Zippo 69 the stream is on a Saturday though?
strigoi (7 days ago)
The longer videos are great keep that shit up
Kahlil Abraham (7 days ago)
What was happening at the end ?
MindControl (7 days ago)
Best video of all time lewis i was laughing all the way through the bank robbery
Benjamin King (7 days ago)
Why do people hate fortnite so much
Donald Drumpf (7 days ago)
Snootch, Flawlessly in comparison to. PUBG does not run nearly as well off of its Unity engine. COD certainly does not run nearly as well with its engine (which is the same model of engine as use din the first COD).
Benjamin King (7 days ago)
Snootch also if you’re talking about the downtime that happened a few days ago that was a dossier who did it
Benjamin King (7 days ago)
Snootch pretty sure the glitches have been patched in the recent update
Snootch (7 days ago)
"Flawlessly" is a strong word, especially with the number of problems I've been reading about on their forums. It's alright, but it's certainly not the best and it's just one of those games that you need a taste for. I can't stand the fact that people can spam walls, and now have the ability to insta fort. That really kills it for me, but I still play it every once in awhile because it's a good arcade style shooter.
Donald Drumpf (7 days ago)
I'm honestly not sure. For whatever reason, the COD community acts threatened by the game, and tells every COD YouTuber not to stream Fortnite. Very few of these people I have talked to, has even picked up the game and played it. Yes, it is an ugly looking game, but an ugly looking game that plays flawlessly. I love both COD and Fortnite and cannot understand why people want to divide the communities.
ChristOff PissOff (7 days ago)
Your avatar looks like John Voight. You gotta pretty mouth, Squeal like a pig.
ムEiiken (7 days ago)
you spelled since wrong
Rabbit Entertainment (7 days ago)
more EPIC if Soviet Russia music started playing when they walked into the bank
Rabbit Entertainment (7 days ago)
Dejan Vezmar (7 days ago)
Rabbit Entertainment What minute?
Matthew Weston (7 days ago)
I just scrolled down and 'Zero Hour - Massacre at Columbine High' is in with the other videos.
Matthew Weston (7 days ago)
Oh yeah.
Your a weeb -3 (7 days ago)
Fuck me your laugh is so disgusting and ugly
Logan Norton (7 days ago)
Lewis bought that 12 yr old a 164 dollar mic last night on stream
Coopa (7 days ago)
Who said he was wealthy?
Logan Norton (7 days ago)
Its the headset Lewis uses Sennheiser Game Zero
Matt (7 days ago)
his name is brandon hes 15 and american
Donald Drumpf (7 days ago)
Muley, I think it was the wealthy "Bwitish" child.
Muley (7 days ago)
Logan Norton the 12 year old at the start?
ownd_by_shadows (7 days ago)
Still can't pronounch twitch
M-man13 Ahmed (7 days ago)
Gmod was where the memes we're
Donald Drumpf (7 days ago)
Kinda wanna join the Russian mob ngl.
HD Elemental (7 days ago)
If you won’t doing YouTube your ass would of been kicked off this server the day you started playing lol
HD Elemental (6 days ago)
SystemsOffline not really I just replied to you because I feel a bit sorry for you kid lol
SystemsOffline (7 days ago)
Naked Snake Who are you calling 10? I made the most sarcastic joke ever and everybodys upsetti *FeelsBadMan*
Yaboinamed B L A N K (7 days ago)
SystemsOffline please hand over the evidence mr ten year old.
SystemsOffline (7 days ago)
HD Elemental Clearly you are mad if you fail for the bait further proving my point
HD Elemental (7 days ago)
SystemsOffline What kid ? Please point out anything I said in that sentence that showed anger. You clearly are brain dead. Also if no one cared about the simulator part then there wouldn’t be rules on this server you dumb ass...
Silky (7 days ago)
Couldn't Wait For This Video, Always Look Forward To More Silverlake
RousingLight (7 days ago)
Whoa luis
Demi Voltz (7 days ago)
So funny, very good video! keep it up lewlew <3
Ben Leigh (7 days ago)
Love your stuff
TheEpicWantedPro ! (7 days ago)
Earliest I’ve ever been because my notifications are delayed -_-
Kevin Brooks (7 days ago)
Noah Kirby (7 days ago)
Been so bored then you uploaded and I busted the fattest nut
John Fairly (7 days ago)
Still don't know why takistan gets more views, silverlake's much more entertaining
Donald Drumpf (7 days ago)
SergeantSam3D, but there are some Taki videos that were made only a day prior to his first Silverlake videos. My theory is that the old content has more traction with some of the older viewers, but mainly the little kid cancer community.
SergeantSam3D (7 days ago)
Maybe because they are older they genereated more views in the time
PsiSyn (7 days ago)
Yeah, he's talking about the old videos, Taki get about 30% more views.
Chibo (7 days ago)
Donald Drumpf Well looks like you got spanked by your mum or some shit.
Donald Drumpf (7 days ago)
Chibo, the old videos you dumb cunt.
Cameron W. (7 days ago)
Cameron W. (7 days ago)
Drinking Game: take a shot every time psi says “sir”. Good luck, enjoy hospital.
Cfthird Gaming (7 days ago)
*#NoflicationSquad** 🔔🔔🔔*
ツBenjamin_015 (7 days ago)
Nay™ (7 days ago)
Loving theses 1hr one's :)
Blue Rigby (7 days ago)
Rafael Hof (7 days ago)
tyler fastige (7 days ago)
tyler fastige (7 days ago)
Advanced sole (7 days ago)
Love your vids
SiLentz (7 days ago)

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