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Leaked E-mails Suggest Democratic National Committee Working Against Bernie

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WikiLeaks pushed its crusade for transparency by releasing an additional 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Party on Friday. While it exposed the social security numbers of unsuspecting donors, this new data dump also revealed that the Democrats may have been working against Bernie Sanders. Subscribe to our New Complex Channel: https://goo.gl/43ac5w Subscribe to Complex for More: http://goo.gl/PJeLOl Check out more of Complex here: http://www.complex.com https://twitter.com/ComplexMag https://www.facebook.com/complex https://www.instagram.com/complex/ https://plus.google.com/+complex/ COMPLEX is a community of creators and curators, armed with the Internet, committed to surfacing and sharing the voices and conversations that define our new America. Our videos exemplify convergence culture, exploring topics that include music, sneakers, style, sports and pop culture through original shows and Complex News segments. Featuring your favorite celebrities, authoritative commentary, and a unique voice, our videos make culture pop.
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Text Comments (385)
youngpimp c (1 year ago)
their literally telling us their corrupt and were just accepting it? NWO
Joseph (1 year ago)
Hillary and her cronies will rig the election, look at the heir dirty dealings thus far.....Stand up and overthrow the crooked Hillary...
nutsack jones (1 year ago)
no fucking shit
Richey Triplett (1 year ago)
trump better than Hillary tbh
michael hawkins (1 year ago)
oh and democrats organized fake protest too
Doe (1 year ago)
we need an atheist president
Michael Basham (1 year ago)
Natasha a1
Khary Carson (1 year ago)
These politicians just as dumb as they are corrupt. Just make a phone call, no paper trail 😂
Erick Quinones (1 year ago)
politics are all about corruption
Bindu45 (1 year ago)
the emails don't "suggest" it they PROVE it. please don't try to water this news story down
Jose Villa (1 year ago)
This is angering. I've been bothered by some of the bullshit the DNC and the Hillary camping have pulled, but this is fucking angering.
Stars Are Angels (1 year ago)
Leak my ass.
brhyme92 (1 year ago)
I can already see that the democrats are gonna shit the bed on this one and let Donald win
Preston Nelson (1 year ago)
People want to talk about rigged. The democratic donkeys keep shit rigged.
39umbrella (1 year ago)
Is this really surprising?
George's Opinion (1 year ago)
But we knew this.
DNOMAID BOI (1 year ago)
I had no clue
Skimask Prod (1 year ago)
666 % that our govwrnment dont want sanders win
Lasse Kvik (1 year ago)
Why tf do they Care if he is an ateist or jew. Isnt it The samf racism Black people experience overe there???
RetroFilth (1 year ago)
I'm glad complex is reporting on this, and I'm glad that after seeing the comments people are just as outraged as I am.
Masood Khan (1 year ago)
Natasha looking like a brazzers teacher right now
CES 253 (1 year ago)
Smh hate seeing people trying to defend Hillary. She's dirty as hell and corrupt and should be behind bars, not campaigning for president. Can't believe some of y'all will still vote for her smh
Trevor B (1 year ago)
If you know anything about politics you would've known about all this as soon as he start gaining on Hilary in the primary, it's ridiculous how blind society can be..
Howard Hsu (1 year ago)
Someone busted a Kim Kardashian on the DNC!!
We all knew it, didnt the same thing happen in 2016
[Ids5621-Retro] (1 year ago)
0:52 cumpain
Nelson G. (1 year ago)
The DNC is in Big Trouble!!! About 14 million registered voters will be leaving that corrupt DEMOCRATIC PARTY.
jkm (1 year ago)
Did she say 200k emails, complex y'all need to get your shit together, it's 20k jeez
crazymudman123 (1 year ago)
Is this supposed to be a surprise?
Jesus Mosqueda (1 year ago)
No shit 💩 as Bernie supporter we knew this from the start
paulkamin (1 year ago)
Ak47 Kush (1 year ago)
But what about what Hillary said motherfuckers
poopmgee100 (1 year ago)
Vote third party! Even if u can't make your mind up yet vote third party also Just gives more time for the candidates to fuck up
NewMan (1 year ago)
Fuck republicans and democrats they both are bullshit
Montorise (1 year ago)
Bobby Shmurda need Hillary's lawyer
Alex Niccum (1 year ago)
In a interview Natasha said complex commenters don't know how to talk to girls which is stupid because who needs to talk to her when your eating her ass 🔥
Tommmy (1 year ago)
Just vote for Trump, if he wins I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't even serve. I just don't want Hillary.
Tommmy (1 year ago)
She said cumpaign that's not right
sFsaid1 (1 year ago)
Just give trump a ride to the White House cause Hilary really got no chance. Bernie would of won but instead got back stab in his own party... give the DP the biggest L for the next four years .
darcanjel7 (1 year ago)
Uuuhhhhhh...this is how campaigns work. Find shit to use on the other guy so that you can win the votes. How the fuq is this news all of the sudden? You think attack ads just magically appear without strategy? Face palm.
