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♣ Such Commitment at Such Speed✔ Ulster Grand Prix - Belfast,N.Ireland - ✔ Isle of Man TT Type Race

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Text Comments (325)
Nona Savage (1 month ago)
i like bike
Nona Savage (1 month ago)
i love this
Bill Moore (1 month ago)
Crazy bastards. ...
guycarr360 (1 month ago)
Who are the 2 riders at 2.10/2.14, doing the side by side wheelie's ???
guycarr360 (1 month ago)
Thanks for that, keep the incredible footage coming, your clips are the best!!!
Lockk9 TT Racing (1 month ago)
- #14 Dan Kneen , #12 Dean Harrison , Ulster GP 214 , down Deer's Leap.
Benoit Joulaud (1 month ago)
A ne jamais rater cette course tout les ans, aucun Pilot de GP ou autres ils ont trop peur, la course de l' ISLE DE MAN recherher des vidéo sur you tube
Craig Blundell (2 months ago)
you jokers have god ball
Dachdecker 79 (3 months ago)
Alle Fahrer die hier antreten haben definitiv von allen Sportler auf der Welt die dicksten Eier. Dagegen ist die MotoGP der reinste kindergeburtstag :-D
I actually think this is your best video.
Tim Barry (4 months ago)
To date 72 wankers gave this video a thumbs down
Deathbrewer (5 months ago)
Some of the biggest balls on Earth... damn!
carlos leefee (5 months ago)
More bollocks than a hundred dogs!!
Robert Morgan (7 months ago)
0:36 that slick centerline rear wheel wobble at 190mph (shivers) eeeeeek
Andy Williams (7 months ago)
Best clip I've seen.
William Lima (8 months ago)
esa coridas de moto e de más muito adrenalina willamis
Pedro Martins (10 months ago)
eye (11 months ago)
THIS IS CALLED BALLS...Only men own it.
chuck thomas (11 months ago)
These guys are animals. I've rode the road harder than it would allow. I paid! These guys have talent
jeff deathrage (11 months ago)
Gods. all i can say. fkn nads of steel.....
Sudarshan Sharma (1 year ago)
greatest of the greatest
Włodek 1410 (1 year ago)
Co M (1 year ago)
Who was that that got hit at 1:21 ???
jkdbjjconnection (1 year ago)
Its funny I don't see anyone running any Euro Bikes except BMW.
daywilliam 291 (1 year ago)
Lockk9 you and your vids of the Isle of Man and Ulster races are second to none. everyone else is just imitating. and your song compilations to the videos are absolutely astoundingly perfect. thank you and please keep up the good work
the dude (1 year ago)
I got an application for this race. The first question on the application asked do your testicles weight 12 pounds combined?
wtf is that guy at 1:20 ok?
+Lockk9 TT Racing seeing a few more of these sort of videos has really gotten me thinking about motorbikes and racing, especially road racing. i might look into passing my tests for A2 and cbt since im 19 right now but i probably wont be able to afford a bike until i graduate.
Lockk9 TT Racing (1 year ago)
It's Dean Harrison crashing, and then Keith Amor and Dan Kneen went down behind him.
Jens Schmid (1 year ago)
name of the song? thanks:)
江秋菊 (1 year ago)
如果我是一個男人 我不要參加這種競賽賺錢
mohd najib (1 year ago)
this is a real road race... with wet road... full of corner... no barrier... bumpy road... only true riders can ride in this road... really scary bro... i live in malaysia 1day i will come to this place and watch this historic race in the world.... respect from me to all racers isle of man..... u r truly brave...
flip inheck (1 month ago)
This is Northern Ireland not the Isle of Man.
eduar alfonzo (1 year ago)
Genial, velocidad al extremo.
Krisztián (1 year ago)
3:04 thats an evil highside for ya :-o!!!
jasoncatt (1 year ago)
Holy shit I don't think I've ever held my breath for 4 minutes 24 seconds before...
