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TT Isle of Man Career Mode Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - BUYING MY FIRST BIKE

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TT Isle of Man Career Mode Gameplay - Career Mode Walkthrough Part 1 TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge Full TT Video - https://youtu.be/xgHqza-MU3M Thanks to BIGBEN INTERACTIVE for the review copy ►Subscribe For More :D - https://goo.gl/MWAMai ►NEW Game Deals Every Day - https://www.chrono.gg/gameriot ►How I record my gameplay: http://e.lga.to/GameRiot ►GameplayOnly (No Commentary) Channel - http://goo.gl/z4enAW ►Join the Network I'm with - https://console.machinima.com/rc/DGBGG-UABBV ►Follow My Twitter - https://twitter.com/gameriotarmy ►Instagram - http://instagram.com/GameRiot ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GameRiot ►Gaming Chair & Wheel Stand - http://goo.gl/oMcDqx (Discount Code - gameriot5)
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Text Comments (72)
Pixie Soldier (4 days ago)
now imagine that sound in motogp 2018 (game) :O
OverLord Gaming (6 days ago)
I ride a Yamaha R1M, and i dont know how im not dead. but you should get into bikes, there really fun, and the biker community is really friendly.
Justin Strydom (13 days ago)
13:21 is it just me or did it look like the dog bark was a tire squeek?
SerialKillerJTR (21 days ago)
The game is outstanding and the speed is awesome,did four full laps of the Isle Of Man course which took forever to finish
TMJhatguy (23 days ago)
I have an annoying habbit, where every game i play i have to have it on the hardest/simulated difficulty . I ride a cbr600rr in real life and it's given me no advantage xD.
KaZaP13-613 (25 days ago)
Great vid sub you. I ride an R6 real life and it’s always the best part of my day when I get to ride. Just sayin. Picking game up tonight. Thanks Scott
Garth Vader (30 days ago)
Mar Mac (30 days ago)
looks better than ride 2
ytrones (1 month ago)
Is there a PC version
random name (1 month ago)
I cant even win a fuckin race on easy mode
random name (28 days ago)
yer steering was touchy as hell ive also had to lower the difficulty but still hard to get wins but have got some now "just"
Re Up (28 days ago)
Are you using any assists? The steering is so touchy for me that I did lower the difficulty so I can manage some wins.
Jraybay (1 month ago)
CD vlogs CD vlogs (1 month ago)
Come to the island
Braap19 (1 month ago)
This game is so unrealistic. no motorcycle behaves like that. the roads are just without any bumps. This game is more arcade than realistic. just ridiculous.
Ananthu Selvam (1 month ago)
Why's that bike so slow to get from 0 to 60?
tubecrazytube (1 month ago)
Maybe a bit strange... But I wonder how the replay mode looks like... And maybe other camera modes in a gameplay session?
A G (1 month ago)
Any body know can i get this game on pc ?!
Reece Bowden (1 month ago)
It's not out on PC yet. But it is on Steam. Hopefully it will be released soon.
boston brown (1 month ago)
Your first mistake was picking a Honda....
Trilla BP (1 month ago)
Unfortunately the tire grip in this game is unrealistic as hell.
-Chip 84- (1 month ago)
What settings do you use. My steering is so delicate, most of the time i turn, and the bike locks up
Re Up (28 days ago)
Agreed, it's so touchy compared to Milestone's releases(Ride series and MotoGP) that it makes it difficult for me to get into the game and enjoy.
Oliver Leighton (1 month ago)
Each bike is released every 10 seconds so if you catch bikes ahead of you then you should do well
austin jones (1 month ago)
the bike you have is my dads bike Xd
BlackVader (1 month ago)
Pc only bruh?
VLOGGER T (1 month ago)
This would be a great series
Game k (1 month ago)
Game looks good
TISHJR348 (1 month ago)
Game looks like a lot of fun. I might have to get it
Wayne Kernohan (1 month ago)
If you like the TT you should come to Northern Ireland and see the NW 200
Wayne Kernohan (25 days ago)
KaZaP13-613 just type in NW 200
KaZaP13-613 (25 days ago)
Wayne Kernohan any vids of it?
