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This is the full day 1 solo tournament highlights for the PUBG Gamescom Invitational LAN tournament! Check out this skins trading website for PUBG!!! http://bit.ly/2vFfZfz MAKE SURE TO CLICK THIS LINK TO ENTER MY GIVEAWAY!! https://gleam.io/competitions/j6w43-pubg-275-black-pleated-mini-skirt-giveaway LAST TWO VIDEOS: NEW PHOTO RELEASED ON THE NEW DESERT MAP COMING TO PUBG! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nplz29kF08 NEW LEAKED FOGGY WEATHER AND VAULTING GAMEPLAY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNfGdK1Xdr8&t=114s __ JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER!!! https://discord.gg/FZquvDn Keep up with me on Social Media!! Twitter: @Forthepacks Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/forthepacks _ OUTRO SONG: You & Me (Skrux) PC Specs: PC: Asus Gaming PC Processor: Intel Core i7 Processor-6700 Ram: 8GB Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX Card 960 Monitor: 144HZ Dual BenQ Monitors ___ Great People To Follow: Erockkkkk: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdTIvPsCnXs86WU1FcjWpjQ SONG USED IN THE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPSX-g40Ti1c5C7sbGNtGzA (Free Sound Cloud Download) ___ About The Video: This video is about the highlights from day one at the pubg gamescom invitational solo tournament ! I show you all of the kills and highlights from all 3 games!
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Text Comments (148)
Packs (8 months ago)
Sorry for the blurry gameplay.. pulled it straight from YT! Hopefully you enjoyed it!!
Glu (1 month ago)
Those Asian dudes at the end were so fuckung confused, bet they had no idea what the guy was saying
Bob Jenkins (3 months ago)
That chick’s voice is so annoying
Madara Uchiha (4 months ago)
Cook some eggs on those pans.
GoSuckYouSelf (5 months ago)
who is that bitch talking she dont know shit omg STFU bitch!
Brand (5 months ago)
the ending pan giving was so awkward xD
reinherzz (5 months ago)
you know what ?, all those spray is MACRO and Mouse Software is it legal do that in tournament wtf ?
Packs (5 months ago)
its easy to spray in pubg lol just drag down
ShitGetsOld (5 months ago)
How good is the commentators though? Good chemistry
SlashorsYT (6 months ago)
Put shroud in that game and he wins all day with 15 kills
Packs (6 months ago)
SlashorsYT (6 months ago)
Break is on a whole other level on pub
Farqi Karak (6 months ago)
Whre shroud
James Davenport (7 months ago)
Thanks for the re-cap! Got all the good moments!
Packs (7 months ago)
No problem!
John Lis (7 months ago)
That JaredFPS must be salty af :/
Packs (7 months ago)
Happens like 3 times to him
Janyl Dela Cierra (7 months ago)
Nice Dude :)
lolcatzxc (7 months ago)
Yo man free skirt yo
Puxxle (7 months ago)
Glad people make videos like this, I don't wanna watch hours of crap...
Packs (7 months ago)
That's true haha it was a lot of down time
Ilham Fauzi (7 months ago)
so evermore is a pro in overwatch and pubg, jeez
Katalyst (8 months ago)
Skirt me
Junior Harambe (8 months ago)
Done love your videos so entertaining i love that skin so much hope i win it but good luck for everybody
CSGOAscension (8 months ago)
Sequisha sucks so much ass its not even funny
Packs (8 months ago)
but the mustache..
Louis Wade (8 months ago)
pls choose me to win :)
MrSalmon (8 months ago)
hey lmao
Sniper Gang (8 months ago)
Yo gimme that shirt
AndreKaled (8 months ago)
want ninja to win
AndreKaled (8 months ago)
at least in the last day
Zharas Suleimenov (8 months ago)
Evermore Good job ! In a 'war' only result matters!
Packs (8 months ago)
Josh Rau (8 months ago)
This chick commentator is a real cunt
Bisca Raul (8 months ago)
Skull964 (8 months ago)
350k for sub par players my 5 dollar bill plays pubg better wtf
Packs (8 months ago)
i know.. some of them are top players. most are not at all lol
Ku Heng Jing (8 months ago)
Doneeee~ hope i can get the mini skirt ❤️
Packs (8 months ago)
good luck!
Jake C (8 months ago)
The camera work, and the commentary, are both pretty awful and feels like amateur work. Why were these two English people chosen for this?
Packs (8 months ago)
idk but these are CSGO casters.. they werent all that bad considering there was a ton of down time
Black Eagle (8 months ago)
Got the groza died from falling, imediatamently after that. Thug life
Packs (8 months ago)
what a dummy haha
Steffen (8 months ago)
love your pubg vids
Packs (8 months ago)
Thanks man!! Day 2 video coming later :D
Liam McArdle (8 months ago)
Verdant H1Z1/CSGO Stuff (8 months ago)
Nice video dude
Packs (8 months ago)
AC6PILOT (8 months ago)
''That looked close but no cigar''
LudgaterFTW (8 months ago)
Sick vid bro!!
Packs (8 months ago)
Ferry Fatha (8 months ago)
what a nice video
Packs (8 months ago)
Thanks very much
Serocrux (8 months ago)
My favourite moment was when evermore started on the spawn island and zone was on military island but he managed to make It to the West side of It and then got stuck in the Cliff but got 6th place anyway because he kept healing
Serocrux (8 months ago)
Oh yaeh 8th my fault, still quite nice tho, got him the win aswell
Packs (8 months ago)
Haha I know that was crazy.. gets 8th
Tukeen (8 months ago)
I wanna wear that nice skirt
GOKU Z DRAGONBALLA (8 months ago)
what 3:55 down of the map Muselk !?
yns bykl (8 months ago)
Cyrexjokes (8 months ago)
pubg is alright
SimoVan 1337 (8 months ago)
ליאור דובוב (8 months ago)
Maikeru - chan (8 months ago)
slooth (8 months ago)
thanks man ur the best i bought four of the coats u said to buy and im not regretting it rn the price is booming
Packs (8 months ago)
Told you man. Look at my bandana hahaha bought for 330... now 600
K1TZ (8 months ago)
Lucas Gruhner (8 months ago)
I want that skurt tho.
wolfziie (8 months ago)
:D :D Nice one!
