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THE INCREDIBLE " ULSTER GP " ♛ ✔ ★5-Minutes★ of Pure Road Racing ✔ . Isle of man TT Type Racing

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'The Clip above↑ is from the Ulster GP 2010. ▐►Ulster GP 2013►http://goo.gl/sh0NBe【HD】Download. Use " JUMP35 " Discount Promo code - for 35% off.
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Text Comments (167)
Michael Scopic (4 months ago)
Thats a rider
Inder kunwer (1 year ago)
NeonsStyle (1 year ago)
Next time, keep it going till we get the results.
TheTrigger (1 year ago)
1 erro e o cara vira farinha kkkk
TheTrigger (1 year ago)
sobra nem a foto da carteira de habilitação kkkkk
Joseph Cardwell (1 year ago)
beside my house
Hugh Mcquarrie (1 year ago)
Awesome for u..
us in ireland, north and south, know how to ride a bike, unlike moto gp
O8SOL3TE (8 months ago)
Well you sure have a point about irish riders being nonexistent in MotoGp :)
educatedfool06 (10 months ago)
So much of the Motogp is decided off track by the technical team and the bike. For road racing, as long as your bike is running well the rest is up to yourself and how hard you want to push it.
ickerolig (1 year ago)
This is like saying, the world's best UFC fighters know nothing because they have rules and gloves on.
ickerolig (1 year ago)
This is like saying, the world's best UFC fighters know nothing because they have rules and gloves on.
galenkia racing on a track buoy for racing isn't on par with road racing. animals street furniture. bumps. vs a smooth racing track. moto gp does have the fastest top speed by 11mph.
bogey19018 (1 year ago)
These announcers are killer. They really make the sport interesting. Even though road racing needs nothing to make it interesting.
wahiawabound808 (1 year ago)
this is what you call riding👍😲
Sticky Warmer (2 years ago)
Sean (2 years ago)
So who won?!
shinoda (1 year ago)
keith amor
Wütende Hummel FPV (1 year ago)
everybody who survive
jason antigua (1 year ago)
The one who came first
Дух захватывает!))))))Как видеоигра)))))
Rogério Vinagre (3 years ago)
Gostava de tarlá
rapskallion (3 years ago)
That was intense.
Mr Price (3 years ago)
Awesome!!! I have to go and see this!!!
FEGTTTSDH (3 years ago)
5:13 nooooooo why end!!! 
Pilkie101 (3 years ago)
I've got to get to one of these races. This is insane. 
brendan w (3 years ago)
Your best bet is the North West 200 or the UGP - fantastic week of racing, would recommend it to anyone interested in bikes or road racing and the scenery is great.
brendan w (3 years ago)
I live a mile from the start/finish line. Great event, i'd recommend any biker to visit. If the weather's decent it really is hard to beat. 
SuperSpeedMonkey (3 years ago)
how big is your sofa?
DnBphanatik (3 years ago)
+brendan w Thanks Brendan, Yes i'll be going to the Ulster GP in August, Unfortunately I can't do the NW this year but will do next year so the info is certainly useful. Thanks again
brendan w (3 years ago)
+DnBphanatik In Portrush there are a few decent hotels (avoid the Eglinton Hotel though - look up the reviews on, i think, trip adviser, it gets a 'Basil Fawlty' rating). There's the Royal Court and the Ramada hotels in Portrush, both decent. However, most are booked out well in advance, so a guest house may be better - there are many in Portrush and Portstewart.( i really would recommend early booking - The N.I.T.B. may be able to advise too).  Trying to move around while the racing is on can be a pain, but if you have a scout around beforehand you will see a couple of the ''back roads' between Portrush, Portstewart and Coleraine are accessible. Also, remember to park your car outside of the circuit - you'd be surprised how many forget to do so. It really is a great event - if the sun (whatever that is) shines it's something special. Good luck and enjoy your stay. EDIT ----- i've just realised the vid refers to the Ulster Grand Prix (another great meeting) - i was referring to the North West200 on the north coast in May. I think the fastest recorded speed so far was in 2012 at 208 mph. Sorry for the mistake - hope the info can be useful regardless.
