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ACDC - Thunderstruck - ISLE MAN TT

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Colin Macfarlane (49 minutes ago)
Balls of Adamantium!
Bryan Awkwardson (2 days ago)
146 fatalities since the first race in 1907. Holy crap!
Damian Benuzzi (11 days ago)
Kisiera ber una pelicula de motos de carrera alguna sujerencia me podrian ayudar
Ernie M. (14 days ago)
The single most dangerous road race in the world.
Bruno Cester (18 days ago)
These guys would feel nothing after a kick in the nuts..
Kevin T (19 days ago)
Love my bikes this sums it up
Balance Point 71 (20 days ago)
Awesome Gods of the road.
Ricardo chamarelli (20 days ago)
Thaís fucking race!!!!!
Grazy head!!!!
Willia Silva (23 days ago)
wow very crazy nice i love this music
Tico71 delacerda (26 days ago)
I wish I could give a million thumbs up. Awesome vid. People who don't ride motorcycles will never know the freedom. The exhilaration nor the passion..
Slaven 93 (27 days ago)
The is best music this video👌👌😎
Kevin Johnson (29 days ago)
This song by AC/DC was made for TT Isle of Man and its crazed riders...
Darren Kibble (1 month ago)
Well made video
R B (1 month ago)
grate grate vid.Brave guys and girls. Awsome sountrack :)
krzysztof Mikłos (1 month ago)
Foo Fighters Pretender NR 1
Ilya Semenov (1 month ago)
Ilya Semenov (1 month ago)
Edward Hill (1 month ago)
I wonder if the duck was ok?
Kenyon Krapf (1 month ago)
crazy speed wow !!
Mike Haggar (1 month ago)
Hey someone used ACDC in a movie and it isn't lame!
Bass Buster (1 month ago)
@ 300+ dislikes... There's a sale on handbags at M&S this spring...
Mark Jones (1 month ago)
Love this.
Drasticdrugs (1 month ago)
tough guys!
Michael Schwager (1 month ago)
I ride sportbikes myself. These are seasoned riders and still takes all their skill to ride in this race. Respect to them all!
R brother (1 month ago)
Michael Alaska (2 months ago)
This just lit my heart up. You won't catch me shedding a tear during a heart-felt movie but this......it was so beautiful I did. Please do more!
Guillaume Laplanche (2 months ago)
like the sound track , but would rather hear screaming engines on that one...
Thebearcat66 (2 months ago)
Road Warriors
S.M .Photography (2 months ago)
1:20 min the Guy hehehe
daniel arnaud (2 months ago)
çà décoiffe,
Ontos Ewing (2 months ago)
I just want to go to the tt one time watch the race and ride the course
Itamar Luis Dantas (2 months ago)
Fucking hell! This race is the most insane thing there is! The images make shiver anybody who loves bikes !!!
The BEEhive Kids (2 months ago)
The BEEhive Kids (2 months ago)
Bike! !!!
Carlos Alberto
Island Spirit75 (2 months ago)
Outstanding video
1975veduci (2 months ago)
Edgar Alan (2 months ago)
Simply brilliant riders and ACDC wow !!!
BUCKAROO BANZAI (3 months ago)
C'est trop casse gueule !!!!
Clair L Hirschi (3 months ago)
FANTASTIC VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clair L Hirschi (3 months ago)
FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bikezonly (3 months ago)
RIP Malcolm Young.
Mike Kollin (3 months ago)
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Kevin O'Sullivan (3 months ago)
awsome band timeless
A tomar pormel culo.....Thunsestruck
Fabio Azzarello (3 months ago)
from 1:20 to 1:21 best gif ever
Petrica Farcas (3 months ago)
Brad Harvey (3 months ago)
ante pavlovic (3 months ago)
I Cant even watch
James Shedd (3 months ago)
Yes. Sir
marios8035 (3 months ago)
marios8035 (3 months ago)
T H E R E A L M A N I S L A N D ... T H U N D E R
Mark milky Hammett (3 months ago)
Balls of steel!! Every one of them!!
