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Real Hip Hop Vs. Fake Hip Hop

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One of the most common debates in the Hip Hop community is what is and what isn’t considered “real” Hip Hop. The majority of purists will be quick to tell you that MC’s like KRS One and Joey Bada$$ make “real” Hip Hop while rappers like Migos and Future do not. Does that make them “fake” Hip Hop artists? However you frame it, we aren’t the first generation to have this debate, but this week, we will attempt to settle it once and for all. Real Hip Hop vs. Fake Hip Hop: is there really a difference? Let’s break it down… Subscribe to HipHopDX on Youtube: http://bit.ly/dxsubscribe Produced, Written & Hosted By: Murs instagram.com/murs316 twitter.com/murs twitch.tv/murs Produced, Shot & Edited By: James Kreisberg instagram.com/rolltheclipjames Produced By: Ural Garrett instagram.com/uralg323 Join the discussion on all socials #DXBreakdown Check out more of DX here: http://www.hiphopdx.com https://twitter.com/hiphopdx https://www.facebook.com/hiphopdx http://instagram.com/hiphopdx For over 17 years, HipHopDX has been at the forefront of Hip Hop culture online, featuring over 2.7 million readers per month. As one of the longest-standing Hip Hop websites, DX not only stays current on Hip Hop culture, but continues to influence it, encourage it, and simultaneously reflect on its past. Our insightful, honest editorials, unbiased reviews, premier audio and video sections, and original video content, draws one of the most loyal followings online. Check us out at hiphopdx.com
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Fuck what this nigga talking bout these artist don't care about the culture To even give it a thought process while composing their tracks they just trying to get paid Which at the end of the day that's what it's all about in business but what artist wants to be a Seasonal artist these mumble rapper have no long jevody therefore they just in the way right now sit the fuck down and let the real artist stand up cause mumble rap sucks
H.G. (9 hours ago)
I used to love HER, now i hate
Aaron Alien Seeker (12 hours ago)
fuck trap. its not hiphop theyre crying coz they cant rap to a proper hiphop beat.
Dissimulation The Act Of Being Unlike Any Other! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1EGN8nGcl6nchyoZ3UkZZI6dVmmA_dT3
Ronnie Pierce (20 hours ago)
All the old hate the new no disrespect because Im 40 now bit anyway old hates new because of nostalgia. From fans and the artists old aren't making the money anymore especially hip hop there are some old blues and Er ok and other styles that tour for 50 years but I St not know to many hip hop stats doing that
J Colin Mizia (1 day ago)
It’s about cleverness and construction. Modern mumble rap doesn’t have much construction, little to no complexity, and basically no wordplay that made old school rap and hip hop great.
Great breakdown on the debate.
The Kidnapped Ausar (1 day ago)
Damn son you need to stop doing drugs. YOU SAID HIP MEANS TO BE WITH IT, HE SAID ITS AWARENESS..... YOU JUST GAVE DUMBER DEFINITION. HE SAID IT MORE ELOQUENTLY. TO BE "With it is to be aware". Damn son I always thought your quick wiited. Keep them strippers diseased coochies out you face. Before the Al Capone ya ass
Dianna Aber (1 day ago)
Try and compare the original Tupac or Biggie to migos ,deiigner or future .... Can't be done... Trap music is garbage.... It's like trying to compare Nikki Minaj to Lil Kim.... Impossible...
jimmiecabowabo30 (1 day ago)
Wat about Roger Troutman the king of talk box ?.. p funk and all the 89-90s reAl rappers / gangster rap artist who are still relevant and kings of hip hop??. WTs your take on those artist? Just curious?...Thanks for your time ..I suppose the artist I'm asking about are not hip hop and are in the more gangster rap category.. anyway I'm just curious on your thoughts great video and info thanks!!
JAEZUS Lives (1 day ago)
It's important to distinguish differences between both past & present, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, where's the future of the culture headed?? DOOMED, no MF. Protect ya Neck!
