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Drake - Nice For What

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Music video by Drake performing Nice For What. © 2018 Young Money/Cash Money Records
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Lucy Arriaga (3 minutes ago)
I love this song so fricken much I need to restart it like 100 times
Marcus Smart (6 minutes ago)
Dam this beat makes me tear up..didn't realize how deep lauren hill sang that hook but I'm feeling it heavy
Kim Connor (9 minutes ago)
I think that my replay button is... *broken* 😂
Cykrela Kalee (11 minutes ago)
Nice for what
A.V.E MUSIC (12 minutes ago)
We also used this same sample SUBCRIBE to A.V.E MUSIC https://youtu.be/niiMTVRBlzo
A.V.E MUSIC (17 minutes ago)
Rixca Madhere (19 minutes ago)
Sixer (20 minutes ago)
love that beat #laurentHill
Michael Mccorkel (23 minutes ago)
This is only good because of queen lauryn hill on the hook.
sovietkiwi (24 minutes ago)
Blacks are the biggest racist
Márcio Gando (25 minutes ago)
King Manjara (26 minutes ago)
I love the video but he should have had ppl in the video cutting up to the track in new Orleans. it would have brought the message more life
imnotwhafo (26 minutes ago)
Olivia is looking like a effin goddess here
Aurora Armas (29 minutes ago)
Pelos de punta🌿🌿
phillyFoReal (31 minutes ago)
Damnn i love this being sampled from lauryn
Preston Junior (33 minutes ago)
1 like = 1 blessing God bless
Agar -Dominik (33 minutes ago)
This would be cool if they would make DJ Hero 3 and have this song
Jay Mulraney (34 minutes ago)
never stops putting out the bangers. Fkn legend
xDaDdY-7-HaMzA -X (37 minutes ago)
DJ Khalid brought me here
BRosey _Nz_Auckland (40 minutes ago)
High profile actors. Analyse the video.
Dizzy's back?
Ex Factor - Lauryn Hill remixed by Drake !
Margaret Gray (55 minutes ago)
Love Yara Shahidi, she is so inspirational! Beautiful girl
SUPERMOFO23 (1 hour ago)
Battersea power station at the end
Vanessa Kuijsten (1 hour ago)
Can’t het enough of this song
Nay Licious (1 hour ago)
What’s that song that start wit something that sound “Silenski”
Santana Dubois (1 hour ago)
Misty copeland ❤
Bittersweet (1 hour ago)
Okay, I'm sorry, I know this is moving too fast. But damn, I love Drake.
Prod By Skynny (1 hour ago)
This shit is lit 💯 Lmk if theres anything i can do for you bless up
Neptune (1 hour ago)
this is so fucking good I can't .... it's number 1 in Billboard hot 100 nothing else to say.
Katt P (1 hour ago)
Young Money all summer 18 that's Wayne Barbie and Drizzy Drake.. Niggas gettin more cheeeeeese... 😘
CeCe (1 hour ago)
O isht i 👀 ya Syd the kid!!!
Mike (1 hour ago)
Drizzy can do no wrong
Reason Miehleketo (1 hour ago)
A real Drake fan are here this early
Sihle Madatswaka (2 hours ago)
Come on this song is whack and uninspiring
Viktor Jordanov (2 hours ago)
What actress was that at the end?
tyler young (2 hours ago)
Ayy Zoe and Rainbow😂
Chantal Belanger (2 hours ago)
Awesome ♡
Daniel Hernández (2 hours ago)
ZooNai (2 hours ago)
Why is Lauryn Hill not mentioned in the title or the description? Her perfomance was awesome! (She is the one singing the chorus / background)
Gabrielle Lori (2 hours ago)
ripping off a Lauryn Hill song? wtf
бодя рябуха (2 hours ago)
R T (2 hours ago)
The beat harder than a boner 😂😂
J Lawless (2 hours ago)
I've hating on drake for damn near a decade now. This video does not help!
banjirox (2 hours ago)
Tracee Ellis Ross just lights up my world :)
Chris Metcalfe (2 hours ago)
dis boi rappin bout deodorant
The Rogue NZ (2 hours ago)
that part with michelle rodriguez was fukn powerful!
Ferran G (2 hours ago)
Drake is going the fuck OFF in 2018 🔥 can’t wait for June to come i have a funny feeling that what he is going to drop will be on the same level as Take Care
is it me or the girl from black panther was in the video
great vid but Olivia Wilde was featured very heavily and I know Drake is white & all that but it does feel strange to see all these college/feminist (white feminism) white girls talking about this in a way that I feel like they wouldn't be discussing if the vid was all Black women...
