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How to install Google AMP on Wordpress with Yoast & Glue

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Mobile-friendly content is gaining more prominence in Google's search results. If your website is optimised for mobile devices, your site will have a better chance to rank on the first page of Google. If you operate a website that runs on Wordpress, one of the ways you can achieve this is by configuring your site for accelerated mobile pages by installing Wordpress plugins such as Glue for Toast. You can see a full step-by-step guide in the video.
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Vince 4ladies (4 months ago)
Nice! Thanks for sharing this info and in a clear slow way!
Juan Luis Fernández (1 year ago)
Nice video! I have a doubt regarding the Yoast seo glue plugin. Now I read that in the “design” tab one must upload an image of at least 697px wide, if one doesn’t have featured images. Most of my images are 500px wide. Only 16 posts. That means that I could fix the problema by inserting feature images of at least 697px wide on my posts? Thanks
You're welcome Juan :)
Juan Luis Fernández (1 year ago)
Hi Juan. Thank you for your comment. I use the Yoast & Glue plugin on a few of my sites and I usually use images that are 600-700px wide. So far, things are working well on my site. I'd recommend giving it a try, at least on a few of your posts to see if it works. Also consider running a test through https://search.google.com/search-console/amp to see if it is being validated. I also cover AMP in my SEO ebook 'How to rank on Google in 2017', which can be downloaded here. http://businessgrowthdigitalmarketing.com/ebook/. Let me know how it goes. Cheers

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