John Roach (1 year ago)
shit last night was a bit much for even me cop tryed to persue about 15 minits after that cop car go but heleycoper over me luke there were some mean stats for me hiting over 300kph the choper gon after about 20 minits
John Roach (1 year ago)
John Roach (1 year ago)
Alexander Muhammad (1 year ago)
In the rain!!!!! Jesus!!! these dudes are insane!
luke clements (2 years ago)
Best sport in the world 😃
Deo Guinsatao (2 years ago)
1:20 was this crash fatal? It looked like he got ran over a couple of times :(
renato muu (2 years ago)
his head got cut off.....
luke clements (2 years ago)
No no the race was red flagged and he restarted
Smil Jo (2 years ago)
omg, just awesome!
Drone adventures (2 years ago)
Jesus Christ alive,
Alan Cortes (2 years ago)
" Wicked. juggle live What's your opinion about this,!guys !
Wouter Bril (2 years ago)
who was the guy with the pink helmet?
HeFilmsTheClouds (2 years ago)
+Wouter Bril Lee Johnston.
Hodebie97 (2 years ago)
The Ulster Grand Prix is a race near Belfast in northern Ireland, and the IOM TT is on the Isle of Man. They are two different races, at different places. Irish road racing is the general word for those races.
Henrique França (2 years ago)
Great! But I don't get yet what's the real difference between Isle Of Man TT, Irish Road Racing, Ulster Grand Prix... Are the same thing or different races????
Robert G (1 year ago)
All part of the same series, Isle of Mann TT is just the most famous. Same riders, same bikes etc
the green man (2 years ago)
+Henrique França tt is a time trial, ten second interval between bikes at the start, the others are straight races against each other.
Krystian Szydłowski (2 years ago)
super 2016 ok
Alvin Patterson (2 years ago)
How much drugs are these guys on? Love it!!!!!!!!!!!
isle of man TT (2 years ago)
il mio sogno...
Keenan Wilson (2 years ago)
so excited to go watch in august. pure adrenaline
Łukasz Milewski (2 years ago)
Awseome Video!!!
kevin johnson (2 years ago)
Those white lines are slippery as sht in the wet, even at 100km/hr...not sure why we use kms here in Canada and the UK uses miles per hr...what ever..this id damn fast as HELLLLLLLLLLLL...love to watch it before I head out on the highways..
motormanish (2 years ago)
Fantastic on bike footage, plenty of action. Please post more!
James Unwin (2 years ago)
awsome, nothing on this planet gives me a buzz more than watching these gladiators of road racing, they are all mental
Patrick Kirimi (2 years ago)
just watching gives me a rash... I can only imagine the feeling those guys have.....
Adarsh Keswani (2 years ago)
Damn. There are some riders that do not come to TT. This is much harder than it looks. Good God.
Antônio Cunha (2 years ago)
The best show of the earth!
BassForever44 (2 years ago)
Hey dude, I have been watching this great video A LOT lately, and it revived my love for the two wheels, to such a level that in maybe 2 months I will be buying myself a motorcycle again. THANKS!!
Sebastian Gr. (2 years ago)
This is the supreme form of motorsport, not Formula 1, not MotoGP, but REAL Road Racing. Big respect towards these guys. I would give everything just to race there once in my life.
metalmechanic (2 years ago)
Awesome, Couldn't think of a better song to Show case the old racing Spirit
MrSabirou (2 years ago)
lazyboy2004 (2 years ago)
hey lockk9 you had a video in your archive last year and the music was mostly a girl playing a violin cant seem to find it can you remember the name of the song?
Shmucko21 (2 years ago)
3:22 When in doubt, throttle it out! :D
Eric Cincotta (2 years ago)
The Isle of Man TT is unreal those guys r outta control The best sport ever
Maxime Bouchard (2 years ago)
rorythegod (2 years ago)
great, crazy,
Lloyd B (2 years ago)
unbelievable talent levels ... wow
Lee Jones (2 years ago)
Fuck Yeah!!!!!!
