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Tribute ~ R.I.P. ~ Dr. ✜ John Hinds ☘. Fastest Road Racing Doctor

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When you imagine the enormity of the loss of this Man to his Family and Friends, it feels selfish to even think of how large a loss it is to Our Sport of Irish Road Racing. ~ R.I.P. ~ Dr. ♣ John Hinds ✜ . SONG→itunes► https://goo.gl/Lf3Lcj Stars go Blue .
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Text Comments (97)
gmctech (5 days ago)
I'm a hard MoFo who never where a tear for racers biting the big one, but when I heard of this tragedy I'm man enough to admit I damn well cried.... a great loss to Trauma care and motorcycling across the globe
shaun davies (2 months ago)
RIP Dr John Hinds
Max Weiß (5 months ago)
The real Doctor RiP
Kapsol (7 months ago)
Guabaloo (11 months ago)
died doing what you love, infinite respect for you lad
flourescent adolescent (11 months ago)
Not a racer, happened on this guy pretty much by accident. Yes, people say died doing what he loved, but sorry John, I listened to all ya vids etc and i know one thing.... what a WASTE, brother.
Nenonism (1 year ago)
and still marijuan is ILLEGAL , what a fucked up place to live in , but these speed junkees can race and die, so sad.
Nikola Tesla Gaming (1 year ago)
Dudes a badass
Xavier Ancarno (1 year ago)
Didn't know the guy... But this made me crying
ThePurpleHooligan (1 year ago)
Xavier Ancarno He's A First Response Bike Medic During Motorcycle Races.
Deved89 (1 year ago)
Fuck, me too. the feels
dfcvda (1 year ago)
its a shame.
Taxi Talk NYC (1 year ago)
God in Heaven... what a waste.  ;(...  RIP, son... you are for the ages...and THANK YOU from road warriors everywhere !!
Simenon Smith (1 year ago)
wow just came across this what a cool guy never new you wish I had
macombmissile (1 year ago)
God Speed. After watching the long version and hearing him speak.....I can only imagine what a wonderful man he was.
Christoph Juli (1 year ago)
It would have been a very precious moment for me to meet and to talk to John Hinds. He served the racing community with all his heart and incredible skill like very few of us. He is a shining example of what a doctor can do when he is passionate. I am very sorry to learn that he is gone. Rest in peace. I very much hope that there are brave colleaques to continue his incredible work which I am conveniced would be the best way to honor him and to keep alive what he has created.
paul lespage (1 year ago)
How did he die?
Ryan Whisenant (1 year ago)
Hit a wall
Hambden Bob (1 year ago)
Thanx for showing the way,Good Doctor..... I spent 20 yrs in Fire and Rescue in America,and to witness You in Action was akin to having my arse Professionally handed to me. Thanx for Your Bravery,Thanx for Your Lifesaving. Many Thanx for Your Air LifeFlight Campaign...... In closing,Thanx for being a Classy Arse-Kicker Doc on Two Wheels ! The rest of Us have to pick up the Good Doctors' Campaign for "The Heli's " I hear Rotors in Ireland's Future !
Sean Yi (2 years ago)
Amber Musselman (2 years ago)
seti111 (2 years ago)
Proof that I'm out of tune with processes of the divine. It's an agonizing reality. It totally eludes my powers of even concentrated comprehension why God keeps taking the best of us. This leaves me in a highly confused state of guessing and speculation. Out of this debacle comes my only palatable assumption - God is greedy and selfish. Deemed too good for the likes of you and I, God brings to the Kingdom of Heaven only the brightest beacons of humanity to be by HIS side. Rest In Peace, though there's zero doubt in my mind that you are, Sir John. Surrounded now by your peers, the Saints, the Apostles, and the magnificent Creator.
vvirsingh (2 years ago)
R.I.P. Dr. John Hinds. Looking at the bright side of it, Atleast he died doing something he loved instead of squandering it like most people who live with no intent or purpose. See you in the afterlife you crazy fucker.
Jam 77 (2 years ago)
A brave, intelligent, funny human being,  Sad loss.
Burdisgarage (2 years ago)
R.I.P. ;(
Stephen (2 years ago)
Was he racing or doing his job when he died?
prakobpong kodsanee (2 years ago)
Brian Boterman (2 years ago)
Saw the video with the slides and the talk of him. What a legend, what a loss. RIP.
