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Titian and technique | Paintings | The National Gallery, London

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Find out about Titian's techniques, his careful planning, and his alterations and deliberations. National Gallery restorer Jill Dunkerton explains how X-rays can reveal the artist's working practice. Featuring Titian's painting 'The Tribute Money'. Read about Titian and view all of his works at the National Gallery, London: http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/artists/titian
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streepscape (3 years ago)
Would it be possible to make a documentary showing Titian's techniques I'm sure many would love to see one of your best restorers or something like that. Thanks for upload.
RichardCorral (5 years ago)
Titian is the shyeeet
Jose Sosa (5 years ago)
Visite el Museo de Arte de Boston al tiempo de presentar una exposicion de Tiziano y Tintoreto y con Tiziano fue tan grande la admiracion que me causo sus trabajos que me costo muchos dias el poder desprenderlo de mi cabeza son en una palabra que es corta Maravillosos los trabajos de este artista, Muchas Gracias. Jose S.V.
Hans Pfaall (6 years ago)
Magnífico, muchas gracias por compartirlo.

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