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CRAZY 🇮🇲TT+IRISH☘️ Road Racing Compilation ... Isle of Man TT, Ulster Grand Prix, North West 200.

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THE PUREST FORM OF MOTORSPORT ON THE PLANET REAL ROADS RACING! Isle of Man TT🇮🇲, Irish Road Racing☘️, Ulster Grand Prix, North West 200, Armoy Road Races, Manx Grand Prix, Southern 100. Thank you for all the Likes + Shares :) If you can, please help support the channel. ► https://patreon.com/Lockk9 ► https://paypal.me/Lock9 Music: (1) U2 - Tomorrow. (2) Nitrous Oxide & Sarah Lynn - Clear As The Sky. (3) Angela Little - Celtic Fire - (Milesians, Belfast Child) (4) John O'Callaghan - Choice of the Angels. .
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Text Comments (96)
Reese Issel (5 hours ago)
alastir is 19mph faster than the average racer pack time
cruzncrow (10 hours ago)
"FFO"! Far fkn out man! RIDEON !!!
Norman Ilao (1 day ago)
marlenesco (1 day ago)
Ridzuan Duan (1 day ago)
Real hero..
Jose A. Justiniano (1 day ago)
It make me feel that speed I really like to try it but requires a lot of experience to learn the road God bless them.
jetro&Noé (2 days ago)
Tt forever 🇮🇲🇮🇲 warior
Usman abdulrehman (2 days ago)
Bobby Thompson (2 days ago)
Remember Bruce Anstey in your prayers at this time, and ask God for healing for this very special man!
Ismael Abselam (2 days ago)
MotoGp riders have apple size balls. These racers have balls the size of Melons.
Clark Kent (2 days ago)
Best racing I have ever experienced was the North West 200. Line them all up, no timed intervals like isle of mann. RIP #03 Joey Dunlop, the Irish road king.
Sh O'F (3 days ago)
There is simply NOTHING in the world that compares to the IoM TT!
Claude Lamiot (3 days ago)
yeah i love this men and video
lsle of man หมู่เกาะแห่งลูกผู้ชาย
Tim Barry (4 days ago)
theslimeylimey (4 days ago)
0:45 must have been fatal.
JRK 82 (4 days ago)
Hadir lagi gan slm kompak sll
TheMaloney (5 days ago)
Those wobbles put my stomach into my chest. I know what a pucker moment that is.
Ellie Green (5 days ago)
5:37 kid gets hit in the head lol.
martin conroy (5 days ago)
Get well soon Bruce
mrsavio33 (5 days ago)
2:43 Are they still alive?
Scott Desmaretz (5 days ago)
Baz07RIR Walker (5 days ago)
Superb video as usual from the best guy on youtube for road racing video’s 👍
Jim Stewart (5 days ago)
Spot on mate,thanks👍
Peppis Pirata (5 days ago)
ملك الخواتم (5 days ago)
اثاره حقيقيه.
B7ueSKY (5 days ago)
Is this event live?
andrea monega (5 days ago)
Sway Bastien (5 days ago)
USSR_APTuCT (5 days ago)
Классное видео!
Darshit soni (5 days ago)
Not Even In The Game I would Have Balls To Go That Fast!
Pacero (5 days ago)
What the fuckaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!
ilovemanunited (5 days ago)
They should also make this a rally stage!
movistar gsxr (5 days ago)
Bang on 😉
us s (5 days ago)
Moises Nascimento (6 days ago)
Big Mutha Thumper (6 days ago)
even the guy that comes in last is a bad ass with steel balls- I gotta see the TT in person
ilovemanunited (5 days ago)
Big Mutha Thumper me too, I want to go see this spectacle when I'm older.
Armin Holjan (6 days ago)
John Moura (6 days ago)
Fantastic video - - Amazing machines - - Heroic men!
JaKBaLL TV (6 days ago)
U2 4TW
Alexandre Simões (6 days ago)
2:40 Who died?
