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Stationeers - Major Gosnell - Episode 14 Automatic Heating And Cooling

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In this episode we focus on heating and cooling your base.
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Fluffy Daniel (1 month ago)
"Ion" game it is "stationeers" :D someone others wrong dont worry ;-;
UnexpectedInquisition (2 months ago)
So that the system does not turn on and off repeatedly, could you not use three memory chip? Create a sort of dead zone.Heater turns on at 16C; Turns off at 20C. Cooler turns on at 25, turns off at 20.
Major Gosnell (2 months ago)
aye,i realised after i made the video it wasnt very efficient,working on it now
9th52bn 5a (2 months ago)
Natchez (2 months ago)
Nice little setup, but you are only filtering your air when temperature is too high (or cooler active). Does the Atmospheric outside circulate air even if the cooler is off? Also how do you maintain your Room Pressure inside if feeding from a furnace? Thanks!
Major Gosnell (2 months ago)
I will be increasing the difference between heater switching off and cooler switching on.Maybe 5 degrees,that will reduce power.The athmospheric filter?then no it only draws air when cooler is on.I maintain pressure because the air in the room will not go back into the active vent and the room is seeled.However slowly the co2 will be vented so pressure will drop.

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