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Building the Moroccan Court

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In 2011, The Metropolitan Museum of Art opened the New Galleries for the Art of the Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, and Later South Asia, which house the Museum's renowned collection of Islamic art. A vital part of the installation was the Patti Cadby Birch Court, a Moroccan court built by a team of experts—from curators and historians to designers and craftsmen—over many months. Complementing the works on view, which span the past fourteen hundred years, the Moroccan Court provides an experience of space and architecture while demonstrating artistic traditions that still thrive in the Islamic world. This video documents a marvelous journey from Fez to New York, and the creation of a twenty-first-century court using traditional fifteenth-century methods. The court was made possible by the Patti and Everett B. Birch Foundation. Explore more at MetMedia: http://www.metmuseum.org/metmedia/video
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Amazigh/berber craftsmenship
Middleway (8 days ago)
As an Architect, i pay great respect to these craftsmen. its almost a spiritual experience for me to just following their every stroke..
Angel Rivera (10 days ago)
I sooooo much love Morocco, I was flabbergasted with the amount of artistic representation in this country. These people are amazing, I would love to make something like this in my house. Now tell someone in the west to accomplish this, THAT WOULD SIMPLY BE IMPOSSIBLE. Bravo Morocco!!!!!
iomoon (13 days ago)
That’s insane 😳
rabi jahid (29 days ago)
Morocco 🇲🇦 you are in my heart... god bliss Sidi Mohamed
Sam10947 (1 month ago)
The moroccan architecture predates the 1300s. In fact Moroccans are the moors who built Muslim Spain
love morocco (1 month ago)
so beautiful
Akelarya Design (1 month ago)
Kindly friends support my new design project with "LIKE" https://www.facebook.com/Akelarya-1988802158040602/ . Thanks
carlotta4th (2 months ago)
Fantastic work. The craftsmen, of course, did an amazing job but I also appreciate the amount of preplanning design that went into the project.
NeonsStyle (2 months ago)
If you're going to record something that has so much fine detail as islamic art, then give it the justice it deserves, and record in at least 1080 so it shows up and isn't just blurred out like a lot of the inner courtyard was here. Love islamic art.
ilyass nadah (2 months ago)
11:41 that mixed picture with and old style, brings memories of ancient moroccans
Ibe Free (2 months ago)
Abdulkariem Al-Bertaali (2 months ago)
I wonder how long it will take before white people steal this history from us as well. We have almost nothing left. They've claimed almost everything we own from us. Only the things that we clearly still do every day are ours now. Once we stop using or doing these traditional things, the white people (westerners) will take it and claim it as their own.
You don't know how much they've already stolen from us. And you probably don't care or you actually WANT THEM to claim our stuff as their own. Because many brown people want to please white people so badly that they'll do anything to gain white people's acceptance and approval. So desperate for approval! Get your tongue out of white people's asses.
Ali Jaghar (16 days ago)
Abdulkariem Al-Bertaali Dude chill out and enjoy the video.
Adam Habeeb (2 months ago)
the prophet .sw. named us *Ahlo Almarreb* the people of the sunset and Morocco is the name of the best quality leather made by the blessed hands of * Ahlo Almarreb * they shall remain on the truth till the day of judgement according to our beloved prophet .sw. who said only what is right .
Surf Shop (3 months ago)
Friggin amazing
schatzen121 (3 months ago)
wow. I am not moroccon but absolutely wow
hushamism (3 months ago)
in 11:16 the statue is Iraqi Assyrian winged bull.
C. Scott (3 months ago)
It is not Islamic architecture, it is Moroccan.  Its also Arab in influence.
C. Scott berber influence not arab this style is not used in the middle east. Only in north africa.
C. Scott the problem that some moroccans let algerian people and the arabs steal from our heritage and they say andalusian architecture !!!
kok kiko (3 months ago)
RED REBEL (4 months ago)
Just beautiful
Notmatt (4 months ago)
Beautiful. Just beautiful. I lost my breath many times.
myksweet (4 months ago)
Transcendently beautiful. Love.
Nathan Davis (4 months ago)
is that Ofra Haza's voice at the end?
JG (4 months ago)
So cool!
diane jarvis (4 months ago)
Exquisite beyond words. Full of admiration for the craftsmen. Art of the highest kind.
alus nova (6 months ago)
Exquisite workmanship!!!!!
fathia abdullahi (8 months ago)
I have so much respect for this
hamburgerhelperflick (9 months ago)
Been there many times but seeing this makes me want to see it again, this time with the knowledge of the amazing workmanship that the artisans put into it.
Tamsin Huxford (11 months ago)
absolutely incredible! fantastic idea by the met!
Simo Elidrissi (11 months ago)
These is the rooted civilisation of Morocco, I am so proud of being Moroccan
Soukaina El El (1 year ago)
my city Fez ♡
Teresa Jägerbauer (1 year ago)
woooow! thank you for this! absolutely stunning!
Sabq (1 year ago)
this design now because an islamic mark !! even the graphic designs use it to make islamics designs
please the soundtrack in the end 16:39
Thoran666 (1 year ago)
17:20 Read under Music
xcx23 Cwea (1 year ago)
No Artificial Intelligent required. Only Human Godly talent. God bless these Craftsmen.
richard Rueban (1 year ago)
beautiful workmanship..much respect to all of them.
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whycuds (1 year ago)
I'm very impressed. I hope I can see it some day.