Иван Иваныч (3 years ago)
Unanimous0001 (3 years ago)
these guys are legends!
Gareth Ede (3 years ago)
Cheste's great but it dont hold a candle to these guys!
Ben Thompson (3 years ago)
Best Road Racing vid ever, keep it up lockk9! 
Dao Jones (3 years ago)
WOW!  Great video and music. Best race in the world.
botheone40 (3 years ago)
These guy's must get a certain euphoria that no drug or any kind of sex would ever give you because you know your life could end in a instant.have to have nerves of steel.
mhks68 (3 years ago)
Will Mackereth (3 years ago)
I woz there.  Simply awesome - kudos and so much more to all the racers, organisers and fans
judy hollingsworth (3 years ago)
Unreal, Wow, Oh My God, Watch out, Careful and Eeekkkkk. This is me watching these videos. Love it.
Kathleen Potter (3 years ago)
. (3 years ago)
please pardon my swearing but all the way through that video, the only word that left my mouth was Fuck That, it looks great but these guys are gladiators nerves of Steel, Guy Martin outstanding.
Karen Foster (3 years ago)
My daughter rides a GSXR 750 she won't tell me how fast she's got it up to but I've had her pass me coming down from the canyon and when she goes into a corner her knee is almost dragging scares the stuffing out of me to watch her ride.
John S (3 years ago)
Bruno Antonioli (3 years ago)
I have the utmost respect for these guys, but seriously they have to have bigger balls than ostrich eggs. Je sais pas trop ce que vaut la traduction, mais en Français : J'ai le plus grand respect pour ces gars, mais sérieusement ils faut avoir des burnes plus grosses que des œufs d'autruches.
Fazerman (3 years ago)
I'm in love with this race <3 Amazing crashes!! Thanks for sharing
david rodrigues (3 years ago)
Qual é o mes q aconteçe essa corrida?
Mr Price (3 years ago)
Awesome! Thanks! This I could maybe visit, Isle Of Man TT seems impossible.
Marcus Paulo Raele (3 years ago)
Lockk.... You did it Again! Nice work.. amazing video!
Daniel Greschner (3 years ago)
TheNj400 (3 years ago)
My all time favourite youtube clips.
john a stirzaker (3 years ago)
박진혁 (3 years ago)
what is this videos music name? so good
reysmith1 (3 years ago)
You make amazing videos! I could watch the first  24 seconds over and over again haha
Marek Jakubowski (3 years ago)
Don't believe, That is adneraline for ass watchers too.
A_GOODFELLA (3 years ago)
A MANS SPORT!!!!! I don't understand how they can commit to those bumpy corners at that speed on a rainy track    o_O
KMEM / km en moto (3 years ago)
Hello, good afternoon! I want to travel to the Isle of Man this edition of 2015 you know of any way to get the FERRY liverpol Douglas? THX
Kevin Pinkham (3 years ago)
Thanks for the video .  No way I would ride that fast in the rain.  or dry either   leave it to the pro's
BLACK POINT (3 years ago)
Matty Rushbrooke (3 years ago)
Who the hell disliked this video.... Formula 1 team??
BassForever44 (3 years ago)
Gotta go and see it by myself!!!!
Robertino Vanin (3 years ago)
never give up ..and you die ! 
Mike Kollin (3 years ago)
Comment?  Absolutely Crazy! Insane! Nuts!!! "I LOVE IT!!!!"
wade parsons (3 years ago)
19 dislikes....10 bucks says none of em have ever rode.
登豐蕭 (11 months ago)
Paul McIntyre 匨欸
Paul McIntyre (1 year ago)
Exactly, they are probaly the sort of person that wraps themselves in cotton wool only to arrive safly at death.
i mean i liked this video but honestly the guys who do this are crazy. but i guess anybody can do whatever they like.
Decalvar Xx (3 years ago)
Great !!!
Chris Sica (3 years ago)
You're vids have always been good, but they're getting even better.

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