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Timbaland Reveals He Nearly Overdosed on OxyContin

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Timbaland is looking for his Thriller. In a revealing new interview with Rolling Stone, the influential producer got candid about his legacy and what he's doing now to help the new wave of creatives find their voice. Timbo also discussed what he describes as a near-death OxyContin overdose, which occurred during some of the most tumultuous years of his life. "I was on drugs, dude," said Timbaland, who started taking pain meds in his 30s due to nerve issue stemming from a gunshot injury he sustained as a teen. "I was on OxyContin." Timbaland said his Oxy use eventually got out of control. Simultaneously, his presence on the charts started to take a dive and his marriage started falling apart. "The pills helped block out the noise," he said. "I'd just sleep all day." At one point, Timbaland remembered, Jay Z suggested he avoid doing interviews because he had started saying "crazy shit." Subscribe to Complex News for More: http://goo.gl/PJeLOl Watch 'Complex Live' on Go90 here: https://www.go90.com/shows/11cHKK3D2iU Check out more of Complex here: http://www.complex.com https://twitter.com/Complex https://www.facebook.com/complex https://www.instagram.com/complex/ https://plus.google.com/+complex/ COMPLEX is a community of creators and curators, armed with the Internet, committed to surfacing and sharing the voices and conversations that define our new America. Our videos exemplify convergence culture, exploring topics that include music, sneakers, style, sports and pop culture through original shows and Complex News segments. Featuring your favorite celebrities, authoritative commentary, and a unique voice, our videos make culture pop.
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Text Comments (97)
Tony Can Swag76 (2 months ago)
Since Aaliyah's death he was never been the same because of depression but now he overcome it thank God for friends like Jay-Z.
Brad Machell (4 months ago)
Why can't anyone pronounce the T? It's not OcyCo'in
GaucheHat81 (4 months ago)
I’m first for once! 1️⃣🤭
forlife forlife (4 months ago)
Why they speaking up now lol people been using it since The damn 1930s hell Ray Charles was on heroin most of his career so like Steve stoute said ain’t nothing change 🤨 the 90s had a bunch of drug users to duh gtfoh if you get off drugs that’s cool but don’t try an demonize one era cause you don’t like the music low key hating
PuertoRican Johnny (4 months ago)
Look at this shit https://youtu.be/OxN8ROacreQ
Ice Kold Killa (4 months ago)
Y'all are some pervs. I swear 99% of you pervs wouldn't say that to her face. Protected behind your little screen probably still living with your mom or dad. Grow up! Go pick up girls in real life.
vvytch fyndr (4 months ago)
Timbaland, I feel your pain brother. I've just kicked heroin after relapsing two years ago. Opiates just aren't worth it. I hope you're doing well now brother. And hey, to anyone out there struggling with Opiates/Opioid addiction to any degree — feel free to hit me up. I want to help you like people helped me the first time around. You *DO NOT* need to be self inflicting this hell upon yourselves. Peace folks...and stay safe.
Derek Dean (4 months ago)
here’s one of the interviews where you can clearly tell Timbaland is fucked up on oxy http://bit.ly/2zcqBAw
littlelosito (4 months ago)
Lmao no bullshit ive had dark times in my life. Years later & i still havent fully escaped em. But im 22yrs old, no drugs, no alcohol. That shit will kill you & im not dying
Franken Peter (4 months ago)
Yeah because drug dealers are so much better than drug users. You fat fuckin clown shouldve stayed in the shadows. Has been ass junkie.
Ese Peewee (4 months ago)
now a days if someone is on xanax most likely theyre on oxys also, its a cocktail mixing bars and oxys is what ppl are doing. fentynal is a strong opiate stronger than oxys but still under same umbrella, the thing is these pain pills aren't being laced its that those pills are now being made with heroin and stamoed with fentynal or oxycodone imprints. pills are smackers ppl overdose becasue they pop a pill wait 10.15 min nd they dnt feel the high yet so they pop another. nd another nd then that fucken high jst smacks u nd hits u hard asf thst the body cant handle nd ppl overdose.. im 1year clean off alprazolam" xanax"nd oxycodone hydrochloride "perks" so yes im saying this from experience. ppl start with prescription pill then go to heroin. any pain killer any opiate is jst the same thing as heroin. same high same feeling same side effects same ADDICTION AND SAME WITHDRAWALS. take pills or lean or anything for that matter everyday for about a month then try to stop cold turkey nd feel those withdrawls. its a living hell. lean.oxys.xanax.adderal any fucken prescription will ruin ur life. i didnt listen to lil peeps music but R.I.P lil peep. nd to everyone out there listening to future nd all theze fucken rappers glorifying drugs learn wtf ur taking nd putting in ur body nd if u gona get high off that shit or any drug then compose urself, get ur shit together cuz mf look so stupid all slump over, nodding offnd shit..grow up mfs
Famous-C (4 months ago)
Saw this guy trying to mimic desiigner and the unpredictable, schizophrenic moves he usually does,I should have known then that he was on the same type of drugs..this is what happens when you co-sign with these illiterate rappers and adopt their habits, he's older and should have known better.