Mohamed. Amara Amara (1 year ago)
Terry Fonte (1 year ago)
wow... I love moroccan architecture and this is beautiful
Kanitas Luchianito (1 year ago)
Awesome. My bests to the craftsmen
kwwiko lamssatti (1 year ago)
made in morocco orignale morocco
Co Mo (1 year ago)
absolutely beautiful art and architecture design..the skill and expertise required to achieve this level of craftsmanship is amazing...simply amazing...
Jing Li (1 year ago)
AMIR AMIR (1 year ago)
السلام عليكم Thanks to all of you, for the hard work and dedication to the project and to let us see and appreciate the wonder of the Islamic Art that shows on every single line the wonders of Allah. سلام
Morad Dmch (1 year ago)
Magnifique. Vive le Royaume du Maroc berceau millénaire de la civilisation nord africaine et andalouse. N'en déplaise aux jaloux qui se reconnaîtront.
bluegrassbarry (1 year ago)
absolutely beautiful. in a past life, in a future life, may I take birth again in Fez. Allah ham du lalay.
Mr One (5 months ago)
bluegrassbarry thanks bro
Larossa (1 year ago)
Angela Silva (2 years ago)
Scott Awaywithit (2 years ago)
what an art.
Azedine R (2 years ago)
Well done all the way...
melun dank (2 years ago)
tight work
Martin Walters (2 years ago)
Absolutely stunning. Breathtaking artistry and craftsmanship. Thank you for this work of art.
mounir mounir 8 (2 years ago)
جميل جدا
maaroua G (2 years ago)
rabi jahid (29 days ago)
Well said..
Dilshad Asif (2 months ago)
After seeing morroco art of islamic an craftsmanship i also loved Morocco. Respect from Pakistan.
Mr One (5 months ago)
maaroua G our country is rich of history. Mee too i am proud, Allah alwatan al malik
Jeff Pollastro (2 years ago)
These craftsmen are truly inspirational.  Thank you!
Khalid Ul Ijchk (3 years ago)
thank you for this work.
Jamal Gharib (3 years ago)
Unique Moroccan art
Zainab Torino (3 years ago)
o.o islamic art? so art has a religion? morocco <3
homer alyami go fuck your self it is a Moorish Architect !!!!! Wtttf !! Jalousy 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
AMUN (6 months ago)
Zainab Torino yes the the carvings are mostly filled with Arabic verses praising allah and so much symbolism like the 8 sided star is resembling the 8 Angeles who holds gods throne
this is mine stop arguing
S S (2 years ago)
Zainab. As student if architecture I studied Islamic architecture and history if Islamic architecture for years. In MIT there is dedicated department there for research on Islamic architecture funded by Aga Khan foundation. Like islamic architecture there is hindu architecture, shinto architecture and mediaeval Christian architecture. Vatican City is an example. So answer to yoyr question is yes.
SAMAND33 (2 years ago)
+Zainab Torino Yes Islamic art has religion and it is Islam, because art was made by people and when they draw things they imagine the art according to their believes. Art has the believe of the one who makes it. People who read the art can tell you what the artist mean when he makes something. Some people can tell who you are when they see your art. This is an Islamic art and arhcitecture. Islamic art and architecture is from the imaginary of the Quran and the Hadith The example of Islamic art is the following 1- No human sculpture 2- Charecterized by the name Allah and Quranic verses inorder to keep the Shaytan(The Devil) out of the house 3-The house have tiles of different colour, mosaics that were shaped like flowers, leaves, and surrounded by gardens of fruits and fountains and that is the imagination of the Janah(paradise) Quran talked about. I think you can see now that the art has the religion of the artist.
Androidreviews (3 years ago)
there is any software similar to min 7.43??  i want to use it in my designs
Jascha Narveson (2 years ago)
+Androidreviews this is an interesting website for doing similar tile designs: http://girihdesigner.com/
Androidreviews (2 years ago)
not, but i will search for your this weekend
Mansa Musmen (3 years ago)
As an artist I've always been inspired by arabesque style art. It's one of the beautiful things I'd love about going to the mosque as a kid.
R. Michael Bird (3 years ago)
One of the great spaces is New York.
kad tamim (3 years ago)
travail fascinant !!!
alexandru axel (3 years ago)
what program is at 7:36, if it is any. thx
Jascha Narveson (2 years ago)
+alexandru axel check out http://girihdesigner.com/
Alberto (4 years ago)
DetectiveGesicht (4 years ago)
i love that space... and knowing this story makes it even more wondrous. we must do more to support and cherish these, and all, artisans.
Garga (4 years ago)
Roflol, ratings disabled. No wonder...
cance7984 (4 years ago)
Simply spellbinding!
Mourtadi Noureddine (4 years ago)
c est vraiment géniale merci a tout les artisans qui ont participer dans ce reportage
Queen Sheba Cisse (4 years ago)
Awesome, Magnificent ALLAH! Just Stunning!
Antonio Arch (4 years ago)
Julia Berger (4 years ago)
Fantastica obra, felicitaciones.
Nick W (4 years ago)
Excellent work!
lallen8029 (4 years ago)
so beautiful, love these documentaries, keep them coming.
Kremena Venkova (4 years ago)
interesting and beautiful....thank you...
TheDreamtimezzz (4 years ago)
Wonderful! Thank you for posting this. :)
Brighton DeChienne (4 years ago)
You are Welcome & you are dis-missed.
Beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

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