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Peter Zumthor | 'Real and Imagined Buildings' | Building the Picture

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Peter Zumthor, internationally acclaimed Swiss architect, gives a rare interview in which he reveals his thoughts on imagined buildings, dreams and architectural time. Including footage of his Thermal Baths, Vals and Saint Benedict's Chapel, Sumtvitg, Zumthor responds to the depiction of the stable in Ercole de' Roberti's 'Nativity', about 1490, by declaring "a good building should have a soul." This film is one of five giving contemporary perspectives on the National Gallery exhibition 'Building the Picture: Architecture in Italian Renaissance Painting' (30 April - 21 September 2014). More about the exhibition: http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/building-the-picture Watch more on our Channel: http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/channel
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bluteo27 (1 year ago)
I have his book called "Peter Zumthor Works: Buildings and Projects, 1979-1997" listed on Amazon for the cheapest price you can find (seller name GoodBrainCo), beautiful designs and words from this man!
Chae Won Seo (2 years ago)
Excellent quality of the video,, also , "A good building should have a soul..." good words
Shaakshi Shashi (2 years ago)
The conviction with which he says ' a good building should have a soul' is truly intense. I love his works.
Humberto Cabuto (3 years ago)
Its the first time that i see a video of peter zumthor and i like how he speaks about the architecture. Good video
Humberto Cabuto (1 year ago)
Yeah I´ve read that book that you mencioned and "Thinking the Architecture". I feel more prepared about this world (architecture) that only a few persons can understand. Peter Zumthor was one of the first architects that I´ve known but then i realized that there are a lot of important arquitects maybe over Zumthor. The point is that I want to see more videos about architecture on youtube to know more about architecture.
Marius Enache (1 year ago)
then read his books! i've read athmospheres and its very good, it shares a positive view on architecture,
Great video. Truly great. To hear him speak and to see is builindings in such great camera quality is fantastic... And thanks for not putting any music in the background.

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