Mystic (8 months ago)
PUBG Competitive ? Camping is op.
Packs (8 months ago)
For sure
Daniel A (8 months ago)
FTP with the reset of the crate prices, will it reset once more before they cant be gotten again? (is the price in battle points gonna reset before we cant get em anymore)
Daniel A (8 months ago)
pls pick meh
Bmx Johannes (8 months ago)
7:02 lmao😂😂
Packs (8 months ago)
I was dying
Trung Vuong (8 months ago)
The female caster sounded so offensive haha.
Packs (8 months ago)
Haha right??
AcedQueen (8 months ago)
my friend got one of those skirts from a coins reward, so lucky lmao
Tin Keng (8 months ago)
8:45 is why girls arent the best at esports rip
Mihail Markov (8 months ago)
It seems its better organized than the db events
Packs (8 months ago)
It really is...
Anthony Darpino (8 months ago)
these commentators are the worst
Packs (8 months ago)
i honestly didnt think they were all that bad for the first tourney haha
Celery Gaming (8 months ago)
Gold slice (8 months ago)
I want
Ryan Smith (8 months ago)
Great Video as always. Keep it up man
Packs (8 months ago)
Uki2Kawaii (8 months ago)
Saro Bardekjian (8 months ago)
If been subbed for a while now keep up the vides
Packs (8 months ago)
Its_Mystic (8 months ago)
Might switch to pubg because of ur vids👌
SpUngE (7 months ago)
its the best fuckin game and im gonna play it forever
Matthebest (8 months ago)
Its_Mystic definitely give it a try, it takes a while to get used too tho
Packs (8 months ago)
try it out!
Picklez (8 months ago)
Picklez (8 months ago)
ForThePacks thanks man i really liked this vid having missed the invitatational
Packs (8 months ago)
The Maker (8 months ago)
This women is annoying
Oman808 (8 months ago)
Did you see me....I am that Asian right at the start
Oman808 (8 months ago)
+ForThePacks I was the one who won the tournament...I think they all look the same
Packs (8 months ago)
im dying oman
GoldenAlexx (8 months ago)
that giveaway is insane!
Linnexx (8 months ago)
Good video like always
solomon king (8 months ago)
Ninja took more L's then the H1Z1 marker place.
SpUngE (7 months ago)
Ninja is a sore loser
FeaR (8 months ago)
Market place went up lol
Picklez (8 months ago)
Thanelyyy (8 months ago)
Packs (8 months ago)
Lake Gohlke (8 months ago)
Can I win
Ahmed Abbas (8 months ago)
I just got this game and im in love with it. I can see why you ditched h1
Packs (8 months ago)
i dont enjoy it anymore
v KEITH v (8 months ago)
Yo packs, do you ever play viewer games with twitch subs on PUBG squads/duos?
Packs (8 months ago)
AndreKaled (8 months ago)
13:00 the level of the competition
v KEITH v (8 months ago)
AndreKaled lol that's funny. But the scope spectating is a little wonky it makes it look worse than it was but yeah that was some nerves for sure.
Deadlymat-Gamez (8 months ago)
Keep up the great work ForThePacks been here since 3k! Not that impressive but whatever. I love pubg and h1 so no hate only love bro 💙.
Packs (8 months ago)
thanks babe!!
AndreKaled (8 months ago)
no way they were laughing when he died because of the ridiculous physics of the motorbike
Packs (8 months ago)
Martin Smedstad (8 months ago)
just a guy (8 months ago)
I love ur pubg v ids man
Packs (8 months ago)
Matthebest (8 months ago)
I love your vids!!!! Keep it up
Packs (8 months ago)
Jay4Kay (8 months ago)
packs please comment on our comments again!
Packs (8 months ago)
i always do haha
lj andrade (8 months ago)
JTX 555 (8 months ago)
Kronos XI (8 months ago)
Wish there would be events like this in Belgium T-T.
Packs (8 months ago)
GOKU Z DRAGONBALLA (8 months ago)
Ooh Yeeaah new video
Packs (8 months ago)
Will Welker (8 months ago)
thanks dude I was a little bummed that you quit h1 but I gave pubg a try today and I love it. I wouldn't have tried it but u opened me up to it
Will Welker (8 months ago)
Matthebest agreed
Matthebest (8 months ago)
v KEITH v nice wins! I also love first person, feels more fair
Will Welker (8 months ago)
Ya its a great game but its still sad to see h1 officially die
v KEITH v (8 months ago)
I should add I'm royalty 1 in solos in h1 this season and heavily preferred h1 but it just isn't fun right now it's annoying
v KEITH v (8 months ago)
Will Welker I never hated on PUBG. I like it a lot. I always liked it but early on it was just too clunky. I love it now though and enjoy it way more than h1 and I've gotten my first wins I love first person
*MWolf* (8 months ago)
Yes Was wait for this....I could not watch it cause I live in AUS so yes thx
Packs (8 months ago)
iSavageGames (8 months ago)
Damm im early
skirmishh (8 months ago)
4 rd
George Duggan (8 months ago)
First comment 💦
adampolak12 (8 months ago)
Packs (8 months ago)

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