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Making Money on Steam with Gems

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Join my Steam group! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GeniusPieTrap Related Videos: Making Money on Steam: Playing the Market: https://youtu.be/uXYK2jsg_A8 Steam Gems: http://youtu.be/gsCRUy3c-AA?list=UU4xO5G6YSur1_ZyqtblBnGw Steam Booster Packs: http://youtu.be/XP1vDaCMiYs?list=PLHpGWSUEgUsPlCUEmERECGn_uHtL9aw43 Steam Trading tips: http://youtu.be/PScTiHg73c0
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Text Comments (874)
Steve21 ILG (22 days ago)
In german?
Klassisk (25 days ago)
I like Steam's concept of earning money for playing games, now it's not a lot but I mean you're just playing games for Trading Cards or useless items and turning them into gems and buying packs. Even if nobody really buys them it's still an easy way to make Steam money I recommend just to buy a few games (do research to find out what has the most profit). Play them for the items and sell them again it might make you a profit you might lose a profit it's just a 50/50 chance.
Lauri Wong (28 days ago)
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Juan Russo (29 days ago)
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cinnamonbuns (1 month ago)
Step 1: Get gems. Step 2: ??? Step 3: Prophet.
Akira Toriyama (1 month ago)
gives a fuck for 3 cents
Gamer Ferid (1 month ago)
i have minion masters i am trading
Madeleine Joyce (1 month ago)
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Milton Goodwin (1 month ago)
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Miki Orachev (1 month ago)
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Dimitar Dimitrov (2 months ago)
amazing intro im definetely liking this video !
OriginalArts ByMe (2 months ago)
just realized that i need Abalone to be able to create the Pack of it, lol
Katharine Strickland (2 months ago)
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David Knapp (2 months ago)
Thanks a bunch pal
Geez Eventually worked
Avis Watson (2 months ago)
honestly worked.
Freddie Grant (2 months ago)
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Matt M (2 months ago)
God you're so canadian.
Patrick Private (3 months ago)
If your not going to reveal your secrets it isnt worth watching.
cholichan cholichan (3 months ago)
Or get a job, you can go to your neighbor and ask to take away the snow for 5$ and i bet they will allow it. it aint so hard making money.
TSWolf (3 months ago)
why i cant sell?
GoodGameGod (3 months ago)
But...It says I can only make 1 booster pack per day.
iulian contiu (3 months ago)
morti mati â
Nathan mow (3 months ago)
Dude 40 cents profit for 4mins of work are you fucking kidding??? Work mimnum wage job and save your self life...
Sander (3 months ago)
I ended up turning all my cards except for my skullgirls cards into gems
G999 L. (3 months ago)
Fuck you
Jumpy Gamers (4 months ago)
But pie how do I get emoticons?
Leonard Baker (3 months ago)
Jumpy Gamers by completing badges
Nezi Boro (4 months ago)
Sambob06 (4 months ago)
Oh Crap I just turned a terraria foil into gems
Harry D (4 months ago)
I can't find emoticons on my advanced filters. How do I fix it?
MaskWarlord (5 months ago)
i can.... i can sell items...? I WANT TO FUCKING KILL MYSLF OH MY FUCKING GOD
IdkDefaultUsername (5 months ago)
I bet you could write a script to do this
ZOMBIE JESUS (5 months ago)
trade any one https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=149388321&token=GhQUxjn1
Chan (5 months ago)
How to make money on Steam: Get off your lazy fucking ass and Steam Walk outside Get a shit job at maccas
Foresster (5 months ago)
Pointless if you dont have friends
Jassimca2 Xd (5 months ago)
good intro
Mr. Shiny Pikachu (6 months ago)
So how can I get started? I'm a level 3 Steamer right now, and I have 8 games in my library. I've never earned a booster pack and I've never crafted a game badge. How can I begin this?
This is genius
KeepCalm AndDeALwithIt (6 months ago)
I am selling my steam account worth $500 selling for $50 (i need money fast), check my gameflip https://gameflip.co/item/steam-account-worth-500-for-sale-check-description-/4396b7c6-675f-4455-83f2-7958e489b3ba
XJustice Leaguex (7 months ago)
i know this is late, but all i got is 626 gems in my inventory, games are terraria and i have been playing ir ever since 2015, i use to get cards but now i dont im lvl 5.
Crimson Flash Studios (7 months ago)
holy shit dude, why is it that youtubers NEVER check their Steam messages. 223 in Inbox.
Wharg (7 months ago)
4:37 Lol, 4 fantasy boosters offer for a shit game, same for premium You give advices, you got 0$ balance or hiding it but damn you are shitty But ty for speculating at least, it will improve my incomes :D
Serendipity (8 months ago)
This is far from being time effective income...
SniperOwl (8 months ago)
There is just one question.... Who would buy a card pack for over 6$ from a game that no one plays?
Sam Roberts (8 months ago)
"Might ruin this secret" 1million views lol rip secret
RealPesto (8 months ago)
I suggest you sit down, make a script that you want to follow, before you start making a video trying to explain things. This was absolutely life threatening to listen to...
