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THIS VIDEO SHOWS YOU SOME MONUMENTS ON THE MAP THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW TO GET BETTER AT THE GAME! If you guys enjoyed watching this video please leave a THUMBS UP!! Also go check out my channel for other H1Z1 KOTK videos and Pokemon Go vlogs! LAST TWO VIDEOS: BEST MID-GAME STRATEGY FOR FINDING KILLS IN H1Z1 KOTK! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YdPjXe-RQY HOW TO USE THE AR-15 IN H1Z1 KOTK!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NyRR7nOMy8&t=193s __ Keep up with me on Social Media!! Twitter: @Forthepacks Twitch: twitch.tv/forthepacks Instagram: Forthepacks Great People To Follow: I EB I: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdTIvPsCnXs86WU1FcjWpjQ SONG USED IN THE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-_AVZKqiuA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U2El5pt9Ak (Free Sound Cloud Download) ____ About The Video: This video is about how to use the map in h1z1 kotk! I show you how to get better at h1z1 kotk by explaining the complete map guide for h1z1 kotk! You will learn how to read a map, how to know what direction you are going in h1z1 and also learn some of the map icons from me showing you what each of them are on the map. I go over about 7 or 8 places to know in the game so that you know which way you are travelling at all times. This is the h1z1 map guide. You need to know this to learn how to play h1z1 kotk. If you dont know how to play h1z1 kotk, then you wont know how to read the map. The best way to get better is to understand where you are on the map and always go in the correct direction.
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Text Comments (84)
Blewis (8 months ago)
Thanks it helped alot
Packs (8 months ago)
Majklovic (8 months ago)
ClassicGaming (8 months ago)
i thought it was never eat soggy waffles
Packs (8 months ago)
There's a lot of different ones
kapteN (9 months ago)
Nobody Enjoys Soviet Womble
Renata Banks (8 months ago)
Seth Ardolino (9 months ago)
but i honestly kind of hate the compounds as either A. i can never find a gun or B. if i do find a gun and start killing someone, i get shot in the back by like 3 other people
Packs (9 months ago)
I loooove going there
Seth Ardolino (9 months ago)
wow i always thought i was the pnly one to use never eat soggy waffles (a bit different) but here we are
Packs (9 months ago)
Same thing haha
Im Kiro (9 months ago)
Never Ever Suck Wieners
Packs (9 months ago)
Nikolaj Sparwath (10 months ago)
My h1z1 is a little f*cked so i cant see the red square or the cords and directions in the top right corner pls help!
Nikolaj Sparwath (10 months ago)
yester i could
Nikolaj Sparwath (10 months ago)
Do u have an idea?
Packs (10 months ago)
What the heck lol
MoonKnight (11 months ago)
How do you bring up the map in h1z1 kotk?
Packs (11 months ago)
Press M
Rez (11 months ago)
Thank you for this!
Packs (11 months ago)
No prob!!
JstAnthrNubCake (1 year ago)
This video was extremely helpful! I have been learning a lot from your videos and I went from 0-1 kills a game to 5+. You are awesome! Keep up what you do man! Thank you again!
Easy (1 year ago)
Rip h1z1 koth map and gameplay with all the rainbow and undetailed shit
Packs (1 year ago)
True lol
AARON TUCKER (1 year ago)
for the packs has helped me out so much everyone follow him in twitch + twitter and give him as much support as possible he has helped me out so much I got this game 2 days ago and his videos has helped me so much I know this channel will grow and I support him with much as possible thank you :)
Apresuntando (1 year ago)
You Helped a lot to get better in the game thanks dude!
griffin Bradley (1 year ago)
Do a vid on if u should solo or duo or five man
griffin Bradley (1 year ago)
Nice vid man keep it up
Packs (1 year ago)
Thank you!!
SketchyMacros (1 year ago)
Good Video Buddy
Packs (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Iron Manatee (1 year ago)
love the video and how it applies to ABSOLUTE beginners yet provide useful knowledge to intermediate players still keep it up! got urself a sub here :D
Packs (1 year ago)
Thanks so much it means a lot!!