Joshua Chamberlain (1 day ago)
JAEZUS Lives Notice how he compares a party rhyme with actual lyrics to a song.q
bratha nice (1 day ago)
Deadly Raver (1 day ago)
dude. I stumbled onto this video purely by accident. Now I'm a subscriber. Keep spreading the word.
Deadly Raver (1 day ago)
Alright man. I'm seeing where you're coming from and I kinda agree. He's gonna have to bring more than this.
Joshua Chamberlain (1 day ago)
Deadly Raver 1, Make money, take money anthem was for parties and clubs not in songs. 2. His Das Efx comparison was weak simply because they did that for one song and it was clever to grab all those commercial rhymes and make a song for its time. Outside of that one song Das Efx had all original lyrics and style, not to mention that is one artist hes comparing to everyone ising lil and sounding the EXACT same today even Snoop Dog makes fun of modern rappers because they didnt do that back then. 3. His auto tunes comparison is a joke a DJ scratching records and repeating an opening bar was the most fappers did back then. Hes being exfremly nit picky in thos vidwo as not to offenx a whole new generation of rap fans. 4. Rap progressed then regressed, Once the East West wars were ended Biggie Pac were dead, DMX was a full blow crack head, Pun was dead P Diddy was making the band, Suge Knight was in prison. So there was a hige opening for southern rap to step into and that is the music your heneration frew up listening to, dumbed down regressive lyrics that instead of having multibar rhymes went back to 80s var for var rhymes everyone calling themselve lil. Real quick look up NAS lifes a bitch lyrics then pick modern rappers mentioned on here and see the difference lyrically.
Deadly Raver (1 day ago)
oh? How so? I'm really asking, not trying to troll or nothing.
Joshua Chamberlain (1 day ago)
Deadly Raver Hes full of shit though.
Samir (2 days ago)
bro you're confusing rap and hip hop
Leonard Bass (2 days ago)
lol, that DAS EFX track is so corny. If that's "real" hip hop then you can find me kicking it with the fake cats.
Joshua Chamberlain (1 day ago)
Leonard Bass Das EFX Track was original for its time and lyrically no one you know today can fuck wit them. Love how you modern rap fans thinks it takes more sjill to spit simple unoriginal rhymes but the more twchnical o0s shit is easy. Rap is garbage largley due to the South.
Shaheem Allah (2 days ago)
Hip hop come from old school n.y gang culture ....and the 5%....
romeo garcia (2 days ago)
I have a question here...maybe is stupid but i wanna know:What kind of music are MC HAMMER,KID n PLAY,DJ JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE,BG PRINCE OF RAP and Sorry VANILLA ICE?
Joshua Chamberlain (1 day ago)
romeo garcia Rap just commercial, they jad no real respect from tje streets, at all.
Naša djeca (2 days ago)
For some people the answer is to always say EVERYONE IS OK, EVERYBODY IS REAL, PEACE, PEACE, PEACEFULL PEACE... la la land. But everyone knows that mumble (new) rappers have NO RAP BEATZ & NO RAP LYRICS! Period.
Kevin Rice (2 days ago)
it's more about it being a New York thing. They didn't like Cali when it came out. Now that Atlanta has been running it for the past years And northern rappers can't get charted. look at that hammer shit.
Joshua Chamberlain (1 day ago)
Kevin Rice Thats in large part to the problems Hip Hop jad in the 90's East vs West beef rappers dying off otjers making movies, tje south got in and dumbed it all down simplyfied the lyrics, that was all that was left. Now when you ask tje top artists of all times majority come out of NY.
Russell Taylor (2 days ago)
This brotha very articulate but has missed the mark.
Joshua Chamberlain (1 day ago)
Russell Taylor Big time, but he has to keep his young audience that listen to this new garbage.
