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Big KRIT Joins For Labels Vs Indy, Leaving Def Jam, New Class of Rappers | Everyday Struggle

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EVERYDAY STRUGGLE | Episode 230 On today's #EverydayStruggle, Big KRIT joins Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska to talk about his new album, career to this point, leaving Def Jam, and much more. Subscribe to Complex News for More: http://goo.gl/PJeLOl Watch 'Complex Live' on Go90 here: https://www.go90.com/shows/11cHKK3D2iU Check out more of Complex here: http://www.complex.com https://twitter.com/Complex https://www.facebook.com/complex https://www.instagram.com/complex/ https://plus.google.com/+complex/ COMPLEX is a community of creators and curators, armed with the Internet, committed to surfacing and sharing the voices and conversations that define our new America. Our videos exemplify convergence culture, exploring topics that include music, sneakers, style, sports and pop culture through original shows and Complex News segments. Featuring your favorite celebrities, authoritative commentary, and a unique voice, our videos make culture pop.
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Text Comments (2903)
Ot Smalls (15 days ago)
whys their mic volume so off so high n lows
L A (18 days ago)
akademiks mad quiet it come like he don't speak english
Antoine Lovelace (23 days ago)
"You telling me I can be the King of Hip Hop and they wouldn't give to Andre' 3000? Nigga Please..." -Justin Scott
Ebony Williams (28 days ago)
This needs more views and likes
Golden Chyld (2 months ago)
i only come back for episodes like this, loved the energy.
Apo11oTONE Taking Off (2 months ago)
does the author know you still die ? 😂😂
Tariq Yasiin (2 months ago)
Big Krit is smart, that's why he's unpopular.
Jj Gibson (3 months ago)
They dont understand the struggle of coming from the south
josh abbott (3 months ago)
yall messed everydaystruggle up. without joe its worse then trash. big krit forever tho
oscar LIVE (3 months ago)
i've literally bought like 3 KRIT albums from best buy, and i live in texas. lmao he hit the nail on the head
dope interview
Gio Dallas (3 months ago)
Salute to Joe Budden for dedicating his life to informing the people and reviving the culture. Way to know your worth!
Shaun Wright (3 months ago)
Why AK be quiet when REAL rappers on here???
Kass Larado (4 months ago)
That muthafucker [email protected]:10+
Omg Dad (4 months ago)
What the Health is false information and propaganda
Christopher Bostic (4 months ago)
that NIGGA ak was silence for an entire 60 mins
Alrick Gladden (4 months ago)
Its right Akademiks do ask dum ass questions.....case in point Big Krit said he need to get in the gym and gave his trainer a shout.... Then Akademiks asked "you in the gym"
Kody Williams (4 months ago)
Underrated. The more he evolves he'll get to the top tier of rappers. Winning Grammy's just wait.
Jay Anderson (3 months ago)
Evolves? Krit been there. Yall just fucking sleeping. MOFO was making hella music since 2010. THEY NEED to catch up
PaySo the P.I (4 months ago)
Def Jam don't promote Krit like they should because Krit has intelligence and truth in his music. Major labels promote ignorance and keep the listeners dumbed down. They don't want blacks to empower themselves through knowledge gained from the music.
YZnumber7 (4 months ago)
Krit is just on a whole different level. One of the realest episodes, AK just can’t relate to real rap not that SoundCloud bs
john leyva (4 months ago)
26:10 Country Rap Tunes R.I.P Pimp C
john leyva (4 months ago)
Best Episode ever thank you love K.R.I.T man he help me through some hard times and still helping me through life good and bad 4Evea
A66Millhouse (4 months ago)
Best episode
Victor Muñoz (4 months ago)
The fucking face AK makes when Joe says "no one loves beautiful trees like me".... had me rolling!!!
Casey Toro (4 months ago)
best everyday struggle interview ive seen. respect to KRIT.
Jon Corleone (4 months ago)
Say Krit Get on a track with J.Cole!
Jon Corleone (4 months ago)
Don't forget Kevin Gates is a Dope Wordsmith. Please schedule him for a show when he get out of jail.
Buzo GettinBucketz (4 months ago)
That nikka Ak got me weak af.. like he Krit mgr or some shit just watching
Adrian Moreno (4 months ago)
Laughter show answer cast deep lucky consideration past angry.
