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ARMA 3: Project Silverlake Life Mod — Bank ROBBERY Scam!

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https://g2a.com/r/Psi (use code "PSI" for 3% cashback) DESCRIPTION How to get anywhere in ARMA 3 Project Silverlake? Be a snake of course, don't worry, Joey and Josh will get their money back, just taking a small loan, just like Donald Trump did in the thumbnail of this video! You can find the ARMA 3 Project Silverlake Life website here: https://forum.projectsilverlake.com/ Thanks for watching, please don't forget to like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video, and check out other videos on my channel. SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter — https://twitter.com/PsiSyn Twitch — http://twitch.tv/PsiSyn Steam — https://steamcommunity.com/groups/PsiSyn
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Text Comments (126)
Tyler Mcintyre (19 hours ago)
Who is the dude he executed?
OD FaZza (4 days ago)
I love this series so much bb
Wiket (4 days ago)
lol my boy bacon on the phone at 12mins
The Raggje (6 days ago)
Mans is gay jep 27:00
Sarlician Gaming (6 days ago)
Well got like number 666 after that intro xD keep up the good work ^^
Senpopai (7 days ago)
Nineteen thousand eight hundred and seventy'th.
Jelio Moliver (7 days ago)
Wait if that guy at 20:00 didn’t kill you and only tapped you in the head then technically he didn’t do anything wrong right?
Enahs (7 days ago)
Aimware Sucks (8 days ago)
lewis streams himself breaking 4 different rules and no ban, but he cries when someone kills 17:09 "Im down to report him" ahahahhahahahhahhhahahha k
Canadian Meme (8 days ago)
bro you need to take a breather and stop talking for a second xd
Worland (8 days ago)
I like how Lewis is stream sniping Cadan :d
catnipkiller (8 days ago)
and u wonder why ur server died
2000jago (8 days ago)
1:15:10 "It's like a ponzi scheme without the ponzies." - Fucking classic! haha
Wickr (8 days ago)
*A P R I L F O O L S*
Dimitri Yakushev (8 days ago)
do more shit with the mob
Dimitri Yakushev (8 days ago)
bro that car chase reminds me of those star wars spaceships chases where all the bad guys end up crashing and then crashing into each other and the good guys get away
Greyhound (8 days ago)
What happened between the casino mob and Lewis? I heard shit went down and now they hate eachother
acematthew01 (9 days ago)
ever tried the tropical flav. lucozade?
auri embestro (9 days ago)
let's go to support to cry about people shooting me, then let's go launch cars with fucking autoclickers. eecks dee, mad role-play.
JOHN GALELA (9 days ago)
Lewlew sometimes i like you sometimes i dont
Devlee 123 (9 days ago)
Funniest YouTuber 😂😂
GamersBar (9 days ago)
That fucking car house demolish 1 shot was beautiful <3
PandaMan (9 days ago)
best YouTuber
BreeZe (9 days ago)
do the guys you did the bank robbery with have a twitch?
tyler jacks (9 days ago)
#1 MILF is the goat. #2 that man driving the car was the fucking legendary baby driver.
Greg (9 days ago)
38:57 had me dying, lewis always bringing quality content.
MrFlavorites (9 days ago)
The houssssse omg x,D lol im ded
Taskiller12 (9 days ago)
Admins on your dick
Matt (9 days ago)
@PsiSyn for future references you did not have to tell him that you did not have a license for your firearm. Unless you have been read your rights they are not allowed to question you, they had no evidence to support the idea of you causing any harm and at that time you were only detained. You could have just said yes and said am I free to go, I did nothing wrong. They cannot legally search you or check your id without consent since you had no evidence against you at that time. Obviously you got out of it I watched the whole thing lol but it never would have had to come to the cop being lenient ;)
Ivan E. (9 days ago)
Wait wtf I swear I saw this a few days ago
Ivan E. (9 days ago)
Oh wait nah I saw it on twitch xd
XMAN MARK 2 (9 days ago)
how do I download this mod
Fortnite Kingdom (9 days ago)
Can u wait for the fucking gate to open that shit bugged tf outta me
Tutor11ial (9 days ago)
Yo he says nigga at 40:41
I_KILL_4_FUN_81 (9 days ago)
Caden should have more subscribers:3
Paigon (9 days ago)
lewis is an rdmer
M Wenger (9 days ago)
Keep up the work very entertainment you should do more mobs stuff
Themadblackopser (9 days ago)
*admin* "Where is the role play in that just shooting someone in the head who is compling?" Well sorry but that's the point where I draw the line stuff like that happens all the time in real life if you don't believe look it up or go on the onion browser, if you don't know that's a form of Google but for the dark web, stuff like that is everywhere there is even worse stuff....sorry bout me going off will this make up for it? #justmonika
Themadblackopser (9 days ago)
Also don't go to the dark web that's a bad idea
Joshua williams (9 days ago)
I'll bring it back to him in 1 piece... not even 20 seconds later and he flings the car and blows up my mans house...
jake whitwam (9 days ago)
Milf Is Ems “ I will shoot you “
xXTRIPPYMANE98Xx q (9 days ago)
All I saw is You a bitch my dude haha
50 in 07 (9 days ago)
So many ads
Real Vaxus (9 days ago)
Stream Sniping Lew?
Aaron Power (9 days ago)
27:30 LOL
TheHolocraft (9 days ago)
this is really fun to watch.
Thomas Lubanga (9 days ago)
That Mac guy's accent is fucking awesome. Spot on.
