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Hampton Court Palace - An introduction for schools

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Watch this film together with your class to get a taster of what you will see during your visit to the palace, but also pick up some advice on how you should behave when you are at Hampton Court Palace
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amesavis (1 month ago)
I love your skirt and bodiced jacket with puffy sleeves and embroidery! I wish all men dressed this way.
F Debate (1 month ago)
Galleries are quiet. But. A normal place to inspire the mood of The King.
Malik Olayiwola (10 months ago)
Very good information
Malik Olayiwola (10 months ago)
This will help me at my trip as I will secretly bring my phone
Kayt44 (1 year ago)
La prof di inglese ci fa il listening!
JUVE MERDA (1 year ago)
Kayt4134 Bella
Kayt44 (1 year ago)
Ciao paviz
JUVE MERDA (1 year ago)
Kayt4134 Eneeee
Javier Barrientos (1 year ago)
vid boy (2 years ago)
I went there today in a school trip
Plazmaball (2 years ago)
this really helped we with my prep for school.
Zac Bazell (2 years ago)
hamton court is aaaaawwwwwwwsssssssssoooooooooommmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee! I am going to ask my teacher if we can go there on a school trip
Sam Turner (3 years ago)
Hampton cort is haunted by ghosts and also dog ghosts and I am going there on a school trip
Mr Houston (2 years ago)
It's amazing ! 😉
Mary and Gloria (3 years ago)
I love henry VIII and Hampton Court Place From mary In Hampton Court Place I am anne bloyen
Mary and Gloria (3 years ago)
I went before with my class . My teacher name is sandhu and jake
James Alford (4 years ago)
Hampton court is the best palace is London in my opinion, not just because of the spectacular palace but the history to it and the wonderful formal gardens, the bedrooms are amazing too I love the enfilade which is a set of doors which are all lined up through every room like in the palace of Versailles. The parkland is great too all those animals and those kitchens wow!
Layla Mina (4 years ago)
Those animals were important cuz they were on his family crest
Imran Hussain (5 years ago)
I going tomorrow!!:)
Katherine Ocampo (5 years ago)
I'm going today
Ricky-Lee Duncan (6 years ago)
that really is my uncle no jk his real name michael
Ricky-Lee Duncan (6 years ago)
thats my uncle!
Daryl Q. (6 years ago)
I love Hampton Court!
libertybelletokyo (6 years ago)
Thank you very much for uploading this video !

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