Arlo Franklin (27 days ago)
Wayne Kernohan there’s a big race just outside Lisburn in the summer
Kieran Morgan (1 month ago)
Would like to see more of this series Scott! Quite like motorcycles, am interested in maybe eventually getting one myself. But not sure! I like both cars and motorcycles.
38klootzak (1 month ago)
pls gives us more vids love it
Aiden Connolly (1 month ago)
Well Scott can’t wait to get game have been to Isle of Man and it’s crazy thanks for video
Benni #121 (1 month ago)
Loving the TT vids !!
Candace Baird (1 month ago)
I love you. Can you play nhl18 for your next game also I'm your biggest fan
Roberts Saušs (1 month ago)
Put more gas in the turns and brake before them not in them
NINO 744 (1 month ago)
Shame we can't customize the bikes
Re Up (28 days ago)
IBeProdigyWild 01 Basically buying team bikes to use, no personalization at all.
IBeProdigyWild 01 (1 month ago)
NINO 744 guess if like riding for teams the better the team the better the bike.
Sinner Sjuu (1 month ago)
The sound is not so good...
Hugo Stiglitz (29 days ago)
you're right, it's not good. it's great.
Ryan Wallace (1 month ago)
Wish this was in vr
Hugo Stiglitz (29 days ago)
me too. well not VR but PS VR.
Pedro Agboga (1 month ago)
full series pls👍👍
mastes1 (1 month ago)
Is this running on the Xbox X Scott?, i'm sure i read that the framerate was unlocked on the X, this looks 30fps though.
effisjens (1 month ago)
Cars race the nurburgring Bikes survive the isle of man
Wolfgang Baer (1 month ago)
for your next bike can you get the suter boke because my neighbor (eskil,simon suter) is the owner of that company and I would like to see it in action
IBeProdigyWild 01 (1 month ago)
They also make frames for the moto2 boys not as good as kalex but a seriously good frame
Kieran Morgan (1 month ago)
Wolfgang Baer Nice, never heard of Suter before so just looked it up. Sounds and looks great in my opinion. A two stroke with 13,000rpm. With a top speed of over 300km, that's no joke. Let's see if Scott can handle it haha Edit: that's for the mxx500
Dragonsoul19 (1 month ago)
You should come to Northern Ireland and watch the NW 200 in portrush it's like the TT
Jacob Martin (1 month ago)
you should continue doing career mode, and you should continue playing this game.
Joey McFredwilliam (1 month ago)
Notification squad WYA?
Woofie TheRookie (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/xxhRhLYTY2E WATCH THIS VIDEO MATE.. I HOPE U LIKE IT! :)
Adam Thompson (1 month ago)
Your so lucky mate you get it all the Good stuff before we do, hey perks of being famous. This does look really good and I bought motogp 2017 on sale that’s so much fun! Will be buying this when on sale. Since I have the 4 Tb external for PS4 and 1.4 Tb left I got me some games to play and oh gravel too. :) thank you again.
jrea424 (28 days ago)
Adam Thompson he isnt famous..
SeriousSam (1 month ago)
Why the Honda? :O Get suzuki!!! Edit: whatch a video titled: RIP flying doctor and whatch just first minute. Those flybys are insane and its 320kph.
SeriousSam (1 month ago)
IBeProdigyWild 01 :OOOO such a shame
IBeProdigyWild 01 (1 month ago)
SeriousSam there isn’t Suzuki on the game
Josip Hrgić (1 month ago)
play in first person
Kyel Humby (1 month ago)
Please continue with the career mode 👍👍
KPG - GOONER (1 month ago)
Looks awesome Scott can’t wait to start my career today
KPG - GOONER (1 month ago)
IBeProdigyWild 01 cheers buddy
KPG - GOONER (1 month ago)
Redy Bystr hi buddy
IBeProdigyWild 01 (1 month ago)
Yes kpg grooner love your channel
Redy Bystr (1 month ago)
Remember me carl lol?
Enraged Mc1 (1 month ago)
Hussey (1 month ago)
hydron powers (1 month ago)
Challenge: Ride at speeds over 200 mph while tackling curves and bumps or fall off and get K.O.
SavagePlays (1 month ago)
Si close
Marsha H (1 month ago)
Yes first comment yay

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