Dominique Knox (2 days ago)
nigga shirt wack ass hell
Steven Patrick (2 days ago)
I mean most of yall aint know the difference between mumbling and a southern accent. You giving mumble some long ass definition that fits what you think about popular rap not in any way what it actually is. Yall call people like Gucci, and Migos fake but they rap about what they experience when if you listen to their start what they were spitting was real shit they had experienced and as they came up they rapped about what they getting and whats happening. People looking for deep lyrics in rap when thats the wrong genre in the first place. They all rappers, and they all hip hop, but not everyone is good in your opinion. Use your fucking heads.
Joshua Chamberlain (1 day ago)
Steven Patrick all garbage
Steven Patrick That's true
Johnny Mnemonic (2 days ago)
Nice! Murs is the man! I like the F no at the end, funny funny stuff.
sandra steele (2 days ago)
White kids love this nonsense, they want to be black..then they call you nigger, and flaunt thier privilege after they assimilate your culture. Dude needs to shave his head!
sandra steele (2 days ago)
Wow am I really that old? These weirdos whitewashing Hip hop already. Like when Elvis and the Beatles took over the blues and rock and roll. This dumb bitch, contributing to the theft. We've seen this before. Bitch talking about my reality like it's a college course. WTF!!. Goodbye Hip hop, your headed for the belly of the beast.
Ritchie Eff (3 days ago)
Comparing “they want efx” to that Migos track tho?! Smh
Joshua Chamberlain (1 day ago)
Ritchie Eff IKR
Zack B (3 days ago)
Fuck you for being logical and fairly justifying the type of rap I dont like
Joshua Chamberlain (1 day ago)
Zack B Dont need to I saw it and he missed the mark on just about everything. He has to stay pc in order to keep you, he's not fonna insult the garbage that comes out today. His Das Efx comparison was way off seeing as that is one song compared to the the constant use on todays music. The party anthem " make money money make money money take money money take money money money" is just that a party anthem from back in the day no one was reapedly used it lyrically. And that auto tunes comparison Im not even going to address that and yes I was there for all that back in the day shit, truth is Rap got dumbed down big time and its the souths fault.
Zack B (1 day ago)
Watch the video again Josh he brings up some really good points you might've missed
Joshua Chamberlain (1 day ago)
Zack B Hes not hes off the mark big tume.
yunginx3 (3 days ago)
Migos is not original
Wuklock (3 days ago)
Why you letting out the fucking way they are phrasing things... VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE is fucking retarded compared to fuckity duckity nuggity WTF
Wuklock (3 days ago)
Phrased diffrently but the other fucking mongo just fucking mumbled thru his lyrics like a mongoloid
BL1TZKRI3G (3 days ago)
4:33 "Is more Hip Hop than this:" "*Unintelligible*"
TURKI AL-BESHRI (3 days ago)
how came this homless man underrated old school hip-hop
Brian N (3 days ago)
stop try defend those wack fake non talented rappers they fake point blank period
Garland Jackson (3 days ago)
You need to know yo hip-hop
Garland Jackson (3 days ago)
Yeah it do mean they n ll cool j been out longer than krs-one
Garland Jackson (3 days ago)
Migos make nursery rhyme music they ain't real hip-hop
Garland Jackson (3 days ago)
It's about lyrics and move the crowd you can't understand future
Patty Horeis (3 days ago)
i get your points but as a 31 year old i say bah humbug fuck that nonsense our generation was better ! lol
EL GRAPHIKO (3 days ago)
Ur so fucking ignonorat!!!!
lamarpye69 (4 days ago)
"...but he [KRS] still talks at universities and ..." uh, there is your answer right there as to why KRS is fashion (forever) and most -- but not all -- the newer rappers are just fad, and will be forgotten in 5 years. Quality lasts, while shit gets flushed.
knightwing178 (4 days ago)
This is my first time ever hearing of you. You are 100% wrong. Classic hip hop is exactly what it is meant to be. CLASSIC!!!!!!! You know white people used to call RAP. Crap! And it has become that. Hop hip told a story. True or not but a story. J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are the only new rappers in the game who knows real hip hop. These other guys don’t know shit. Just a beat and a hook. That’s what’s brain washing the music of today. Not lyrics. And most for them don’t even have a flow.