Sonic vid (8 months ago)
how can you find out how many gems their emoticons are worth by looking in their inventory? It's not showing up for me.
Mih Douf (8 months ago)
acsept me on steam ;)
hhh really ? you have market on :'( you're able for selling man -_- first you need a wallet code to open it :) :D
hunter 0o9 (9 months ago)
sadly does not work anymore :(
sanish dangol (9 months ago)
i have 1500 gems but i cant pack into a sack. because it is divided into two. one is of 800 and another of 700 !!!!! what can i do ???? http://steamcommunity.com/id/sanish009/inventory
Things (9 months ago)
thx man
Max Wizardo (9 months ago)
Well its not always worthit i alrdy lost 1000 gems or more and got no shit -.-
Pierrono (9 months ago)
aw you cannot sell them anymore :C
Mikey Nosocks (10 months ago)
Siege (10 months ago)
welshi megs (10 months ago)
how much is the fees will saleing the booster pack on steam?
Captain Obvious (11 months ago)
poor flying pie at the beginning
Kanna (11 months ago)
how would i earn money if im still a limited user cause my mom wont let me put money on my steam
SkullRipper (11 months ago)
is it really worth the time if your only making a couple of cents or a dollar or 2
t0caia (11 months ago)
bubbo (1 year ago)
man i don't have gems anyway
NightMare (1 year ago)
Well I learned how to use emoticons to get gems for booster backs to get cheap rank up on steam.
Lelon STG (1 year ago)
Grem (1 year ago)
11 minute for this shit.
john malday (1 year ago)
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Serbia Gamer (1 year ago)
Serbia Gamer (1 year ago)
Valentin Angelov (1 year ago)
Go to CsgoExclusive and enter this code : BABY100. You get 5 dollars and can withdraw ! Easy. Same, go to CSGO500 and enter code : BABY100 and get easy money.
JaferTalib JT (1 year ago)
A Thousand!!!!
Jensie (1 year ago)
Vicente Soto (1 year ago)
Arisen (1 year ago)
This is genius
FishStix-ish (1 year ago)
If the lowest price for an item is 6.58, you sell yours for 6.57, just to get your item first on the list.
ilias sidiropoulos (1 year ago)
you are stupid just tell how to make money with gems stop sayin blah blah blah blah all the time
R.O.T.C SEEM (1 year ago)
this shit is for broke folks
Keyser Söze (1 year ago)
lol 1.5 speed sounds normal in this video
windwhisper (1 year ago)
LOL it actually does xD
Bob Pogostick (1 year ago)
Use my csgo polygon code BOBPOGOSTICK for 5000 coins
Psyko (1 year ago)
can someone give me a free knife pplz email me
Xectro (1 year ago)
No one is going to give you $50+ for free so why would they give you a knife?
Aiden Smith (1 year ago)
Waiiiiit........ So the 100 gem one is 9 cents, but the 10 gem one is 8 cents... Wouldnt it be smarter to trade the hundred gem one for multiple 10 gem ones?? You get alot more money.
DoomTainted (1 year ago)
counter strike zombies is 0,42€
reapaninja123 (1 year ago)
nice cherry mx reds lol.
加藤みずっち (1 year ago)
1.25 speed it is, thank me now
Bassbooster_xXx (1 year ago)
how do i get emoticons?
GamePlayer (1 year ago)
Hyper (1 year ago)
I think you skipped the part where you crafted 600+ badges and farmed your games for cards "I won't tell you my secrets" It is no secret just tell us, don't save it for another video for more money
Mr Mylifeaucks (1 year ago)
you sound like arrayseven
Sacred thunder (1 year ago)
how do you get Emoticons?
Blaq Z (1 year ago)
More than Sacred badges.
TinyBolts GP (1 year ago)
no one buys booster packs... this is not some Yu Gi Oh shit. And this is not Pokèmon...
Kasra Ghabel Khosravi (1 year ago)
Do you need to have the game to make a booster pack of it?
MemeZ (1 year ago)
Kasra Ghabel Khosravi yes you do
V1d3oGam3Play3r (1 year ago)
This guy sounds like WhiteBoy7thStreet
Brian Diaz (1 year ago)
Hi Mr. Provenzo!!!
Čigāns (1 year ago)
Theodor Maran (1 year ago)
I can only make packs from the game's that I own. Is there any sovling for this?
anggerglow (1 year ago)
It is like that, ...we can't make booster packs for a game that we don't own.
KingSmillBG (1 year ago)
Fucking overpriced shit. 5% That it will get sold.
gabie dubin (1 year ago)
thank you
bird dude (1 year ago)
does this even work anymore
FisherBoi (1 year ago)
Basically, yeah
kiselina (1 year ago)
But I dont have any friends to trade with :(
COMIX INK (1 year ago)
Thx dude helpful! joined the group
Kenneth Wiedemeier (1 year ago)
Soo... within the first minute we learn you are a sell out and work for someone else... sad. I agree with Alpha Centauri. The very reason I'm watching this video was because of the title "Making money on steam" and in the first 30 secs you say your not going to?
Some Kid (1 year ago)
Listen to his outro at 2. It sounds just so amazing!!!

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