Giancarlo Buonamici (1 year ago)
not on members of your own party! Everyone should have an equal chance at winning, except for the DNC clearly who only use it as a message for "ignorant voters"
Fucking Allah (1 year ago)
Hell I already knew the polls and votes are rigged for Hillary. Our Government is corrupt.
A.T A.T (1 year ago)
thats wrong
Ismail Muhammad (1 year ago)
nobody cares
X CC (1 year ago)
Everyone knew that the government didn't want Bernie
Erik Statix (1 year ago)
It shouldnt matter if they believe in God or not. We're voting for a President, not a Pope
Angry Ape (1 year ago)
+swaggy rawnigga 1 amendment says freedom of religion so Wat if they believe in Allah or Buda or some Indian guy with 6 arms,the point is it doesn't matter if you believe in something different we all have the same right and one of them is to vote on a presidential candidate you fucking homo
swaggy rawnigga (1 year ago)
"one nation under God"
TheJAGOMES03 (1 year ago)
Hope there's still space in Toronto for more brown people like me.
The W Delivery Guy (1 year ago)
haha you think you can move any where you want
Go Ham (1 year ago)
All those rich fucks dont want Bernie to be president. That would jeopardize their wealth. They want wealth inequality. Thats what makes them powerful in regards to getting what they want and controlling other people.
Anton Slizzardhands (1 year ago)
White people...
Anton Slizzardhands (1 year ago)
+King 808 Hold it
Hunter Huffstetler (1 year ago)
krisztian grof (1 year ago)
kanye for president
Uncle Drew (1 year ago)
Bernie was the best candidate y'all fucked up with hiliary and Donald
Gnarly Dude (1 year ago)
+Uncle Drew if u couldn't tell by the video, this shit was rigged against Bernie from the start
KawaiiLean 420 (1 year ago)
+V boy yall are already in debt tho
nkohu (1 year ago)
+Phillies0634 Do you not want free college for students?
Tyler (1 year ago)
+Uncle Drew Thanks man much respect to you as well
Uncle Drew (1 year ago)
+jo jo I respect what u said I'll probably take a look at the DNC and see.
Trent hbk (1 year ago)
pimpmastaa101 (1 year ago)
Well this is a total shock
hydrox (1 year ago)
Let's be honest trump would crush Bernie
jvadoptante (1 year ago)
Can we start over this election and get new candidates????
jvadoptante (1 year ago)
+zcizzorhandz I really agree with u.
jvadoptante (1 year ago)
+zcizzorhandz I really agree with u.
KillerChiefP (1 year ago)
+Aaron Gilbuena no shit
Not Ric Flair (1 year ago)
Doesn't work like that you move forward not backward
Wuz Poppin (1 year ago)
what happened to Alex?
koukimonzta (1 year ago)
hillary pissed me more than enough that ill switch my vote to Trump and so as all you ex Sander supporters!
Ciro Amaya (1 year ago)
I would like people who don't vote to vote third party just to show these fuckers we won't let them force who they want.
Ciro Amaya (1 year ago)
this is why I'm either not going to vote democrat fuck this shit Bernie is the better candidate.
lax4life2017 (1 year ago)
"But Hillary is a women and we need change in the White House." The thought all these stupid, brainwashed, retards have. Just because she is a women doesn't mean she is fit for the job. Trump2016
Aye fuck you (1 year ago)
Please donate to my go fund me we really would love your help god bless you gofundme.com/2g27wvg
Javier Martinez (1 year ago)
Please donate to my go fund me we really would love your help god bless you gofundme.com/2g27wvg
Youngend™ JR (1 year ago)
why does complex never report on the dumb shit Hilary does?
Jonathan Bohm (1 year ago)
Bernie sanders is the only good candidate
Leena (1 year ago)
What about Jill stein??
Milan Bhattarai (1 year ago)
L he has no chance bernie was beating trump by double digits
Theo (1 year ago)
L Gary Johnson is the better candidate. 3rd party and not a economic iliterate.
Rich Pearcy (1 year ago)
Trap Tarzan (1 year ago)
fuck hillary fuck trump and fuck 12
seth fernandez (1 year ago)
Y'all talk about these emails but not Hilary's smh
AMG Austin (1 year ago)
Cristofer Aguilar (1 year ago)
anyone remember Alex hudgens?
Balling Like I'm Tobe (1 year ago)
we knew this
Moist Kite (1 year ago)
moltlom (1 year ago)
If you were gonna vote for Bernie, but still don't wanna vote for Hillary, you should vote for Jill Stein.
tfizzle56 (1 year ago)
Wow People is really voting for the worst presidents candidates aka Hillary n trump
Doe (1 year ago)
can we put him on the ballot then?
supreme (1 year ago)
Either way who ever wins, we fucked.
Normal O (1 year ago)
olliej21 (1 year ago)
when you realise the real reason they tried to blackball Bernie is because he wanted to free the minorities and white American isn't ready to let go of their silent power
Ezra (1 year ago)
+Babidi You expect that from a youtube comments section? Your question was written by someone with the mental capacity of a five year old. How do you spell minorities two different ways? Feelz? Learn to articulate yourself when you're seeking such complex answers. I have no desire to even attempt explain anything as complex as social inequality and the system behind it when you converse like a child.