D o 2x G Y (1 year ago)
Nie ohne Seife waschen! (Y) No beginner anymore but still love your videos. keep up the good work man! <3
Packs (1 year ago)
really appreciate you
Xpom (1 year ago)
good help
Packs (1 year ago)
Maciej Wańczyk (1 year ago)
Appreciateit_DB (1 year ago)
Good stuff bro
Packs (1 year ago)
Thank you!!!
Colby R. (1 year ago)
Thanks for all these tip videos, they really help me to enjoy the game more and more
Packs (1 year ago)
no problem bud!!
kristoffer boman (1 year ago)
Im in royalty and my best game is with 17 kills why am i watchin this? ).)
Packs (1 year ago)
haha i know. It was for beginners but thank you guys so much for watching!! More videos this week will help out everyone :)
Josh eyy (1 year ago)
kristoffer boman feel you bro xD
Da Snow Mane (1 year ago)
Never Eat Soggy Waffles
Packs (1 year ago)
Noah Stuker (1 year ago)
I know how to use The map but for people that have this game for a few days its a great video
Packs (1 year ago)
yes for sure, thanks so much!
Hoodmonger (1 year ago)
Awesome! Thanks! :)
Packs (1 year ago)
Thanks for the question!
lin weiwei (1 year ago)
Like it
Packs (1 year ago)
like you
Its Door (1 year ago)
Can you do a quick video about clothing (like shoes) and if there are any differences between them? Maybe include backpacks too, since I recently saw like a sniper backpack or something & I'd like to know if it's just a military backpack for example, and how much more you can carry with each backpack
Its Door (1 year ago)
Thanks man :) I thought cuz the sniper backpack had a different discription it would be different, hence why I was wondering :p
Packs (1 year ago)
I will be making an inventory video soon, maybe in between the AK and Shotgun Tutorials and I will explain all of that... but yes, there are only 2 types of backpacks and a bunch of different skins that do nothing but look good
ZeroTolerance (1 year ago)
There are only the regular backpack and the military backpack. There are just a bunch of different skins for them.
Enaz H1Z1 (1 year ago)
Can you do a video about how much stuff you need (Ammo, medics Etc...)
Sin Release (11 months ago)
Enaz Tv as much as you can hold
Packs (1 year ago)
great idea!!!!
rip Season (1 year ago)
wtf you have the same skins on as me....
Packs (1 year ago)
haha no way?! Thats funny. I am getting different ones soon tho
Kaiser (1 year ago)
never ever suck wieners
Packs (1 year ago)
love it
Aye Doc (1 year ago)
Do a give away for the lightning AR :3
Packs (1 year ago)
This new giveaway will literally be huge. So sick
Stephen Graham (1 year ago)
Could you a video of how to engage players whilst in a car? I seem to always die when engaging someone in a fight in my car. Thanks!
Packs (1 year ago)
I might!
Frontier84 (1 year ago)
Great video man!
Packs (1 year ago)
thank you!!
Moelijk (1 year ago)
if you dont know how a compass/direction work's you should get back to school honestly legit, i get it if you're young but we learned this early on at school...
guillepankeke (3 months ago)
idk what direction my character is looking at
Packs (1 year ago)
It is for sure lol
Moelijk (1 year ago)
i get that if you dont have the chance to go to school ( somehow able to play h1 ) hahah but if you go to school and you dont know how to use a compass and shit or read a clock then its pretty sad
Packs (1 year ago)
youd be surprised how many people still cant even read a normal clock haha
corey bailey (1 year ago)
naughty elephants smoke weed
Packs (1 year ago)
nice lol
LandonTV (1 year ago)
notification squad??
Packs (1 year ago)
I love my notification guys!!!!
Özgür Tinas (1 year ago)
How to use the sniper in H1Z1 ?
Packs (1 year ago)
coming soon!!
Yohan Fonseca (1 year ago)
I needed a video on reading the map thank you 👍
Packs (1 year ago)
no problem!!

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