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“Albert Oehlen: Home and Garden,” Contemporary Painting Symposium—Panel 2: Digital Abstraction

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PANEL 2: Digital Abstraction Panelists: Kerstin Brätsch, Florian Meisenberg, and Ken Okiishi Moderator: Alexander Galloway This panel will hone in on abstract painting influenced by digital imaging techniques, digital technologies, and new/post media theory. Such practices may pose questions about painting or art itself, building on the historical tensions between abstraction and representation, or are incidentally, yet inexorably symptomatic of the expanded possibilities for image-making in recent years. The panel will explore the timeliness of this recent iteration of digital abstraction, with three artists who variously work through issues such as: how gesture, expression, and authenticity might continue to be possible in a contemporary image-based culture; whether our digital era truly produces an ahistorical condition in which images and marks have no specific reference and no relevant point of origin; how structures of and interfaces with digital technologies have necessitated new models for thinking about memory, distribution, and reproduction, as well as degradation, rupture, breakdown, and the void; and how the ubiquity of the screen in all aspects of life has given rise to a renewed interest in the relationship between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space, with a refreshed focus on tromp l’oeil and “topographical” painting.
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