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Tudor Christmas at Hampton Court Palace

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For those who haven't been able to join us, here's a selection of the Tudor fun that's been on offer at Hampton Court Palace over the festive season, including some unusual Tudor facts, much singing and music - and a fire breathing fool!
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Lexi Grimbrooke (2 years ago)
This was really funny. XD
Gunnar Thorsen (2 years ago)
I love many aspects of culture during the Tudor period, but Henry VIII was a murderous, self aggrandizing thug, who had many good people killed, more so than did Mary Tudor. Odd that it's she who's called "bloody. The reformation in England was imposed from the top. It wasn't a popularly embraced by the people, as in Germany. Henry wrenched England away from centuries of religious traditions and spirituality, sacked monasteries, looted artwork, destroyed books, and closed ancient shrines, such as the one to Our Lady of Walsingham. Given his greed and power based assault on the Church, this "Tudor Christmas" video would have been more appropriately made with his first wife Catherine being depicted, rather than Anne Boleyn. His break with Rome paved the way for Puritanism, and the eventual abolishment of Christmas in England in the 17th century, thanks to a Puritan mindset that was strong even in the reign of Elizabeth.
molarmama32 (3 years ago)
Remind me to go to Italy for Christmas.  Trust me.
Kellyannk308 (4 years ago)
How about Richard 1 the lionhearted better yet his Mom Eleanor of Aqutiane
Sallust (4 years ago)
That fact is painfully obvious, but I'll lay down any amount of money that the son of a bitch is also one of the moslem brotherhood. I never thought I'd ever live to see the day when America was/is brought down to the level it is now. And it's only going to get worse.
William Dean (4 years ago)
Consider yourself lucky phuckizlam-----we have one as president!
rmcdaniel423 (4 years ago)
It's all fun and games until someone cuts your head off.
Stuart T (5 years ago)
Nope your not alone. In fact I'm working slowly on bringing the fashion back:p made some nice items for a friend of mine who you can now see sporting a rather fine chain, 'coat' and pearl earring. (gentleman: one, left ear. Ladies: one-two rhinestone or pendant. Gentleman: chains-thick,long, heavy, ribbons, two-four jewels. Ladies: fine, any length, for both never filigree. Solid and table cut) clothes: not suede. Heavy but fine material. Unless your a man-at-arms like me(privy gentleman also)
Darth Belal (6 years ago)
Guys, the folk back in Tudor times didn't BATHE, but sure as hell could dress up, in modern times, we bathe all the time, yet dress like shit. Am I the only one who has thought along those lines???
JohnPaul Dixon (6 years ago)
So,we have a marvelous look at christmas in Tudor times,yet someone decides to bring the alleged problem with Islam into it! I do wish folk would leave their bigotries for a more appropriate upload!
Sallust (7 years ago)
We need a new Henry VIII to take care of the traitors in government that are allowing islam to take over.
carolynan (8 years ago)
Hampton Court is a Brilliant place to visit but you have to get there really early theres so much to see and some Amazing Tapestries and Paintings also the gardens and maze i will have to go again as i didnt have enough time before.i loved it .
Hampton Court is great. The last time I went there was Christmas time & it was practically empty. I went there twice during that time because I loved it so much. My favorite room, was a small, paneled room with tapestries that just seemed so peaceful, that I took a book to read there. It was "Woolsey's Closet"; the term "closet" I was to find out later, means that it was a toilet.

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