Felicia Timmy (2 hours ago)
We love u drake
The Mithrandir (2 hours ago)
Love this song, it reminds me of 90s style
Chad Taifa (2 hours ago)
Ain't no tripping no more we the same offline
Jeremy Vasquez (2 hours ago)
This intro reminds me of MC Shan’s beef with KRS-ONE bout which part of New York was more down, queens or da Bronx.
uvgg Fhhc (3 hours ago)
Look @ 2:20 It Wakanda Sister
gaanx (3 hours ago)
Ernest Kabiro (3 hours ago)
WrxSTi06 EJ207T (3 hours ago)
God damn
Chloe Michelle (3 hours ago)
Drizzy Been Consistent And Creative. Much Love Legend
G 2 (3 hours ago)
I love this vibe
Raiiu Musikz (3 hours ago)
*subscribe me guys* *my dad gonna buy me pizza if i hit 100 subscriber*
Antoinetta Evanjoline (3 hours ago)
inspirational women 💙
Bjørn-Oscar Holstad (3 hours ago)
you are not a drake fan if you only now one song
David Agosto (3 hours ago)
Zoe Saldana makes having a family look lit
Fortnite Madness (3 hours ago)
That girl in the red jacket is Swagy
Jonathan Perea (3 hours ago)
1:15 Gemma?
Josué Ando (3 hours ago)
Murrda on da beat so it's still nice
Mexico Patrick (3 hours ago)
Where the reference track tho?
HIPHOPTV (3 hours ago)
That beat traaaaash
Marco Martinez (3 hours ago)
what this shiet gotta do with politics worthless
ModX x (3 hours ago)
give this man british citizenship already
Tru life Lover (3 hours ago)
Yes that’s the old drake is back
BLACKNEM _official (3 hours ago)
Man this was on fire
Nate Cron (3 hours ago)
More heat from drake
Lance Whiteman (3 hours ago)
Drake the goat
Thebe E (3 hours ago)
dammmnnnn Drakes upcoming album gon be dope
Zayafria (4 hours ago)
No credit for Big Freedia, whatttttt?
Michael Ha (4 hours ago)
Credit goes to murda on da beat
Skyline 911 (4 hours ago)
XxLittleBoyx X (4 hours ago)
Drake song be dope asf no mater What😢🤓😜😝
RNGesus (4 hours ago)
Gods plan, Look Alive, NOW THIS WOW its gonna be a sad day when he dies due to over heating to this 🔥
Lseed87 (4 hours ago)
Those 90's vibes
RNGesus (4 hours ago)
We need a holiday to celebrate drake 😂 not even trying to use it as an excuse to get outta school I would dead ass celebrate that shit
jarren abron (4 hours ago)
never mind (4 hours ago)
Letita, yara shahidi, tiffany, zoe, issa, jodan, tracie. 😍😍😍😍😍 karlie kloss not fitting in well though
ella ros (4 hours ago)
Can't stop wont stop. On repeat!!!
never mind (4 hours ago)
All them black women. Yasssss. All of my fave gals!
KELVIN Kevin (4 hours ago)
I'd rather play drake than breath ❗❗
Ghoulie (4 hours ago)
I swear the mother and daughter from the show blackish are both in this music video! Anyone else see them? The mother is dressed in the shiny sparkly silver dress? And the daughter was wearing a red sweatshirt?
Kurarisu-san (4 hours ago)
Jitendra Basnyat (4 hours ago)
Who’s the joke on now???
Iverton Lima (4 hours ago)
13!! who remembers?
RICKY510 (4 hours ago)
RICKY510 (4 hours ago)
Nice for what: 2weeks ago= 39M ESKEETIT: 1 week ago= 46M
Kurly Kayla (4 hours ago)
Love the sample from Lauryn Hill's Ex Factor!
Grytofans (4 hours ago)
Always extraordinary. Drake the Rap king 👑
chuck Suter (4 hours ago)
the beat and the destiny child sounding- trips.
Petya Georgieva (4 hours ago)
Very nice HIT :) I am dancing on the office chair -WOW :) Can't stop listening !
Mariel Lang (5 hours ago)
Drake it's so freaking real
Kanaka maoli Pale (5 hours ago)
I luv this f***ing song

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