Jithesh JJC (4 days ago)
This clown is talking rubbish
Martin Morrison (4 days ago)
Dasfx always sucked
Rivage Ali (4 days ago)
Honestly i understand your point to a certain extent but now a days music don't make any sense at all had no meaning and you can barley understand anything that they are saying.
Kerry Arm (4 days ago)
I think you're wrong bro, today hip hop is more about hooks and beats and less about the story. Plus most of these guys today portray life that the average youth can't relate to. You are hand picking but in general most of the guys now are hard to follow.
bigdave719 (4 days ago)
No joke...you changes my "perception/thoughts"...I'm an Old Head growing up in LA...(44 years ago) "nostalgia" is right! Although I do think "we" don't have many thoughtful/lyrical rappers these days compared to what we had "back in the day"...I feel your point 100%...
Tyrant Mashilane (4 days ago)
Isaiah Norris (5 days ago)
nigga look like a caveman on crack
Mike W (5 days ago)
The point is having a worthy message, as Rakim has recently said.
Justin Pulliam (5 days ago)
I'm 32 white boy from the south I loved Mc hammer at 5 had a Keith sweat tape at 9 and was listening to Bone and Pac at the bus stop. I found the Isley Bros, Sam Cooke, AL Green, and others in my teens I like all rap and R&B r Kelly, Avant, jagged edge, master p I also like country, metal, pop, bluegrass, dub, there's a lot of good music out there people try something different. I love some migos songs to. Drake is hilarious on the walk it like I talk it video.
PLF (5 days ago)
"Borrowing" from commercials is _not_ commercial. Its pop culture reference. Back then there were fewer channels and no internet, so people watched pretty much the same stuff. That Das EFX used mumbley sounding words, doesnt mean they didnt mean something. RAP means rythm and poetry. Mumble rap has no poetry. You cant compare people breaking ground in a culture to people actively seeking to break away from it - and then call them the same. Mumble rap is what you get when you appeal more to the pop aspect of a culture which has become popular through different means. Its drifting away, not evolving. In biology, once you cant procreate, youre talking about a different species. Mumble rap is a different species. It holds none of the tenants of the past, so is not part of its future.
Anthony Colon (5 days ago)
Who the fuck mans is this
Knauziuz (5 days ago)
It's the beats. I hate those new beats, they all sound the same... in a bad way. Oh, and the mumbling.
Jay James (5 days ago)
I think the issue with mumble rap is not it's originality, nor is it the lack of talent that the artist may have. The issue is that it is just not aesthetic to the ears.
Relevance (5 days ago)
I just opened up iTunes and went to browse after a damn half year. The songs iTunes ignorant self had the nerve to suggest to me ought to be banned from the genre.
赤山和也 (5 days ago)
ya can't even call it fake hip hop cuz it ain't hip hop in the first place
M i n a t a r o (5 days ago)
pls just enjoy the music
Tarumbidzwa Vinga (5 days ago)
HAHA these guys hate trap
James James (5 days ago)
Whatever it was, it is all GAY now! Butt eating, drilling arse and / or taking it, to get deals / money ... and no doubt because that [homosexuality] is their thing. And people thought that DISCO became too gay! Lol
The Journey (5 days ago)
When did you first sell out? Was it all at once, or did you whore your soul piece by piece? The things you say are all surface level....
Tracy KaPoni (6 days ago)
New subbie☻
Tracy KaPoni (6 days ago)
Tracy KaPoni (6 days ago)
Tracy KaPoni (6 days ago)
Santiago Rodriguez (6 days ago)
I strongly feel that old school hip hop deliver a better flow and better lyrics.
Gabriel Chiasson (6 days ago)
I feel that older hip hop is more raw using snares bass lines and good voice while newer one is way more digitalize using autotune and synt to make beats thats why I prefer older hiphop over newer...
Fabien Dumas-Pierre (6 days ago)
Flatbush zombies(headstone) is an example of a group make hiphop music. Give them some play and they'll destroy Migos. Listening to Migos(amigos)is like hearing someone yell out "Figaro" non-stop.