DnBphanatik (3 years ago)
Could you recommend a local hotel or B&B, I'm going by car with the wife and kids so getting about will be a pain once the roads close. Cheers
derchel FANTORO (3 years ago)
i love it
Ben Paynter (3 years ago)
That is what having big balls looks like! Those guys are nuts. Awesome video
1966sharonthe (3 years ago)
amazing racing (y)
Paul Fisher (3 years ago)
Well that fecking woke me up, amazing racing, these boys are nuts!! :-)
bogey19018 (4 years ago)
The announcers  are the best. Be still my beating heart, love it.
Szabo Emanuel-Andrei (4 years ago)
very nice,600cmc
ingjms (4 years ago)
This and TT are by far the most amazing race on the planet, hope to be there at least once in my life
CrotchetRocket (4 years ago)
I'm glad there was no music, the bikes are music enough
許佳佳 (4 years ago)
TheJontykallis (4 years ago)
These guys are real deal legit riders. Bow to them, keyboard warriors.
ИнгузМото (4 years ago)
Filippo Milani (4 years ago)
oh my god!
xlgrumpyxl (4 years ago)
Great 2 see this wauw
Bill Robinson (4 years ago)
Nothing better than N. Ireland motorsports. Best place for motorcycle racing and car rallying.
ScotsFurian (4 years ago)
Red Flag? Anyone know what that was for ? Did someone bin it on another part of the course ? I don't know much about the rules but that's a bit of a pisser for the lads risking it all too win only for the marshals to red flag the race and then you all have to start over !. If i had been up the ranks and then had to restart that's a real interruption to your nerves,state of mind all of which affects your performance and 'flow' when your in the zone you don't want it to be interrupted ! Still good video.. RD125LC > TZR 250 > FZR600 > YZF R6 > YZF R1 YAMAHA RULES !!!!!
Máté Ágoston (2 years ago)
+ScotsFurian There was a crash, but TV doesn't show most of them.
yamaha18600 (4 years ago)
Quels pilotes !!!!!!
rose mont (4 years ago)
Jeebus that's some intense racing. Right on the edge of disaster.
Michael Cullen (4 years ago)
brilliant video, well done to lockk9 :)
jezz155 (4 years ago)
<This is just...insane! Amazing video, tnx buddy!
Giles (4 years ago)
amazing stuff is anyone in the know, im wondering are these bikes a lot more stable than motogp bikes so that the rider is less prone to high siding/low siding since your pretty much dead if you do?
Ulstermanone (1 year ago)
We are talking a road race with Motorcycles !!!  Not a straight run down a track ------The Ulster Grand Prix in Northern Ireland at 7 miles long and an average race speed of 134mph now is the faster in the world -Fact
Máté Ágoston (1 year ago)
+Siran424 You were talking about the races, right? You mentioned Belgian GP and Italian GP. And I also said that the fastest race is Indy 500. (Or NHRA racing)
Siran424 (1 year ago)
+Mate Agoston Lol. Nope. Indy500 is not as fast, it is even much slower than a f1 car. And top fuel drag races are not serious/actual races. Their races are not long enough to even calculate their proper average speed around varying circumstances and layouts.
Máté Ágoston (1 year ago)
+Siran424 The fastest race on the Earth is Indy500 or Top Fuel drag races.
Siran424 (1 year ago)
+Ulstermanone But F1 Monza and Spa average speed is higher.
Jadah J. (4 years ago)
bpm1305 (4 years ago)
SUPER AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!! those man are king of race, IOM TT > Moto GP for sure (balls)
+Lester Gotchya. Thanks
+Lester Yes, hence the TT... I know chief. Been following the TT since 1989... thanks for thought though
navye48 (3 years ago)
+Projekt Archetype - X "LMFAO"
Flying Lap Productions (3 years ago)
Flying Lap Productions (3 years ago)
It's okay, Fozzie, all is good down at fraggle rock...now run along and eat your jelly filled pellets, wouldn't want your mopsy flopsy head to explode...
horselaverda (4 years ago)
the best race in the world
Martin Boers (4 years ago)
Heerlijk !!!!!!!
D double E (4 years ago)
goosebumps all over body, respect to TT riders..
Máté Ágoston (2 years ago)
+Bob Coleman  Yes, I know.
Bob Coleman (2 years ago)
A lot of the riders are Irish and British
Máté Ágoston (2 years ago)
+Bob Coleman But mostly they are TT riders. :)
D double E (4 years ago)
oppss my bad, thanks anyway...
Bob Coleman (4 years ago)
its not the isle of man its the ulster grand prix in ireland
glenn hernandez (4 years ago)
full throttle.. i want to do that..