HectorTheGreat1 (2 years ago)
Reg Staples (2 years ago)
Very sad.  Sorry to see him go.
giuseppe cammalleri (2 years ago)
Air ambulance,please,please,please.
Egaz Ramirez de Arruda (2 years ago)
alien nation (2 years ago)
once a biker...always  a biker....he died at his profession  and his way of living....RIP  ...left hand  to salute you from biker to biker
VUDU TAINO (2 years ago)
rafazx6r (2 years ago)
excelente profesional,eso si es pasion por el motociclismo. mi mas sentido pesame a familiares y amigos.
1966sharonthe (2 years ago)
Kazuking (2 years ago)
tough loss rip mr hinds
poicino e (2 years ago)
RIP John
rompus62 (2 years ago)
What a true hero, a terrible loss.I never knew the races had such a thing as a doctor following close behind.
HawkGames (2 years ago)
R.I.P John Hinds
flip inheck (2 years ago)
Lets get the Doctor the wings he always wanted, an air ambulance.
marius marius (2 years ago)
High Strung (2 years ago)
as well as the doctors and folks that make the race possible.
High Strung (2 years ago)
Very well done. I feel some of the most amazing road racing is done in Ireland, The racers are amazing and such respect for what they do. Great job Lockk9!
kierenmarie (2 years ago)
Thank you John Hinds, and thank you for producing this video. Very well done. A perfect send off.
naosan24 (2 years ago)
素晴らしい 医者もバイクで追走しながらのサポート この動画を見るまでは知らなかった。 貴重な動画をありがとう!
Matt Mccann (2 years ago)
What a loss. Thanks for posting , RIP brother
2ndchildhood (2 years ago)
Fitting tribute to a man among men who made the ultimate sacrifice.
Themistokles V (2 years ago)
There is an ancient saying here in greece that comes from Homer's poem (rapshody) about the Trojan war ( iliada ) that goes : " " Iatros pollon andron esti axios" which means " a doctor is worth many men" , coined for two doctors that were loved like legends for saving many warriors in that war. Surely this was meant to include doctors like John. May he rest in peace , sincere condolences from a fellow MD and biker from Greece
Gamotomougamo! (1 year ago)
Μπράβο σου φίλε για το καίριο σχόλιό σου. Πολύ λυπάμαι για το παλικάρι αυτό... Φαίνεται, πως τελείωσε η εκπαίδευσή του στο πεδίο αυτό και έπρεπε να πάει αλλού, να αριστεύσει σε άλλη γη... Καλό του ταξίδι!!
userael (2 years ago)
+Themistokles V Thank you for such a graceful, eloquent tribute.
n8glore (2 years ago)
+Themistokles V Beautiful. He was a warrior that fought the same battles as you. Much respect for your words.
Lockk9 TT Racing (2 years ago)
+Themistokles V - Excellent :)
LiczyRzepa FZ (2 years ago)
Gartenfuzzi (2 years ago)
cool   ;-)
MAC2legion (2 years ago)
He was one kickass doctor! Rip :(
Kitty Cat (2 years ago)
(O.o) Gone too soon!
Ducati Drew (2 years ago)
Larry Sweetser (2 years ago)
Thanks again for posting this. What a soul he was.  Wish we had more like him in the USA and a wee bit of your road racing to loosen it up around here. Cheers
aadrianlee (2 years ago)
R,I,P 😎👍
Bigsmokeandthemonster (2 years ago)
A true legend and hero of our time...RIP!
gasdive (2 years ago)
I live in Australia and I've never been to a NI road race, nor am I in the medical profession. So sadly I hadn't heard about John until after he passed. In the past two days I've listened to all his podcasts. I've laughed and cried. I'm shocked that such an amazing person has gone. Now when I watch races I think that rather than barracking for the riders, I'll be cheering on the travelling resuscitationist and retrieval experts. The real heroes of the racing world. I'm in awe at their skill and bravery.