Fabien Dumas-Pierre (6 days ago)
Mumble Rap is it's own genre! Hopsin demonstrated the best!!
Fabien Dumas-Pierre (6 days ago)
I noticed you chose wack rappers from the old school era and compared them wack rappers now. Why didn't you compare future to Rahkeim? Or young thug to Nas. Or even lil wayne to Big Daddy Cane? Logic to Busta rhymes, kendrick to Pac. Post Malone and MGk to Eminem? This argument was selective. Just say you like Migos!
Barbara Hill (6 days ago)
I think this debate is a no brainer. Hip hop lyrics are stories of struggles of the black descendants of slavery who were then emancipated to the white mans jungle with no survival skills and were left to fend and figure out for them selves how to live the white way. They were then labeled no hopers and continuosly harassed by the white so called law abiding citizens to no fault of their own to do the best the could to survive. Survival sometimes meant killing another brother for your space or getting caught up in the rat race or dying way before your time. We call them outcasts, rebels, outlaws then eventually gangsters due to the cards they were dealt. Hip hop lyrics are gangster stories. The hip hop instrumental beats are the story tellers heart felt way of drawing the listener into a journey of their stories. So, hip hop is a gangsters story. If a song doesn't have a story it ain't hip hop. Migo's Future ect dont have a story they just say what ever on their mind and hopefully it rhymes but just like hip hop they have their own beats and they have a special way of drawing listeners in and making you feel happy and want to dance hence they have achieved what they set out to do, and theres nothing wrong with that. I don't know exactly the genre of their style of music is but dont dis them they're artists too. A good artists is one who can put good stories or feelings in to your head, body or soul and at the end of the day it depends on how many asses are in the seats. I think there is a start and expiry date that can be traced if anyone wants to take time out of Hip Hop music, but like most things there's always something new brewing around the corner. Peace Out. Kiwi Chick
Kaleah Collins (7 days ago)
Big difference btwn MCs and rappers .real Mcs are battle tested rappers just write rhymes and live threw others real Mcs are bout dat life
ERROR DeadEye (7 days ago)
Bruh. Where is everyone’s mind at? Tech N9ne is 👌🔥
Veer Maharaj (7 days ago)
Just saying, its the mumble. I dislike the mumble.
Clear HD Media (7 days ago)
H.I.P. - H.O.P. acronym Hipnotic Intellectual Prowess Helps Over Come Problems
Clear HD Media (7 days ago)
And on top of that he come from a group called living legends and none of them are legends
Clear HD Media (7 days ago)
There is a dude named Trent that works at The Millinium he from the Project Blowed era vicious on the mic . Murs just tries hard but aint got that ummmh. You either vicious on the MIC or NUTHING! THE RULES HAVE NOT CHANGED.
Clear HD Media (7 days ago)
I have listned to every song this dude Murs has made I like one song, I am the authority on Hip-Hop Murs is a mediocre Mcee, he is an Mcee that tries his hardest but he just doesn't have it in him to be a GOAT. Period
Sean Atchley (7 days ago)
to be aware is to know in the conscience.
LordLucario99 (7 days ago)
Do we have a full list anywhere of all the GOATs that are up on the DX walls? I feel like there got to be a couple that you can only see in a video I haven't seen yet.
Eyjo (7 days ago)
Das Efx flow is more flowy and they are more lyrical...
Chano26 Illmind (7 days ago)
Feeling so disappointed towards Murs right now.... He lost his mind or did he just sell out as well??? Either way I'm disgusted listening him speak on this video.
Ofri Efrat (7 days ago)
Yo it doesn't matter where are you from, it's art
Ronnie Jones (8 days ago)
The whole industy started to decline when certain individuals start to take to over and controlling what people hear on the radio.
KRS One started Me Too Me two Me me Meme mememan “Yup, that’s me , man.” Quasi homosexual actors run hip hop and the same few labels own it all. It was all rigged since Russell and Rick.