Ben Trill (4 months ago)
i luh Triple 6 Mafia & dat "Smoke Dat Weed" era of CRUNK MUZIK BUT im glad niggas are starting to speak up & let da youngins know drugs & all da bullshit that goes wit it aint like it used to be. There's way more fake or laced shit. Shit was sketchy when i came up in but now days is outta control wit it. Take it from a nigga who got hooked on OC 80's & Roxi's from a car crash & I'm still puttin my life back together. It ain't fly to be slummed out lookin like a zombie. Yall be ez. Keep It TRILL🤙
Thai Koon (4 months ago)
He got wasted like a fuckin white boy lol
Moss Def (4 months ago)
Crazy cuz OxyContin abuse makes you deaf!!!!! So how could he do music with that??!!!!
Qias Omar’s Niece (4 months ago)
Hey y’all
thouxan (4 months ago)
Lmao get rekt Bish (4 months ago)
I just wanna hold your hips baby girl
Albert Williams (4 months ago)
We're going to get a serious joe on everyday struggle tow when they talk about this
133 80 (4 months ago)
Natasha look like she can swim a 500 meter in one breath.
Gustavo Delacruz (4 months ago)
Every time 😢 rip lil peep
dabby dabby (4 months ago)
Stick to weed for depression niggas
Sinner (4 months ago)
No one is the same, everybody handles shit different.
vvytch fyndr (4 months ago)
dabby dabby Makes mine worse to be honest bud.
Casper Illuminated (4 months ago)
Stick to the psychedelics
Casper Illuminated (4 months ago)
Fuck pharmaceuticals
Casper Illuminated (4 months ago)
Brad Machell true .. But I personally support the study of psychedelics for treatment of several conditions pharmaceuticals are prescribed for
Brad Machell (4 months ago)
Yeah fuck abusing them, but some people really do need them for medical conditions!
OG MONKEY KUSH (4 months ago)
Casper Illuminated lol opioid deaths always sounds white💊💉😵👍🏼
Bidoof (4 months ago)
SPILLMATIC (4 months ago)
Yo how she not gonna mention that he made them hits for Aaliyah ik it’s not the point of the video but still tho
Cudliyah 2.0 (4 months ago)
SPILLMATIC exactly, and she is the reason why he's still going through depression
Prodigy Lives On (4 months ago)
I'm glad people like him are speaking up.
YoungBlaze (4 months ago)
what about me?
V Shyne (4 months ago)
MotorCityPhoenix313 (4 months ago)
It's pretty pathetic when an entire genre of music can't find anything other than drugs to talk about.
Ben Trill (4 months ago)
ay yall, i wanna know wut genre of music do yall think created & is most knwon for Drug use & getting fucked up? and i mean the genre yall think that consists almost purely of that, not just alot of artists or songs in a genre that make songs about and/or getting high on any drug... Let's hear it.. should be interesting
Ben Trill (4 months ago)
Tha Switch FACTZ!!! But we dont know shit bout music right?MotorCityPhoenix313 seems to think idk shit when it comes to what genre of music created or is mostly known specifically for drug use. Answer is EDM PERIOD
Tha Switch (4 months ago)
It’s literally edm that started it all..first off..disco started drug use (disco is a form of edm) it wasn’t popular in the community until tech house came in and started introducing drugs into the community and acid house is really where it left off the reason they call it acid house is because they used to get fucked up on the dance floor on acid..it isn’t rap that started it sure they talk about it but It was originally edm
OG MONKEY KUSH (4 months ago)
J C bitch you uglier than sin don’t look in that mirror lol💊💉😵
J C (4 months ago)
OG MONKEY KUSH low life take ur L I'm fucking beautiful and no junkie
LEGENDARY COCK (4 months ago)
Yeah the devil wants another soul to come to him , I pray for timbaland 🙏🙏
Jvpitr Kxng (4 months ago)
i smoke soooo much i couldnt pass a Piss test if i knew it was coming...
