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Rally and Road Racing http://DukeVideo.com DVD's + Instant HD Downloads PROMO CODE (JUMP35) 20% OFF. Ari Vatanen - Manx Rally - 1983 - Opel Manta
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Text Comments (32)
ivanovsd (3 years ago)
 Ken who?
Renato Dumaresq (3 years ago)
So.... Where were we?
Boven Sok (3 years ago)
Nice moves!!.. 
Jeff H (3 years ago)
Whitetailjedi (3 years ago)
I would bet a large sum of cash, that both of them chaps threw their undies in the trash straight away after the race! Maybe their pants, socks, boots and seats as well! :) Also it sounded like the co-pilot likely invested in a bible!
Charles Richardson (3 years ago)
Never gets old watch this ever us Yanks like Ari mad skills
Andrew Guy (3 years ago)
Ari Vatanen and Terry Harryman on the Manx Rally 1983 in a Opel Manta 400 no electronic cpu bullshit in this motor pure driving skill
Александр К. (3 years ago)
когда мне кто то гласит что отлично водит машину, я подразумеваю нечто схожее
Marko Lassila (3 years ago)
Ari Vatanen/Terry Harryman
thealex85 (3 years ago)
oh mama
Ranveer Singh Sangha (3 years ago)
my god that is fast and seriously dangerous and driver very good indeed
Whisper Davis (3 years ago)
Sweet moves..
Evelyn Davis (3 years ago)
Road Crash Tv (3 years ago)
Nice driving !! 
Larry Hall (3 years ago)
Serious skills
Scott Thomson (3 years ago)
No wonder he was a bit worried,all that yellow fencing/gates that flies by in a blur at the C grid is actually steel posts/gates if i remember right. If he dident get that back it would have been them they were hitting, that would have been a bad one. Awsome skills!
Samurai H (3 years ago)
Damnnnn great save wow
Ethanmeister (3 years ago)
"Oh dear god" if that was written in his notes, he is one good ass copilot.
Dead as disco (1 year ago)
You cracked the case
BiccLasagna (3 years ago)
he almost died
marcos merino (3 years ago)
Ari vatanen
Felipe Mendes (3 years ago)
Street Skills, man!
sawa sawa (3 years ago)
Не плохо!
SpAwN x (3 years ago)
Ari Vatanen Opel Manta!!!
Green Stig (3 years ago)
two men with titanium balls
always further (3 years ago)
Great power video, thumbs 44. we wish you a nice weekend.
Tony Montana (3 years ago)
This is one of the "check your Pants after" Moments :D:D
Jeffrey Morris (3 years ago)
The master speaketh!
Michael Wirz (3 years ago)
Lucky guys :-)
Filip Lenz (3 years ago)
+Jeffrey Morris Its Ari Vatanen
Jeffrey Morris (3 years ago)
Colin McRae that is.

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