BOXING BEATS & RHYMES (8 days ago)
Das Efx's bumstiggety kills that versace versace versace bs
BOXING BEATS & RHYMES (8 days ago)
I would destroy homie on a debate on this topic
LEGEND MADE954 (8 days ago)
Two thumbs up check out my channel
Dejay A. (8 days ago)
its not about real or fake its real good, or just real bad
Wolffe (9 days ago)
new rap sounds like a mental retard trying to form sentences. That's my argument.
Javih Vv (9 days ago)
FAKE PROFESSOR... onetwo,onetwo... REPEAT KIDS!
Javih Vv (9 days ago)
FUCK VERSACE! ITs ALL ABOUT RESPECT & been REAL!!!! This class sucks pro...
rangodash (9 days ago)
Sick slick, hidden in a book The only way they find it if you're spittin' in a hook
Leonardo Estrela (9 days ago)
Who gives a shit if it is "real" or "fake"? Just listen to what you wanna hear and let other people express themselves the way they want to.
roccorostagno (9 days ago)
Why does this cat seem to be a mumble rap apologist?
roccorostagno (9 days ago)
Hip hop has substance, rap dont. mumble dont have words at all
Francisco Montilliano (9 days ago)
Thanks Murs. That was dope... Sincerely CiscoKid 😎
OdysseyPrime (9 days ago)
"of course we had sellouts, but even they could string a sentence with a meaning, not just some cringe bs." - FACTS. So I guess we are supposed to agree with your argument that RHYMING does not matter in rap, because....? "GucciGucciG'G'G'GGucci, blllllattt!!!! I need me hunnids o' stax... blllattt!!! blllattt!!" Call me an Uber... This is so Gucci.." (as all the kiddies say, "man! dogg go hard af!!". LMAO) You will never convince anyone who grew up un the 90's and early 00's that these Mumble Trap Goofballs are rap. I'd rather listen to Weird Al Yankovic or Kenny G than Chief Keefe or Lil Uzi LBVS. I'm glad Conway the Machine, KRIT, Vince Staples, Wiz Kalifa, Yelawolf, Royce 5'9", Em and a few others are keeping RHYMING alive. I think Trap music should completely separate from Rap. They are not the same thing. It is like saying that longboarding is the same thing as street or vert skating. Not even close. Completely different styles and completely different categories.
OdysseyPrime (9 days ago)
...and K. Dot. Damn how'd I forget Kendrick.
Brian Coyle (9 days ago)
This may be true, but when was the last time we had a dope rhymer that competed with Kendrick? Everyone wants to rhyme about material shit and not serious shit. Rap is watered down.
Ben Braceletspurple (10 days ago)
Well I don't think they are hip hop. I think the beat is too trap like. Trap may almost be a subgenre of hip hop but it isn't enough of the same beat to count. Trap came out from hip hop and rap but it isn't the same thing. I wouldn't call this anything but trap coming from the south and spreading through the younger generation and around the world. Listen to British hip hop and British trap and it will demonstrate the difference in genre. Love me or Hate me from Lady S, and then some modern British trap.
The Copycat Ninja (10 days ago)
I agree with what old heads and hip hop elitists says about today's rap music. However, they take it way to seriously and don't realize that everyones music taste is subjective. They are hypocritical at times and say that rap in the 80s and the 90s was conscious and uplifting. They ignore the fact that old school rappers like slick rick, big daddy kane, rakim, and even biggie were rapping about money and living the luxurious lifestyle before the bling era began in the late 90s/early 2000s. They shit on artists like rick ross, future, and meek mill for promoting the thug life mentality while ignoring the fact that NWA, Ice-T, Jay Z, and Wu Tang talked about being mobsters and druglords in their music and heavily influenced a lot of the new school rappers. Even in the old school era, you had artists like Kid n Play, MC Hammer, Dougie Fresh, LL Cool J, 2 Live Crew, and Fresh Prince that made songs for partying and clubbing. There might be a different in skill and talent level between the older and newer generation but the subject matter and topics are the same.

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