Jvpitr Kxng (4 months ago)
Ive been smokin weed since 84,and i live in Seattle plus im a Grower thanks for your Concern but we all set ova here on the Best Coast!✌
J C (4 months ago)
Jvpitr Kxng I hope it's bud ur smoking
Owen Hardway (4 months ago)
R.I.P Lil Peep!
Kristmaz808 (4 months ago)
Justin Wil (4 months ago)
This is just a reflection of society. Americans have been on pills for a while now. I am 27 and have lost two friends to pill addiction. One of them used pills to deal with severe mental illness. Our society has become physically and mentally ill. We have lost our morals. Being a huge piece of shit like Boonk Gang or Lil Pump is the most respected thing with the youth. The bigger of a piece of walking feces you are the more respect you get.
J C (4 months ago)
Justin Wil great comment. Sorry for your loss. I am an addict clean off pills since 3/16 and I have friends that progressed to heroin cuz they can't afford pills. Now they have bootleg pills that kill just like heroin. Hell, even pharmacy pills kill trying to get high when you have a tolerance. Look at Eminem, methadone's the worst. I thank God he didn't die. Yeah, mumble rap sucks. I can't stand Migos cooking up dope in a crockpot. Fucking crackpots.
Tunnel Vision (4 months ago)
You say sumn bitch?
J C I never said anything. This is the internet. READ
J C (4 months ago)
REESE HITE BOWSER SHOWS MERCY This is getting to be ridiculous. You need to watch ur mouth!!
J C (4 months ago)
nigga really almost od'd on oxyclean
Jason Steele (4 months ago)
At least he admitted it. Keep ya head up (pause) Tim!!! #TracQaeda
YoungBlaze (4 months ago)
Fred Rechid (4 months ago)
nigga was bouta be slumerland
Yo 333 (4 months ago)
Fred Rechid your fucking! grounded for a month for saying nigga! smh 🤦‍♂️
Bruh (4 months ago)
PHXRXOH LAPACUS (4 months ago)
Wow I never knew. These drug problems everybody coming out with is crazy
If you don't know how powerful my work is Fuck you Kill yourself
This is what happens when artists realize that what is truly behind their isn't their talented, that's the music industry and radio play that make their music become relevant. The truth hurts. Talent plays just a little part in the equation. Money and Access are the KEY
Marco Cali (4 months ago)
J C (4 months ago)
Marco Cali yeah baby
J C (4 months ago)
Marco Cali hi silly
J C (4 months ago)
I love that comment.
Pharaoh Chin (4 months ago)
🤔 So no one smokes bud anymore?
Mauri Mela (4 months ago)
These niggas living life so sideways that weed propably makes them 'too paranoid'
Mr. Pryor (4 months ago)
Pharaoh Chin nobody smokes bud You bud ice sipping bastard
Green Thumb (4 months ago)
nah fam
Almighty King Ivan (4 months ago)
Pharaoh Chin weed is too boring and weak
J C (4 months ago)
Blaze bud stop popping pills!!
Big Rich (4 months ago)
sux2bu2day (4 months ago)
I nearly overdosed on Natasha’s beauty. I’m hooked y’all. Go through withdrawals if I don’t get 3-4 Natasha videos per week.
J C (4 months ago)
sux2bu2day fuck u who 's the one playin games
J C (4 months ago)
sux2bu2day ur a real asshole u know that.
resellworld (4 months ago)
xstitchesx (4 months ago)
sux2bu2day awww that was so cute
HEELSTEVEN MAGGLE (4 months ago)
Big Rich (4 months ago)
Mystique (4 months ago)
Real niggas already saw this on breakfast club
Big Rich (4 months ago)
Tax Stone (4 months ago)
Complex stay on AK page lol AK upload a video and here come complex 2 hours later with the same video 😂
Big Rich (4 months ago)
Josh Darwish (4 months ago)
I just wanna hold your hips baby girl

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