Terry Graham (6 days ago)
Follow those line's
julio ronald (6 days ago)
The best👍👍👍👍👍
Terry Graham (6 days ago)
Compared to these men you boy's in Anderson are Fast.
Paul Connaughton (6 days ago)
Can wait for your videos on the Irish road racing 2018
No Thanks (6 days ago)
Sickening to think that Messi earns over £1150 just for taking a shit (assume 15 minutes) and most of these guys have regular jobs/businesses! Math - £40.5 million per year ÷ 52 weeks ÷ 168 hours in a week. Over £4600 per hour, 24/7, 365 days.
Nicola Zoppellaro (6 days ago)
Guy martin will race in 2018?
Paul Hull (4 days ago)
Nicola Zoppellaro He's riding a BSA Rocket as far as I know
Paul Hull (4 days ago)
Nicola Zoppellaro Which bike sorry
Nicola Zoppellaro (4 days ago)
MyGoldengrahams ok thx
MyGoldengrahams (4 days ago)
Not to sure he will after the distasteful of last year with Honda and now the birth of his little girl, he said he would do it whilst he had no commitments so could give 100% but he walked away last year from the crash. Don’t think he will ride it Again
Nicola Zoppellaro (5 days ago)
Paul Hull you know the bike?
AeroR (6 days ago)
Awesome inspiration and motivation! much respect to the riders, teams and fans!!! Team AeroR 🚀
jason antigua (6 days ago)
Such sad news about Bruce! He’s made of tough stuff,if anyone can beat it he can. All the best Bruce.
JordFx OSRS (5 days ago)
748Duc Hey Thank you for the link gonna read over it :)
748Duc (5 days ago)
JordFx OSRS https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/sport/motor-racing/bruce-anstey-cancer-illness-isle-of-man-tt-2018-miss-season-latest-a8299481.html%3famp
JordFx OSRS (5 days ago)
748Duc oh dam could i get a link please i never heard about this
748Duc (5 days ago)
JordFx OSRS sad to say it's the big C. Tumours in his lungs and spine. Hope he gets the best treatment and beats it.
JordFx OSRS (6 days ago)
what happend to bruce?
Quem é Alfinete ?!! (6 days ago)
AMDHenni123 (6 days ago)
True greatness! I will visit this madness in a year... Here before 1000 views, nah 1mio views.
Adam Smith (6 days ago)
I still have trouble comprehending the fckn INSANITY! The speed is unreal
Roadraceanorak (6 days ago)
Cracking compilation,enjoyed that,cheers mate
Włodek 1410 (6 days ago)
3:12 👍
Who's the rider of the onboard? Richa??
everythingstaken63 cheers mate!!
everythingstaken63 (5 days ago)
Andy Farrell from Ireland...did well in the Manx GP on a Kawasaki ZX6
Włodek 1410 (6 days ago)
1:10 👍 305 :-0
Włodek 1410 (6 days ago)
Its cool watching your videos on 50"tv and home theathre. Great audio and video 👍
Belfast Child!!
Vortallify (6 days ago)
What's the title of this song?:D
Vortallify (5 days ago)
Thanks mate, yesterday there was no info in description :D
Vortallify the first one is Tomorrow by U2 ;o)
anderson guerin (6 days ago)
Legal mais está bem repetido !!
Renold Vottier (6 days ago)
Aah yes, The TT, Where the Men are separated from the boys. And Ladies from girls. Love this my dream... Bravo Mates... And God Speed...
S_ Jeferson (6 days ago)
posted on Instagram?
S_ Jeferson (6 days ago)
Metal Head 420 (5 days ago)
😎🤙🤘🤘🤘🥃🍺🍻.... who was the last rider???
Metal Head 420 (4 days ago)
SuperOMARKO 😎🤙🤙🤙🤘🤘🤘🥃🍺🍻
SuperOMARKO (4 days ago)
Andy Farrell from Dublin https://roadracingnews.co.uk/ten-questions-challenge-andy-farrell/

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