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CS GO BEST Trade Up Contracts On CSGO April 2016! - EASY HIGH PROFIT CSGO TRADEUPS (LOW RISK) In this video i will be showing you the best trade up contracts on csgo! these tradeup contracts will guarantee you profit of as much as $60, go ahead try these insane csgo high profitable trade ups and tell me what you think! be aware that prices are different from time to time! Game play Supplied By: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvltdDFbWKjg1kWfNQMxCVg Social Links: HELP ME GET TO MY GOAL FOR SUBSCRIBERS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUdNedSrz6KurDYa5hO94DQ Twitter: https://twitter.com/LaithKamal Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/1/b/113965062939598716209/+KarambitYT1/posts Information About The Tradeups Used: 10 X Glock-18 | Steel Disruption STATTRACK FACTORY NEW (Cost: $42) 25% AUG Bengal Tiger $97 25% Nova Boomstick $100 25% AWP CORTICERA $52 25% P200 CORTICERA $23 Most Profit: $58 Least Profit: $10 Loss: $19 ------------------------------------------------------------ 10x MAG-7 | Praetorian STATTRACK FACTORY NEW (Cost: $52) 25% Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon $63 25% Nova | Hyper Beast $24 25% AWP Elite Build $95 Most Profit: $43 Least Profit: $11 Loss: $28 ------------------------------------------------------------ 10 x P2000 | Coach Class Well Word (Cost: 5.8) 25% XM1014 | Red Leather $7.71 25% USP-S | Business Class $2.72 25% Sawed-Off | First Class $7 Most Profit: $2 Least Profit: $1.2 Loss: $3 ------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks For Watching! :D
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Text Comments (68)
Sydro (1 year ago)
i did the coach class one got the sawed-off but its fcking ft wtf man
flooka (1 year ago)
Like I dont mind the surf gameplay but like holy shit that is some cringy surfing. Jesus thats like people who strafe the wrong direction when bhopping.
Chlorox Bleach (1 year ago)
Worst surfer evar
I Can't Play (2 years ago)
they cant all be smart ones
The Dark One (2 years ago)
i got a Bengal Tiger but it was minimal wear, and i put in all factory new guns...
Marcello (2 years ago)
Did anyone give these a try? I tried the first one but got the p2000 :/
The-Guy-With-MOJO (2 years ago)
every intro every
JamesonBro (2 years ago)
YOUR name is Karambit? I think not...
Express915 (2 years ago)
Anyone try the first one?
NlFinlux Baskaya (2 years ago)
nice videoo !!
L3WG (2 years ago)
great vid dude
Rakan N (2 years ago)
nice math m8.
MLG_V1 oscar.w (2 years ago)
Wats his intro song called?..... Jk taking p*** m8
BlueHybrid (2 years ago)
You cant trade up to Bengal tiger, Nova Moomstick or AWP Corticera....
Darwin Chan (2 years ago)
love the intro could you link me the remix?
skaaammm (2 years ago)
intro song?
Mista Karma (2 years ago)
Intro song?
Mista Karma (2 years ago)
Adam (2 years ago)
Alessia Cara - Here (Lucian Remix)
SashaRimi (2 years ago)
...the surf is so shit...other the that the vid is cool
SashaRimi (2 years ago)
+KarambT XD the surf was ok not great but KEEP UP THE GOOD VIDS!!
Pryda (2 years ago)
Thanks :/ sorry about the video
Lukas (2 years ago)
I tried already the steel disruption tradeup without stattrak and with two other cheap fn skins (breakout) and i got the water elemental
xAuto (2 years ago)
Instructions unclear, dick stuck in toaster
Nawfel (2 years ago)
25+25+25 = 100
Jskeen950 (2 years ago)
That's what I was thinking
Nawfel (2 years ago)
Rajin Rose (2 years ago)
bruh this nigga sucks at surfing lmao but nice video man keep it up
Nawfel (2 years ago)
This nigga suck at math. 25+25 + 25 = 100 apparently
SloothDesigns (2 years ago)
Good video as always, but very similar to SkinFreaks trade ups?
Pryda (2 years ago)
+SloothDesigns Same outcome, mine are cheaper. and higher in profit, whoever gave him those tradeups is not paying attention that there are skins 20cents cheaper which can save you $2
ginoRsh - Fortnite (2 years ago)
1is from skinfreak 2 is from skinfreak not hating just saying
Ketexon (2 years ago)
2nd one is 33% for each, 66% for profit, again for the third
it is i (2 years ago)
nice math bro
Ketexon (2 years ago)
the first one might not work because the float values of the nova an aug are really weird and it is a lot harder to get fn (7 times harder)
Crodino Biondo (2 years ago)
intro song?
Crodino Biondo (2 years ago)
Ty :)
TheTróndur (2 years ago)
+Ghebreigziaibiher Lodi si awọn Oorun ni Alessia Cara - Here (Lucian Remix)
OscaN (2 years ago)
intro song?
TheTróndur (2 years ago)
+OscaN Alessia Cara - Here (Lucian Remix) :)
nils abrahamsson (2 years ago)
if it's only 3 skins to get it's not 25% it's 33% lol
nuenen4life (1 year ago)
33,3333333333etc etc etc to be correct
Pryda (2 years ago)
Follow ME on Twitter My Bishes i have pawn on there :) https://twitter.com/LaithKamal
MLG_V1 oscar.w (1 year ago)
 +Martín Ledesma here Alessia care (lucian Remix)
Martín Ledesma (1 year ago)
Whats the intro song?
H4Z (2 years ago)
+Tyler Swart its called here by like alissia cara lucain remix
Tyler Swart (2 years ago)
+KarambT WHAT IS THE INTRO SONG ERMAGERD daoigjalgagapga (pls tell me)
MLG_V1 oscar.w (2 years ago)
Tanay Godse (2 years ago)
For the second and third trade up, what's the last 25% for?? Did you mess up the percentage and write 25 instead of 33.33??
Tanay Godse (2 years ago)
+KarambT OK good we got it cleared early :)
Pryda (2 years ago)
+Tanay Godse yup sorry about that :/
Dylan Brusehaver (2 years ago)
25+25+25 doesn't not equal 100 lol
Unorthoducks (2 years ago)
+Demon Lord Azazel obviously
Yellow Eyed Demon (2 years ago)
+Joe Csgo no 25% Each obviously dude
Insyte (2 years ago)
+Joe Csgo yeah
Unorthoducks (2 years ago)
+KarambT its supposed to be 66 (profit) 33 (loss).......... "so its like 50% to gain profit" omfg.
Insyte (2 years ago)
Collin Dewanckele (2 years ago)
nice i luv ur vids
HYPER (2 years ago)
M1NTY (2 years ago)
+KarambT your friend is a really bad surfer XD
Pryda (2 years ago)
+HyperWorm CS:GO You're actually 1st XD
HYPER (2 years ago)
Coffeee Cup (2 years ago)
I luv ur vids btw
Eikka H (2 years ago)
Never first..
Coffeee Cup (2 years ago)

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