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The real Peter the Wild Boy

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A feral child, a royal pet, a Georgian celebrity and a resident of Kensington Palace: Peter the Wild Boy was one of the most extraordinary characters of 18th century Britain. Here, Historic Royal Palaces' chief curator, Lucy Worsley, tells his remarkable story, visiting some of the places he lived and showing some of the images and objects associated with him.
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Victoria Elizabeth (4 months ago)
I admire and just adore Lucy Worsley .
muhammad rashid (1 year ago)
He wad caught from a jungle in Germany and gifted to George I. He was brought in the royal palace and kept in a cage to amuse the King. The only two words he learned were Peter and King.
Inaya Shujaat (9 days ago)
muhammad rashid he wasn’t kept in a cage.
tandem compound (1 year ago)
Feral Children--UK schools and streets are full of em. Bad Lads Army and Brat Camp anyone?
Grimm_ Ace (1 year ago)
Searching for acorns. So he was a squirrel boy.
Isaac du Toit (1 year ago)
Very interesting
drop the dead donkey (2 years ago)
stupid to say he never learned to speak then later say he drank gin and sang songs
Inaya Shujaat (9 days ago)
I’m guessing that you’ve never seen toddlers “sing.” It’s very possible to “sing” without using actual words.
Crazy Rabbit Lady (1 year ago)
drop the dead donkey he hummed the song
Kirsch Rot (1 year ago)
+drop the dead donkey Totally agree, thought the same thing
Mike Fuller (3 years ago)
That is quite lovely!!! A touching little piece of good television!!!
Ron Richo (9 months ago)
Somehow I don't think it would be quite as lovely with any other presenter. Lucy is a treasure.
Mike Fuller (2 years ago)
+Mike Fuller Thanks Natalie!!!
PrincessPanny Fants (2 years ago)
I completely agree, I so wish we had more tv like this and less of the reality type x
Lesa Smart (3 years ago)
He most likely had Pitt Hopkins Syndrome 
Crazy Rabbit Lady (1 year ago)
Pitt Hopkins Syndrome is a defalt in the tcf4 Gene located in the 18th chromosone.
elsa1942 (2 years ago)
+Lesa Smart what's that?
Cindy Munger (3 years ago)
I happened across this little film and thought "oh my  Here is one I havent seen."  And it has made me love and respect Lucy a bit more, if thats possible.  I put flowers on the three highwaymen hanged in Montana because I dont think they should be forgotten.  If I manage to get everything on my bucket list done ( going to England is one) I shall make it a point to get some flowers for Peter the Wild Boy when I get there.  Thank you so much Lucy.   You are wonderful.
PrincessPanny Fants (2 years ago)
I will keep my fingers crossed you make it over here in the uk so you can tick off the things on your bucket list ☺
diameiner london (3 years ago)
Love Lucy.
Jennifer Baker (3 years ago)
Thank you Mrs. Lucy great piece.
twosquirrelly (4 years ago)
Lucy is a national treasure.
Reimagine (9 months ago)
Ron Richo I wish we had her!!! 💛jk
Ron Richo (9 months ago)
So glad to hear you say this I totally agree. Her videos are mesmerizing. I have tried to see as many as possible.
Dio Rex (4 years ago)
            The British Kasper Hauser
Cerulean Talon (4 years ago)
Loved it, thank you!
Carolina H (4 years ago)
The real peter
Righteous Hammer (4 years ago)
and if you think that it was of natural causes, i've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you
Inaya Shujaat (9 days ago)
Righteous Hammer your comment makes no sense of all. For starters, there are LOADS of bridges in Brooklyn. Also, what proof have you regarding the cause of his death? Were you there?
Elizabeth Varadan (5 years ago)
What a touching story. I was especially moved to hear that he died just a few days after the farmer did.
Carmen Stieber (5 years ago)
Thank you Lucy - I just imagine how it was to eat "onions like apples". (This is an old recipe against a sore throat also).
RenegadeTimes (5 years ago)
The ruling elite were always tyrants- nothing has changed much.
3636Clarence (5 years ago)
I Love Lucy
naomi chambers (5 years ago)
What a sad story.
Gabriela Zayas (5 years ago)
She is so cute!
Fredrik Häll (5 years ago)
She's so cute :)
OneLittleOddment (5 years ago)
Sound does not necessarily mean speech :)
ALEX HAMILTON (5 years ago)
what a lovely story thank you
janela delizo (5 years ago)
Peter's a feral boy. Mean to say He has a wild case maybe a psychological case. Where in he grew up in an environment without human's presence but animals only. That caused him not to know our language but the animal's. That's a very tragic life I guess. Poor Peter :(
Nancy Cousintine (1 year ago)
In all likelihood he had a better life than most of the people of common birth did at the time.Life was hard then, and people were punished for the smallest infractions. Though it is sad that he was beaten with a leather strap when he misbehaved, he was cared for, for all his life. He didn't end up in a lunatic asylum or a prison, and appears to have, for the most part a sheltered and free roaming existence, once the court got bored with him and he was no longer caged. The fact the found favour with the court probably saved him from a harsh, cruel, and short life. mental illness, or any assumed deficiency in a person back then left them open to abuse and people in fact were blamed for their misconformities,be they mental or physical. I suspect he may have been "dumb" in the literal sense of not learning human speech at the time in his life when such was physically possible for him to do so(brain compartmentalisation and all that sort of thing), but that in no was implies that he was not intelligent. Given his rude circumstances, the fact that he lived to his 80's suggests that he more than knew enough how to get on in a society, which no doubt a first, he was indeed, a stranger, in a strange land. Thank you Lucy for breathing a bit of life back into his story, and to have done it in a respectful fashion. No joke intended, I love Lucy. :) She breathes life back into history, and shows us a little of of past lives and ways, in a fashion that is lively and informative.
abominableangel (6 years ago)
i doubt that Peter was stupid, in fact i suspect he knew very well that it was his wild and feral behaviour that got him what he wanted so just continued to act like that.. he probably understood what was being said to him in some capacity but knew he could do pretty much what he wanted so just carried on
Inaya Shujaat (9 days ago)
abominableangel I don’t think anyone has accused him of being stupid.
beckyholt (6 years ago)
So he couldn't talk but he could sing....mmmmm
Crazy Rabbit Lady (1 year ago)
He Hummed the Songs
Natasha Kershaw (6 years ago)
She looks like Melissa Joan Hart and Leann Rimes,in English form.
dieselscience (6 years ago)
@teufelstaub Before I read your comment I was thinking the same thing.
tastybitepizza (6 years ago)
The BBC and Megan Lane don't need to write their own articles when there are videos like this to pinch from.
piedwagtailrameau (6 years ago)
Very heart warming presentation, thanks for bringing this story to a wider audience
mightyfinejonboy (6 years ago)
she's pretty cute :-)
gradgurl2007 (7 years ago)
Making note to visit Peter's grave. What a lovely story. Thanks for sharing.

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