flwforce1 (2 years ago)
He looks like +spicy110
Cwshty-Griff (2 years ago)
What a guy.   :(
Cwshty-Griff (2 years ago)
Dr John Hinds: Bikers join cortege convoy for NI road racing medic 7 July 2015  From the section Northern Ireland Cortege convoy for Dr John Hinds Motorcyclists joined the cortege on a lap of Dr Hinds' "favourite" Tandragee 100 circuit Motorcyclists have joined the family of Dr John Hinds, the road racing medic killed in a track accident, in a convoy as they brought his remains home to Northern Ireland. The Tandragee man was killed while providing medical cover at a Skerries 100 practice session in County Dublin. His family asked motorcyclists to join the cortege as it travelled north on the Dublin-to-Belfast motorway. The convoy did a lap of "John's favourite" Tandragee 100 circuit. null Dr Hinds' family said the outpouring of affection was a source of comfort for them Bikers joined the family as the cortege passed a service station on the M1 near Castlebellingham in County Louth on Tuesday. Dr Hinds, originally from Portaferry, County Down, was a consultant at Craigavon Area Hospital in County Armagh. The 35-year-old and his colleague Dr Fred McSorley were dubbed "the flying doctors" of Irish motorcycle sport. The pair would follow racers, travelling almost as fast as many of them on their own high-powered motorcycles. The statement, issued on behalf of his partner, parents and brothers, said: "John lived for his family, his patients and the biking fraternity." They said they were "only now beginning to understand just how many lives John touched during his 35 action-packed years". null Dr Hinds was killed in an accident while providing medical cover at the Skerries 100 "The widespread support and acknowledgement of John's work, both nationally and internationally, has been incredibly heartwarming and a great source of comfort to us all at this terribly sad time," they said. His funeral is due to take place in Portaferry on Thursday.
1KILLER FPS (2 years ago)
he is dead?
Vito Andolini (2 years ago)
Tomas (2 years ago)
The most badass man I've ever seen, a true legend and hero.
Rest In Peace & Ride In Paradise
Thomas W (2 years ago)
ride in peace Doc John
aserta (2 years ago)
His team must be devastated, thoughts go to them and his family.
DragonCastro (2 years ago)
God bless Dr. John , rest in peace.
AFTERBURNER (2 years ago)
I watched his Powerpoint presentation and you have to have respect for those guys who risc their lives to help somebody. RIP John. A true hero.
kieron wheeler (1 month ago)
And to show such a sense of humour for it. He was a true legend.
Dan O. (2 years ago)
+AFTERBURNER Well said, Rip John and thanks for all you did to help others and the sport...
always further (2 years ago)
Best off!
TheFujac (2 years ago)
oh no...what a terrible loss
Shane McRedmond (2 years ago)
I was in shock when I heard of Johns untimely death, every life lost in the sport is a tragedy but this one was different, it was surreal. Rest in peace John, you are truly irreplaceable
Fabricio Anacleto (2 years ago)
colin nixon (2 years ago)
my deepest condolences to you and your famelie. in there time of need.!
Sirref (2 years ago)
RIP to a true hero of the sport
Bevan Brady (2 years ago)
Brilliant photo at 30 seconds in. The funeral cortege looked like a very fitting tribute. Rip
Cedric Gurski (2 years ago)
nice tribut.Dr JH,good last travel,thx
Matts tank Talk (2 years ago)
RIP brother
Baz07RIR Walker (2 years ago)
Legend. Say no more
MoritzM. (2 years ago)
rest in peace ! but i have to ask, how did he loose his life ?
slatterdanne (2 years ago)
+Vollhirni SNAP! Good one mate.
*THE GIBBONS* (2 years ago)
At least he died with passion
LaMusiqueetlabeat (2 years ago)
+Vollhirni sehr gut gesagt, du Vollhirni. :-D In welcher Gegend fährst du Moped?
Vollhirni (2 years ago)
+Michael Collins You know, Colin McRae was killed in a heli crash, Mike Hawthorne in a road accident, Didier Pironi in a speedboat accident, whatever. People die, you know. Stupid was not the question but the arrogant laugh, especially considering the sad occasion. Learn something for free every day on the internet and be nice to people. ;-)
Yselian (2 years ago)
+Lenny I was having laugh at the question
Lorenzo99 (2 years ago)
how can a person like this die? r.i.p. dr john!

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