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Street Racing 305Kmh/190MPH✔ Guy Martin(M.Dunlop Crash)Ulster GP-N.Ireland(Type Race,Isle of Man TT)

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Text Comments (124)
Mr R Stuart (1 year ago)
awsome racing ...
rototo titir (1 year ago)
epic battle
GUy martin.. My idol.... >.Guy martin is better M.donlop
benji d (1 year ago)
il faux colé s est bonbon dans le calbute ou elle risque de vous étoufé dans la gorge mdr
Guy Martin lost his nerve after a crash and no longer races
Snakepit Bytes (1 year ago)
tђє ςคยϟє ๏Ŧ ฬєt קคภtเєϟ that wasn't guy martins first crash.. He's had others
Rocketninja200 (1 year ago)
@ 0:56 Is the announcer hocking a loogie?
sw247 X (2 years ago)
Fcukin hell, these guys are warriors!!
Dale Campbell (2 years ago)
who got the biggest balls of them all? *these* guys...
Paulo Lopes (2 years ago)
big very crazy
Kinkou Kinkou (2 years ago)
dr0elf (2 years ago)
I really don't know how many times I watched a video about the TT yet, but every fuckin time it is just ultra sick! I mean no matter if you're driving a sportsbike yourself and how fast you sometimes get, but these guys kick your ass by just watching them. My balls shrink immediately and I have to search them for hours, like if you're outside at -10° without any clothes. This is truly fuckin amazing!
MrSuperMarek (2 years ago)
00:55 *hghrrew*
Spiro K (2 years ago)
All I can say is wow
Young Rios (2 years ago)
OHHHH ..........SO CLOSE
charlybravo (2 years ago)
Anyway Dunlop is a legend alive
Justin McKain (2 years ago)
f1 is better
Máté Ágoston (1 year ago)
And far more dangerous too! XD
cristian ariel stoizik (2 years ago)
que lindos recuerdos que me trae este video
lkj802 (2 years ago)
what amazes me is that going around tight country lanes for me at 65-80mph is very scary and requires alot of concentration. these guys are doing 190mph with no metal frame around them and probably having tonnes of fun! Wish i had the balls for motorcycle racing!
Dean Meikle (2 years ago)
guy  martin nice ride
DonPedro (2 years ago)
Mighty Lord! NEVER, EVER teach me to ride like this!
Süleyman Uzun (2 years ago)
andre arlysson (2 years ago)
só acho que deviam botar carros trafegando nas vias pra apimentar mais a corrida.
WilliW64 (1 year ago)
+andre arlysson ia ficar lento demais pow o rolê é a velocidade
Manu14Smoke (2 years ago)
these guys are so talented why are they not racing in motogp ?? they could kick sole asses!!
Máté Ágoston (1 year ago)
John McGuinness completed 3 full seasons in the 500cc GP around the 2000's.
Patrik Pålsson (1 year ago)
Every gram counts in Moto GP and these guys just have to big balls to be competitive .
J.R. P.M. (2 years ago)
Si esta carretera estuviese preparada para que pudiesen correr los formula 1, me gustaría ver un mano a mano entre esas motos y un formula 1. Sería una carrera interesante sin duda.
Tony Samayoa (2 years ago)
What a great battle, these guys are awesome.
Dj Trema (2 years ago)
Guy Martin is a crazy dude... why try ride him anyways,...
Daza Essox (2 years ago)
both wonderful riders
GSXR 1000 (2 years ago)
GabrielKirov (2 years ago)
Lord! This requires more skills than star wars podracing
MisterPIFI (2 years ago)
robert longley (2 years ago)
guy rocks
march11stoneytony (2 years ago)
This was a great race!
Give It A Rub (2 years ago)
dunlop had to do that otherwise he would have hit him
Lee Mr (2 years ago)
Nice video of Northern Ireland motorcycle racing!
Shane Doran (2 years ago)
i am chuffed to say i met the man himself John Mcguiness this year at abadere road race and he is so genuine he is a great man i love road racing <3
Maximvs Dread (2 years ago)
In fucking sane.
tatishev (2 years ago)
Yo YO guy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
MH (2 years ago)
Leif Vejby (2 years ago)
McMuffinFluffin (2 years ago)
Wow that was really exciting and the commentators were good too
Odb Guy (2 years ago)
+lockk9 absolutely love you visit, keep them coming! ! :) isn't the still of the video Derek Mcgee?
Dan Jones (2 years ago)
Will Davis (2 years ago)
Don't get me wrong, I like motorcycles as much as the next man, but any man who gets a raging boner from watching this has issues and needs to find a girl. And judging by the comments below, a lot of men are finding blood going to their cocks from watching this.
Phelicitas (2 years ago)
+ISUCK CS:GO Masturbate. In every case.
ISUCK CS:GO (2 years ago)
+RFAHS what? so what should I do... mines not metaphorical
Phelicitas (2 years ago)
+Will Davis Yes, definitely metaphorical.
Francisco D'anconia (2 years ago)
+Will Davis agreed, although I'm pretty certain it's a metaphorical boner. I hope so...
Duke Nukem (2 years ago)
skullsnbones2001 (2 years ago)
Great vid , Go on Guy ! fantastic racing ! ! ! thanks for the upload lockk9 ☺
*THE GIBBONS* (2 years ago)
Racing for true men
hellonearth1066 (2 years ago)
This is the Ulster GP. Not the Isle of Man TT. Different Islands lol.
Life On Two Wheels (2 years ago)
These dudes make motoGP stars look like pussies.
maku gx (2 years ago)
This is slowly catching up to be one of the most exciting sports in the world.  The speeds and risk and everything. Just as exciting as F1 or GT racing.
