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This video shows you how to find more players and get more kills in PUBG! I like to go for high kill games and share my knowledge on how and when to find easy kills! CLICK THIS TO TRADE ON THE BEST PUBG TRADING WEBSITE!! http://bit.ly/2vFfZfz ENTER THIS SICK MONTHLY GIVEAWAY!!! https://gleam.io/FzlPl/pubgheaven-camo-hotpants-giveaway LAST TWO VIDEOS: 3 NEW VEHICLES AND CROSSHAIR CUSTOMIZATION! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76oqRsbfIrs THE WORLDS LONGEST PUBG SHOTGUN KILL! PUBG ODDSHOTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGmhEv02n_w&t=2s __ JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER!!! https://discord.gg/FZquvDn Keep up with me on Social Media!! Twitter: @Forthepacks Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/forthepacks _ OUTRO SONG: You & Me (Skrux) PC Specs: PC: Asus Gaming PC Processor: Intel Core i7 Processor-6700 Ram: 8GB Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX Card 960 Monitor: 144HZ Dual BenQ Monitors ___ Great People To Follow: Erockkkkk: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdTIvPsCnXs86WU1FcjWpjQ SONG USED IN THE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPSX-g40Ti1c5C7sbGNtGzA (Free Sound Cloud Download) ___ About The Video: This video is about how to find more players to kill in pubg. It is pretty hard to find a lot of players in PUBG if you dont understand simple concepts. I teach you 3 of the main concepts for getting higher kill games and finding players in PUBG!
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Text Comments (31)
Mattias Tapper (1 month ago)
third person... really
Kyle Mc (2 months ago)
By my count you are getting 19+ kills a game?
MaximumDamage (2 months ago)
Like a shroud
sFar - Gaming Lounge (3 months ago)
Nice videos, keep up the good work. I also do PUBG videos, its extremely fun!
Silenced (3 months ago)
Shroud gets lots of kills cause he half of his kills are retarded stream snipers who let him kill them.
Silenced (5 months ago)
How to get kills: Become a huge streamer and get battered by stream snipers.
samiul gamer (6 months ago)
666 views *oh no*
Swift (6 months ago)
what res you play on??
Chanzxii TV (6 months ago)
Nice work
Faze Barry (6 months ago)
Is a15 kill game 1st good 4 ur
Packs (6 months ago)
That's great!
Vexah (6 months ago)
Bucky (6 months ago)
First! jk, good video friend.
betah (6 months ago)
Shaun (6 months ago)
Time to hit that FPP buddy!
*MWolf* (6 months ago)
So will be help full
Serocrux (6 months ago)
Packs please go back to H1Z1, pubg makes me sleepy
betah (6 months ago)
Serocrux H1 is slowly killing itself its sad :(
Gystaa (6 months ago)
H1 sucks compared to pubg. I used to play it all the time and can definitly say pubg is alot better
Swesat (6 months ago)
therandompoo bond (6 months ago)
keap up daily vids
RazzleDazzle (6 months ago)
Yo keep up the daily videos :)
abizer rangwala (6 months ago)
Mc Fris (6 months ago)
Second *
Bmx Johannes (6 months ago)
Forthepacks do u know when the new maps will come?
Packs (6 months ago)
Not for a few months
Mc Fris (6 months ago)
Mc Fris (6 months ago)
Guy. (6 months ago)
first. :d
Liam Stewart (6 months ago)

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