Angelsangling (4 years ago)
Have it
Tom Vear (4 years ago)
where is the end of the race? ffs
C Borges (4 years ago)
It's fucking awesome!!
Adriano MR (4 years ago)
3:24 the most beatiful and dangerous part of this Racing....congratulations for your post!!!
zero five five (4 years ago)
Most definitely tighten the dung in ye :) Great job guys ...
Billie Armstrong (4 years ago)
This is SUPERSPORT race, so bikes are 600cc, bikes that are used in competitions like WSS and also national championships (BSB,CIV,CEV)
Youssouf Nassir (4 years ago)
and the last 20 seconds ? the camera man passout ? what the fuck man
kyle alexander (4 years ago)
more please
KrazyFace (4 years ago)
biggest adrenaline rush you can ever get...
Colins Crew (4 years ago)
to commentary sounds like a damn footballmatch
nzkiwi262 (4 years ago)
Where's the music ;-)
kananisA75 (4 years ago)
Thank you lokk9.
kananisA75 (4 years ago)
Everyone who is riding 2 wheels must not watch this video but like it and respect those TT(Titanium Testicles) class riders.
LMoe1213 (4 years ago)
Lucky Luciano (4 years ago)
i love dog fights :)))
666PEFFIE666 (4 years ago)
They are quite near to the Moto2 bikes in MotoGP but not not as powerfull as them and a little bit heavier. I think they are similar to the 600ccm bikes wich are used in british supersport series.
Bottspeed (4 years ago)
not very original words but... simply amazing! Thanks
MT MT (4 years ago)
Simply amazing...
FRANCISCO JUNIOR (4 years ago)
hole crap! I wish I took part a race like that! Amazing riders!
Richie Dunne (4 years ago)
The red flag is used when the track is considered too dangerous due to crashed bikes on the road or if the medics need to attend to injured riders on the track.
Richie Dunne (4 years ago)
No these are not Moto GP bikes. They would be a lot more similar to the bikes used in WSB.
Ricardo Gonzalez (4 years ago)
this race is much better than sex
080Cobra (4 years ago)
Do they use the same motorbike in Moto GP ?
don94pgt (4 years ago)
wish I had the stones to do this.
edinhofragelli (4 years ago)
aerewewqd (4 years ago)
red flag...someone die..
BusaLova (4 years ago)
If this ain't worth a thumbs up I don't know what is.
ROCKY (4 years ago)
aż mi sie stopy spociły.
Chuck Findley (4 years ago)
How do they fit their giant balls on the seat?!
MrSisterfister100 (4 years ago)
TheSpitfiresteve (4 years ago)
Bodhirider (4 years ago)
Fantastic !!!
El Pat (4 years ago)
@plug007 thanks
Manny Eduardo-Saraiva (4 years ago)
Thank you! Totally awesome!!!!
plug007 (4 years ago)
Ireland. It was on this week. Finished now I think. But its every year.
zack ousni (4 years ago)
jdmjeff510 (4 years ago)
The spectator at @3:45 is just as brilliant as he is crazy!!
Salvatore Salemme (4 years ago)
absolutely sensational
nag0Hak (4 years ago)
Excellent video! Hello from Ukraine!
Vini (4 years ago)
So why red flag?
Hell of a race.
Martín Mayán (4 years ago)
Guillermo fernandez (4 years ago)
i think red Flag is when soem 1 have an important accident
El Pat (4 years ago)
When? Where? I want to see this
frumm (4 years ago)
why the red flag?
Joseph Meffan (4 years ago)
type in 2010 Ulster Grand Prix Supersport race 2
jaygeezy18 (4 years ago)
I love that videos, please post some more.
OLIVER HARDY (4 years ago)
brilliant!! thanks for sharing
Agusis Rotterdam010 (4 years ago)
So Great...Thanks for uploading!!!
Benjamin Hunter (4 years ago)
Awesome .....love it
zz360full (4 years ago)
thanks, what a crash at the TT i don't know how he is able to ride again !
zz360full (4 years ago)
Always read the description, thanks !
JohnTheHater (4 years ago)
2010 according to the description.
oUwek (4 years ago)
Guy Martin? i hope so
candlebougie (4 years ago)
2010. A couple of weeks after his big crash at the TT.
Perfecto M (4 years ago)
Got to love motorcycles man haha
zz360full (4 years ago)
What year is it plz ? because GM is still riding a honda !

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