Pfeiffer (4 months ago)
Honestly my favorite 2 people in all of hiphop, Joe budden is the realest voice in the industry and krit is a real dude who's a mastermind in the studio. But I love how krit focuses in on albums I love having a physical copy of shit. I hate how everything is going digital doesn't matter if it's music or a game I want a physical copy of that shit.
ROBBIE REGAL (4 months ago)
Joe a savage
ROBBIE REGAL (4 months ago)
38:30 to 38:40 hahaha
AKAT1980 (4 months ago)
200+ dick heads.
AKAT1980 (3 months ago)
Jay Anderson 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jay Anderson (3 months ago)
They all DJ Ak fans LOL
Revalation (4 months ago)
People sleep on KRIT including Akademiks 47 minutes in lmao
Ghostface Chilla (4 months ago)
Ak mad quiet and falling asleep mid interview n shit. Niggas really need to fire that bum.
Ghostface Chilla (4 months ago)
Joe Budden aka Frocky Balboa aka Frocafella. That shits almost down to his ankles.
DJ TheBoi (4 months ago)
This episode is Wãvy 🌊K.R.I.T. A LEGEND. So fuckin underrated he’s top 10!!!!!
YaBoyRegg (4 months ago)
“I bought a crib and set that bitch on top of Mount Olympus” — Big K.R.I.T.
DRUMDGRIFF (4 months ago)
This is a good ass episode. My cousin Jeremy from the Chi put me on 🤙🏽he's frinna catch his show in Chicago. Seen buddy like 3,4 Xs
DRUMDGRIFF (4 months ago)
Lmao at 33:04 the Hollywood conversation takes off, cracks me up bro
DRUMDGRIFF (4 months ago)
Budden is real as hell. Hit em with the coffee line and I'ma start the diet..next year 🤣
Family first Mackey (4 months ago)
Real music
william mann (4 months ago)
12 for 12 a classic
Hova 1987 (4 months ago)
Grown man talk he mute.
vegan pizza (4 months ago)
live from the underground the 5000 watts remix is the greatest album of all time
BeezmanTv (4 months ago)
Yo 80% of the #comments are *Hating on DJ Akademiks* 🙉😒😔
Dallas Griffin (4 months ago)
When real niggas on the show Ak ALWAYS quite.... just noticed that
badluckgangsta (4 months ago)
43:30 Joe had to wake AK's lame ass up
dmelton_ (4 months ago)
Dropped the album of the year
Rochell Barbara (4 months ago)
“Does the author know that you still die!?”-joe lmao I’m with you Budden
Capt. Caveman (4 months ago)
S/O to Joe Budden and Nadeska for showing love to BIG KRIT. Da Breakfast Club disappointed me on both of his interviews. You can tell they were not knowledgeable about Krizzle. You guys dd your research and appreciates him as an artist. Thank You! AK start going to bed early B-LoL.
Walter Harrison III (4 months ago)
This was a real ass interview from start til finish Big KRIT been killing it and that 1999 w/ Lloyd is the Shit thx Bro keep doing you salute my G!!!!!
Tee Lavon (4 months ago)
this nigga joe budden is a bitch. i came here for krit and this nigga be talking to people like he god. fuck wrong wit em.
Brandon Reid (5 months ago)
I was not a fan of Krit before this but man did he kill this shit!  Just made me go and buy the album.
Live From The Motherland (5 months ago)
Vince Staples, Krit, Joey Badass, 9th wonder, Cyhi . Amazing interviews
Почему на груше Юлька?
doji (5 months ago)
It's Indie not "Indy" please fix it it looks fuckin weird.
Fionn Mc Causland (5 months ago)
Funny how Ak stfu when a real artist is in the room..
pibstarr (5 months ago)
Good on KRIT for not falling for not falling for the bait Joe Budden threw. First discovered him on that Rhythm Roulette which he mentioned in this video. 4eva N a Day reminded me of Nottz Cars sound and I was sold.
Ceeje Jackson (5 months ago)
Joe Budden annoying as fuck
Don Allen (5 months ago)
Devin Tha Dude is that Nigga.
Tony Mondola (5 months ago)
Why does Ak look like he sat down at the wrong lunch table through this whole episode 😂...