Jack FRENCH (3 months ago)
Mark Cortis (3 months ago)
Raced bikes most of my life .fuck that .this is what the human spirit is all about.how fast can I go and how long will it take .😂😂😂😂
DanuraJay (3 months ago)
Hats off to the video editor! Perfect choice of music too!
reddy Eggy ranger (3 months ago)
Poor people coming of motorcycles but enjoyed watching
György Papp (4 months ago)
RIP BITTI The first & the last Hungarian TT pilot.
Ralf Reiner (4 months ago)
Formula 1 sucks- TT is die only real race!
yoodoo122 (4 months ago)
Best sound to video ever !!!
PAUL HAMMERSLEY (4 months ago)
how can they get on their bike's, with ball's that big,,
Skibskokken Pølle (4 months ago)
I could win that race on a tuned Vespa with my girlfriend on the backseat.....;)
Rock is not dead (4 months ago)
Thunderstruck by Steve'n'Seagulls (LIVE) You Tube
lee armstrong (4 months ago)
50% balls 50% talent = the TT
Roubini Marco (4 months ago)
Oups !!!! ça déménage grave !!!! et ça pousse à bloc!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/578552572323405/?fref=ts
Giovanni Adrian (4 months ago)
Fuck yeeeeeah! I got my first speeding ticket to this song! And you put it to the TT?! Fuck yeah!!!!! Thanks for this!
Math. Franssen (4 months ago)
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janet marston (4 months ago)
you come here to watch a quality video with awesome music and to read a few comments and then u notice that there is a small bunch of tossers promoting links to watch celeb sex videos which are obviously bullshit virus ridden adverts - unfortunately the only cunts involved in these sex videos is the person who uploaded it
Edit Urszuly (4 months ago)
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Liviu Stefanache (4 months ago)
Super ! 👌👍💪👏
Jess Morey (4 months ago)
Three favourite things in this life 1)AC/DC 2)motorbikes 3) ttx
milwaukeegregg (4 months ago)
Balls the size of a dumptruck to run this race!
Juan Jose Fernandez (4 months ago)
Amazing¡¡ saludos desde Ribadeo, Spain
Toño Casas (4 months ago)
sexi como tu solo tu: MRELDIABLO8 NO CLONES ´POR FAVOR
gustavo franco (5 months ago)
Mi canción favorita y amo las carreras de motos, Thank you for this video!
bellbalace AFCY (5 months ago)
These riders are GODs there is no other show more awesome than this!!
GT500 VT (5 months ago)
Some off the biggest balls in history !!! AC/DC makes you want to go faster miss my R1..
Thomas Braun (5 months ago)
You have to be brainless and without fear to enjoy a Race like this.....no Safety at all and in Germay they want to close the Nürburgring because its too dangerous.....
yago rocha (5 months ago)
Toda vez que ouço essa música só me lembra velocidade e o homem de ferro. ...
Gimpy Giraffe (5 months ago)
Acca has, and never will have anything to do with the TT. To assume so just makes a fool out of you. It is like the music in the Top gun movie, just an embarrassment .
Warren West (5 months ago)
more like bird struck*** gd vidio, thanks RIP GEORGE YOUNG
David Hill (5 months ago)
Hard rock for the hard men of the TT .
J T (5 months ago)
Júlio césar (5 months ago)
jason backes (5 months ago)
You’re not a real man if you dislike this video!!!
Ron Hough (5 months ago)
R I P Malcolm .😐
team5824 (5 months ago)
Not done TT but have done Manx GP the best thing I have ever experienced roll on 2018......
gold nugget (5 months ago)
Where men become part of a machine, no boys game here!
BAZZASTUONO (5 months ago)
This Video is the DB's....awesome!!!!
isle man moto a 300 p. hora ,e o bicho;;;;;;;;
Andrew James (5 months ago)
These guys have balls of steel. Valentino Rossi is a pussy.
Christian Wessel (5 months ago)
God bless the bikers!
john adams (5 months ago)
That was the Guy Martin fireball crash at the end. At 170 MPH
Jozek Korcipa (5 months ago)
Jozek Korcipa (5 months ago)
Theo (5 months ago)
Sick this race...
Nicola Wilson (5 months ago)
AdDc love them
Nicola Wilson (5 months ago)
Dam I love these bikes. I want on one.
Manuel Branco (5 months ago)
Martin Antonio Dominguez (5 months ago)
estos si que son unos mostruos!!!😎😎😎

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