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Isle Of Man TT - Speed (OVER SPEEDERS )

2873 ratings | 569110 views
Video Was Created By 8Bikers https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4qwUePHfiseMJJ1kdOEh0w
Category: Транспорт
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Text Comments (43)
Simone biker (2 days ago)
Amazing riders
Vivek Shukla (8 days ago)
Crap of a thing...yawns ...
GALUH PAKUAN SGP (9 days ago)
bagus motornya buat bajak sawah,,,,hhahahaaaa
flyingmerkel6 (10 days ago)
pretentious crap.
Rajesh R15 (16 days ago)
Yamaha i like
Jose Lapitoh03 (20 days ago)
Quisiera correr esos motores en esa misma pista😫😫😫😫
sillieww (21 days ago)
SPEED, is a human with massive, overgrown, gigantic, enormous balls. Legally the best speeders out there. Mad respect for these courageous super humans.
Dwaipayan Datta Roy (27 days ago)
I will do this I am cheapest,
Ducati Drew (1 month ago)
I’ll be there this year!
mikey forester (8 days ago)
lucky bastards
Adam Coxill (28 days ago)
I'm there not long now m8
racing ?
zeul px (1 month ago)
speed + speed = flash :)))
slavik bodnar (1 month ago)
GEVAL 027 (2 months ago)
Артем Агапов (2 months ago)
witokow (2 months ago)
witokow (2 months ago)
Prawdziwi RYCERZE
Dawid Kudłaty (2 months ago)
Tak jest. Tam nie ma zmiłuj się. Pozdro
min zhang (2 months ago)
精致机械+肾上腺素的比拼 很酷
Hulyuh MadaKant (2 months ago)
slow motion isel of man videos you are adumbass
Hulyuh MadaKant (2 months ago)
facking 25 seconds of stupid intros .. take a facking thumb down
Madan Madaya Madaya (2 months ago)
i liked it cooool
cancut rombeng (2 months ago)
James lee (2 months ago)
Die is his choice
....the speed make me feel emotion ....make me feel A live!
โครตสุดยอด 1
Matthias Rieke (2 months ago)
Thank you , for this video !!👍👍
eddoh100 (2 months ago)
great footage totally spoilt by that music
Janice Spyby (2 months ago)
Paulo Korth (2 months ago)
great video! Someone can write what she said?
XXL Creator (2 months ago)
11 fucking asshole
8Bikers (2 months ago)
you basically stole the 8bikers video https://youtu.be/E5QFQDqxz2U . It's incorrect !!!!! change at least the editing and the music !!!!!! 👎👎👎
kontoname (7 days ago)
You're right on the editing - but the videos themselves are also stolen by 8bikers already. I guess that makes this a ripoff of a ripoff. Funny times we're living in.
Prabu (22 days ago)
8Bikers you are genuine guy not harshly spoken, so many peoples in the world simply steeling others hards work and put their name.
Serpe (1 month ago)
8Bikers t
Ahmed LAHLOU (2 months ago)
8Bikers what a shame
0Zolrender0 (2 months ago)
You made a great video. Just at the start when you are talking (or someone you got a reccording of is talking) just put that volume up a little. if you are going to give a voice over make it stand out and be in the forfront.
Ahmed LAHLOU (2 months ago)
0Zolrender0 not his video, stole it from another YouTuber, what a shame https://youtu.be/E5QFQDqxz2U
Armin Holjan (2 months ago)
The best !
Madhusudan Soni (3 months ago)
R u trying to make people emotional....however I got emotional

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