Towelly (9 days ago)
The admins on this server suck Lewis off so much man it's unreal
Towelly (9 days ago)
One1life Gaming hey man I don't judge 😂😂
Towelly (9 days ago)
SystemsOffline still though man kinda ruins the fun when everytime he dies someone gets a ban
One1life Gaming (9 days ago)
Towelly they don't suck Lewis off that's gay my dood
SystemsOffline (9 days ago)
I mean he gives the sever popularity thats why
ReZisT Soul (9 days ago)
Towelly true
I was waiting for a car bomb to go off once you drove out. :D
Griggz (9 days ago)
SCP classic YT gear (9 days ago)
Omg the baby is a meme
Aaron White (9 days ago)
You need to play taki again. Repentz is killing the server.
Aaron White (9 days ago)
Not focusing on the new map. Only cares about shitty exile.
MiiikeyxyZ (9 days ago)
Aaron Hudson I love takis 😛👅👅👄👄
marius inc (9 days ago)
Aaron Hudson how is he killing the server?
Quardox (9 days ago)
this admin is the greatest asshole ever
Greyhound (9 days ago)
Didn't katt scam lewis a few months ago? Why is he here
Quardox (9 days ago)
that was really funny ;D
Level (9 days ago)
BurntCookie ­ (9 days ago)
Ernos voice is familiar isn't it willy
Brenden Moyer (9 days ago)
BurntCookie ­ it is
marc fabra (9 days ago)
rip member of the mob xd
mpoumpz (9 days ago)
rIp ur server?
Peter Vue (9 days ago)
The kids in the background are hilarious lol
Jayxeng Vang (9 days ago)
I like watching Pistol only TDM
sherburn (9 days ago)
apr 14 is my birthday!
MAFIANA GAMING (9 days ago)
Lmfao the whole dam house is gone lol
Walker Harris (9 days ago)
Is the guy at the beginning willy?
SmugBob SquarePants (9 days ago)
Your streamer benefits are through the roof on that server
PurplePlanet (9 days ago)
Loving the “Role play” keep up the great videos
Jamie Carson-Suttie (9 days ago)
Can't believe you'd just go and ruin a perfect DB5 like that
stillmillionair (9 days ago)
Seeing the guy fucking fling himself off at 9:58 nearly made me fucking die. I legit havent laughed that hard in like 10 years. 12 Btw
Pat Fenis (9 days ago)
30:52 ugly british motherfucker
Matthew Longtime (9 days ago)
Please keep doing these videos lewis
Curtis Olson (9 days ago)
0:00-2:37 mlg.wmv
DmanTheK1ller (9 days ago)
Funny af
spycrab123 (9 days ago)
jep redd what a fucking retard.
Sir Happy26 (9 days ago)
Whines about every little stuff anyone does, like someones age. Then he prossecdes to flip his vehicle to blow some ones house up and kill two people.
Aimware Sucks (8 days ago)
his grammar was ok, it was just his spelling.Learn english fag.
tyler jacks (9 days ago)
Sir Happy26 stay in school.
RiddleBoxRanger (9 days ago)
PsiSyn cmon Lewis, you can’t complain about “bad rp” when you do the exact same shit
One1life Gaming (9 days ago)
Sir Happy26 fix grammar then shit talk
SystemsOffline (9 days ago)
Come on you gotta admit when he flipped the car it was funny
GAME PLAYER (9 days ago)
Mango (9 days ago)
Mango (9 days ago)
NicebutDim (9 days ago)
1hour with Lew Lew is back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPzJu-DTEKM That cop and i had a Hostage Gameshow once.
Ethan Kincaid (9 days ago)
Damnit watched it live last night
UnderatedRouge (9 days ago)
now the casino h8 u for being a snake lol u got gatted lastnights stream
Do You Know Da Wae (9 days ago)
UnderatedRouge i fell asleep halfway through 😂
lengman (9 days ago)
who remembers santosrp? that shit was lit
Donald Drumpf (9 days ago)
Physical Flip, what is military rp??
Physical Flip (9 days ago)
Forsaken Gaming is a good Santos community, I'm the Assistant Chief of Police and we're actually working on a MilitaryRP server as well.
marc fabra (9 days ago)
Lewis didnt play defcon. defcon is pretty shit.
Tristan Howard (9 days ago)
lengman I never really liked santosrp but everyone likes what they like
KrystalicVorteX (9 days ago)
"Nah im gonna bring it back in one piece"
Hi Hi (9 days ago)
First sub
Your a weeb -3 (9 days ago)
Hi Hi no true
pjubo pjubster (9 days ago)
@psi Can you please not do the accent, its so cringy. I dont use that word often, i dont ever use it, please for the love of your tiny dick stop doing the accent.
corben taggart (9 days ago)
"close the garage" house blows up
NOTsoFAST (9 days ago)
Eh i saw all of this on the stream
corben taggart (9 days ago)
i am viewer 19
pjubo pjubster (9 days ago)
corben taggart (9 days ago)
love you
effy (9 days ago)
didnt know lil peep played arma
Sythex (9 days ago)
Im 5th comment :p
Donavan Armstrong (9 days ago)
Thank you, I have something to watch while I eat lunch
Coyn007 (9 days ago)
You know I’m finna click on this the moment it’s notified MMM
Joshua Deykin (9 days ago)
Literally came to see if there was a video and here it is - henro
Xplosive Shard (9 days ago)
Hello ma gee
LT Ghost (9 days ago)
Ey! 1 hour that's awsome!
Cal o.o (9 days ago)
First comment

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