Tony Pate (2 years ago)
Reapers Merc (2 years ago)
+maku gx the reason there is more f1 drivers and f1 as a hole is bigger because the risk of dieing is so much lower
maku gx (2 years ago)
+Will Davis I agree. I think that so many rules kill the nature of a motorsport.  But still, F1 is way more popular than bikes. I think cars will always be more popular than bikes.  I think they're 2 different types of beasts. Each has it's unique coolness.  I love em both. cant decide between em.  Though formula E is a PIECE OF SHIT. Not more exciting than anything
Will Davis (2 years ago)
+maku gx Huh? F1 is like a tame pussycat. It has so many boring rules and restrictions and penalties. Rally is far more interesting than F1. Heck, even Formula E is more exciting and has more overtaking than F1.
Thebobsmccoll (2 years ago)
2Cups (2 years ago)
govenmentassassin (2 years ago)
These guys are legends.
theodoro89 (2 years ago)
Many sports require only one ball. This motorsport requires 2 very big balls.
Lazy Montenegrin (1 year ago)
+theodoro89 They have the Great balls, brave heart and high intelligence
Dale Campbell (2 years ago)
I've played the isle of Mann on PS2, and I *still* lose my balls... this race is the most challenging, as well ad the most deadly, race known to man... I salute these guys... I am a diehard NASCAR fan, but NASCAR don't hold a flame to the TT Isle of Mann...
Oriasok (2 years ago)
my balls, while important, are not as important as two good tires.
Anon (2 years ago)
+theodoro89 not any balls .. only balls made of steel
Jason McAllister (2 years ago)
+theodoro89 well said
xBuzz996 (2 years ago)
is this the rallying of motorbikes?
Alex Rodrigues (2 years ago)
fuck dunlop
Aris K (2 years ago)
Absolutely Epic Fight !!!
sander E (2 years ago)
This is why i love the motor ( races ) not a car the this video is great thanks for sharing
Mirza Belal (2 years ago)
Too late on the breaks. Went too slow to take the turn.. Dunlop saved a collision by going down in the corner.. 1 down is better than 2 eh.. True sports.. Greatest motorsports on earth right there!
Máté Ágoston (1 year ago)
Sorry, but I don't understand how did he saved Guy Martin. If MD falls from the bike intentionally then the it will still continue sliding uprightly and will stop even later, because the bike is not on the tires. Finally he was steering the bike to Guy's position on the brake.
cory lepire (2 years ago)
I agree with everything you said but the too slow to take the turn part? Doesn't make sense.. He was going too fast for the corner and used too much brake to, and a little to late. You don't brake as your starting the corner, you brake before. You probably know that. He low sided due to his lean angle and the amount of front brakes being applied
WeiserBoss (2 years ago)
+Mirza Belal :D
Mirza Belal (2 years ago)
I am wondering what you guys are talking about !
The Bulgarian Heist (2 years ago)
+WeiserBoss oh, he's Indian, well then he must be better hahaha!
MrAssholebynature1 (2 years ago)
Dam they was fighting
Beyond (2 years ago)
+MrAssholebynature1 1:33 that was a nice uppercut
Willdabeast (2 years ago)
my favorite bit of racing .
DRCsyntax (2 years ago)
Insane man.
eberbacher007 (2 years ago)
so whas Dunlop hurt? If you post such videos a quick information about what happened afterwards would be appreciated,
Nico Smith (2 years ago)
It was a slow crash, so don't imagine bad pains or that he is badly injured!
austsb (2 years ago)
+eberbacher007 It was on a relatively slow corner (hairpin) that he came off on thankfully, the heavy breaking needed for the corner is what caught him out
rrs (2 years ago)
+anameisnotimportant And a severe blow to his ego. Although both of them should be proud of the never they showed. twas trully a show. :)
+eberbacher007 Searching on internet, its said Dunlop suffered only bruises.
sushant mhatre (2 years ago)
Watching him fall too gives me encouragement. Great men wise sport
ownTer (2 years ago)
JUST AMAZING! Dont stop putting these out for everyone. Thanks a ton yet again.
Sivuhl (2 years ago)
I'm SOOOOO hard right now...
L Frosty (1 year ago)
Sivuhl tf
Vlade Tepes (2 years ago)
To late I have prolonged symptoms.
aserta (2 years ago)
Pity, wish it would of had been a duel to the end of the race.
aserta (1 year ago)
Also, each time Dunlop crashes ...the men of that family do not have a good record. As that saying went, each time you race you increase the risk that you might not make it to the end. Joey Dunlop and Robert Dunlop, amazing people and proof that racing runs deep in that family. Amazing tenacity and bravery.
SpokHD (2 years ago)
The greatest battle this year so far !!! :D
flip inheck (2 years ago)
+TheBPJo 2013
SpokHD (2 years ago)
+TheBPJo ou oupsie ^^
TheBPJo (2 years ago)
+SpokHD the video is from 2012
Cwshty-Griff (2 years ago)
adejumo olushola (2 years ago)
Everybody needs God, including you.
flip inheck (2 years ago)
+adejumo olushola A good set of sticky slicks is what I need.
khyoon14 (2 years ago)
Ouch that was unfortunate. Go Guy Martin!
Loki (2 years ago)
DISCLAIMER !!!! if your erection lasts longer than four hours after watching this video please contact your doctor immediately..
Kiril Ivanov (2 years ago)
+Loki My balls actually shrink to the size of a raisin when I see them going with 200 past a light/fence pole on a corner with the head leaning on :x
Ahmed Patel (2 years ago)
+Loki bhahhaaaah
Ethanmeister (2 years ago)
Don't tell me how to live my life.
Kitty Cat (2 years ago)
Guy Martin, he's good, real good
Mark Hoffman (2 years ago)

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