Babidi (1 year ago)
one that might educate me maybe, but its looking more and more like there really is no answer to give, its just fun to role play oppression for you guys.
Ezra (1 year ago)
+Babidi what type of answer do you expect when you're so obviously uneducated? :/
Modibo Kearney (1 year ago)
+Babidi Likewise.
Babidi (1 year ago)
great answer, about what I expected..
Dan Devlin (1 year ago)
fuck hillary fuck donald trump everyone needs to fucking chill
Abdullah Mahmood (1 year ago)
Y'all know she was miss america california???
Yo Gotti KOM (1 year ago)
NaughtyGawd (1 year ago)
just found about it lurking on her IG
Amz Central (1 year ago)
Steven Gonzalez (1 year ago)
I was thinking about voting for Hillary but fuck no noe
crandaddy26 (1 year ago)
All politicians are corrupt! None of them have our best interest at heart. You just voting for the lesser evil, but I got something for both of them, I'm voting for the 3rd name on the ballet!
Chandler Farris (1 year ago)
vote trump if you want freedom
TheRealBeatMaster (1 year ago)
ffs Bernie would have beaten Trump by miles, so frustrating to see the democrats going for Hillary
TheRealBeatMaster (1 year ago)
+LN2233 Did the polls say so?
David (1 year ago)
+CakePlaysMinecraft Bernie polled 20 points ahead of trump while Hillary was 3 points behind him... Bernie would have won by a landslide😞
OG San Antonio (1 year ago)
Not really , but I'm a damn cake so what would I know but I do know my shit lol but still. I'm a cake
Josh (1 year ago)
Thanks Hillary.
Deangelo Carter (1 year ago)
We should purge this bitch
Diverse_Worlds (1 year ago)
Lying bitch
R (1 year ago)
absolutely disgusting but nothing new in the democracy we live in ...
Justin Ramirez (1 year ago)
Austin Demarco (1 year ago)
Kill Me Fam (1 year ago)
Stfu beaner
The Bowser one (1 year ago)
no shit weve been saying this...but now they want the support of bernies followers to beat the conservative nutjobs. smh.
Cold Nigga (1 year ago)
swear to god natasha the type of bitch to leave her baby daddy for a nigga with a better car
Bag Burg (1 year ago)
Haven't y'all seen that prison break shit? Bernie be endorsing hillary to keep his head on his shoulders and not lose his position smh
Mr23iscrack (1 year ago)
Crooked Hillary Crooked DNC
ceaser williams (1 year ago)
everyone new this and you expect us to believe yall js findin out...tha fuck outta here
American (1 year ago)
noy just bernie but also trumpm i think their attacks agains trump are worse
Lu (1 year ago)
Makes no sense talking about it now we already have crooked Hillary so let's vote for her & not Trump
vinny rountree (1 year ago)
vote Johnson
Trang Nguyen (1 year ago)
Or we can hold onto our principles and not vote for either. There are reasons not to vote for HRC, just as there are reasons not to vote for Donald Trump.
El Player21 (1 year ago)
I translated desiigners new song on my channel
daveb734 (1 year ago)
😎👍 Come on by my channel and subscribe. Anyone reading this is welcome.😎👍
Caleb Pooler (1 year ago)
Just a marketing tip, don't self promote like this on YouTube. Especially on here, you'll get torn to shreds. And you don't want these people watching videos of your daughter anyway...
Kill Me Fam (1 year ago)
Fuck off lil nigga
Brian Newlin (1 year ago)
Gary Johnson>
Pembrook Sutherland (1 year ago)
FINALLY!!! Its Natasha! 😍😍😍😍
Pittsburgh4Real (1 year ago)
And Bernie supporters will still vote for Hillary. Smh
TheLulzing (1 year ago)
Still better than Trump. If I have to chose between aids and cancer. At least I know magic made it.
T Damiba (1 year ago)
+William Hamilton They are in no way similar. We are talking about a reality TV star who has no actual plans on how we are going to be great again. I swear, if you believe in trump you literally are allowing a kindergarten student to run our country. But to each his own. A third party would be more acceptable than that retard.
because we hate her less and trump could literally cause the end of america
William Hamilton (1 year ago)
+T Damiba they have the same economic stances, and anti-establishment stance, they're just from different parties. It all comes down to ideological consistency (Hillary, Dems) versus logical consistency (Trump).
SkizzlerNizzler (1 year ago)
I don't care.
Jency Victor (1 year ago)
Well,you should care.These people make the policies and laws that effect you,me and the entire country.
SkizzlerNizzler (1 year ago)
+I love smelling panties Just to let people know that I dont care
Moist Kite (1 year ago)
then why'd u click on the video u dyke
BEST VINES EVER (1 year ago)
you look good
Honor (1 year ago)
underwoods = clinton's

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