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Ryschewys close and fryez: Tudor cook-along video

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The 16th century alternative to the Christmas mince pie - the "Ryschewy" is the pasta parcel filled with a spiced fruit and nut paste, to "close and fry" tells you what to do with them. These are most probably a dish that came to England from the Crusades.
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SHANNA NORTON (4 months ago)
having problems getting to the tudorcookery web site is anyone else having this problem
Robert Corbell (4 months ago)
I wonder how many His Majesty, King Henry VIII could put away upon the holy feast alongside the goose and venison as well as either medeglyn or spiced port wassail topped with oranges and cinnamon toast sops... my guess is whatever it takes to get diabetic gout so bad it gives you gangrene that you try to cure with mercury and kill yourself over it since medicine wasn't very good then.
Al Ci (9 months ago)
I'm here... "The Deep Web"...
Ditat Deus (1 year ago)
Please cut into your dishes so we can get a 3D peek. Thank you!
Davis Fountain (1 year ago)
love hearing you speak. Looks delicious
AmericanWoman1964 (1 year ago)
Wish I had found your channel sooner!!!! Thank you!!
billyank1864 (1 year ago)
Where do you obtain the period ceramics that you use in the kitchen?
crazy afrobaby (24 days ago)
billyank1864 this is at Hampton Court Palace so they'll provide it and employ him to do this.
M Hoang (1 year ago)
No bleached white sugar in the Tudor's court, if you please.
Kaiser Frost (2 years ago)
Every culture has a form of dumpling. It is just a universally awesome idea.
agrondinsmith85 (3 years ago)
I wish you guys would make more videos, i love these and the Georgian ones.
MSE. Dzirasa (4 years ago)
Wow the Tudors used saffron!! that's very expensive even in 2013...YUM!!!
Clint Patac (7 years ago)
looks like empanada..
RebeccasRoses (7 years ago)
I love your videos. That is a very nice knife you have there. I will try this thank you for the nice video.
Robert Corbell (4 months ago)
Victorinox, the guys who make the Swiss army knife, make ones just like his for meat bones and cartilage on large roasts that is as thick and powerful (quality European steel) as any high-grade Ragnar-brand or Mora-brand machete and is often purchased by campers for one. They're usually around 50 to 60 bucks on Amazon. :)

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