Chris Singh (5 months ago)
akademiks ain't got shit to say when the discussion is about actual hip hop
Ant Nee (5 months ago)
Big krit is a big inspiration to me and the industry.
Christian Tyes (5 months ago)
Why akademiks quiet asf lol he dont know shit about real rap
Fred Sanders (5 months ago)
I'm going to listen to the brother good dude
YoungBlaze (5 months ago)
Dj akademics trying so hard not to go to sleep, WAKE UP FOR THAT NIGGA KRIT!
Don Yeezy909 (5 months ago)
Big K.R.I.T got that Eddie Murphy laugh
jared stutz (5 months ago)
Dj akadem didn't have one word for a real dude name KRIT
Stewy Griff (5 months ago)
Joe Budden has Fans?!?!
Stewy Griff (5 months ago)
very true! im here in tyler,tx and went to find Krits hard copy album
Def Justice (5 months ago)
I totally missed this episode. Had to come back to see this.
Joon Matic TV (5 months ago)
DJ AKADEMIKS is a lame… Gossipin ass nigga You notice when real artists who is the real integrity and real purpose and real intelligence come up there he have nothing to say but when it has to do with the fuck shit you can’t shut him up this is the same guy who a couple of months ago said that 21 Savage project with a good project but I’m not mad at him because he has 1 million subscribers because there are more than 1 million lames who subscribe to the fucking shit so play on… And oh BIGKRIT is on my top three list of new contemporary artists his style is fully grown stylistically and sonically he’s better than Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole and Joey Bada$$ real talk
t burns (5 months ago)
well spoken and dope music. wish he was more relevant these days. maybe i should give his newest stuff a listen. haven't listened since i saw him live in like 2012
D GARRETT (5 months ago)
krit=integrity & longevity
Briel Jones (5 months ago)
Ak sleep 😂😂😂😂
yung Braxton Bandzz (5 months ago)
10:44 was that a clapping sound effect?
Marcus CLARK (5 months ago)
Hi It's me (5 months ago)
J.cole and Jake one album equals classic
Hi It's me (5 months ago)
Big krit going to def jam is like a qb going to the Browns
Jay Anderson (4 months ago)
Ummmmmmm nah bad analogy don't put Krit with those QBs that didnt become Top 3 QBs after they left the Browns.
Hi It's me (5 months ago)
I read how not to die great read
Ayabulela Solombela (5 months ago)
Best episode to date!!! K.R.I.T is a legend!!!
Briel Jones (5 months ago)
Emmet Zearwie (5 months ago)
What the fuck is Joe wearing lol
BlankFaceKilla47 (5 months ago)
i wish Akademiks would at least make an attempt to to get into some real MCs instead of sitting there with his mouth open half asleep
Melendez (5 months ago)
This nigga Ak was literally sleep at 47:23 wtf.... How? You got a top 5 rapper right in front of you ? 😂😂😂
Jon Turner (5 months ago)
Krit broke shit down
W. Barnes (5 months ago)
What was his single, from last year hen he talked about. Black america
W. Barnes (5 months ago)
Akademkics Needs a stylist ...
AsiaBlackGrl (5 months ago)
Joe Budden raps? I thought he just talked shit and fought.
Joshua Moore (5 months ago)
I just saw Big KRIT and clicked on it, didn't even realize he was the guest. Favorite artist since 2010
Misha Bell (5 months ago)
I hope AK realizes he has a lot of growing up to do.
anno Jonno (5 months ago)
I got digital copies and CD of K.R.I.T.
In4mous1 (5 months ago)
Maybe the best interview or cover I ever seen them do
Tyrese X (5 months ago)
The amount of honesty in this interview is amazing! Krit is one of the very few artist who is a direct reflection of his music. Gotta respect him for that
DARREL JONES (5 months ago)
Yo Ak was mad quiet with the I slept on KRIT FACE lol screaming out PAUSE
TheVideoInvader (5 months ago)
Jay Electronica could've dominated if he wasn't so lazy. Jay Z probably feeding that nigga grapes on a jet saying "Drop when you want nigga."
Matthew Clive (5 months ago)
My favorite episode of #Everydaystruggle is with Big KRIT and when Akademiks doesn't SPEAK
jarden shafik (5 months ago)
Yeaah @46:32
Milwaukee Brewers (5 months ago)
That nigga AK does look like a big ass squirtle

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