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Making Queen Anne's Bed

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Commissioned by Queen Anne but finished after she died, this magnificent state bed has never been slept in. Made up of 57 parts, including yellow and crimson figured velvet curtains and mattresses made from the finest silk, Queen Anne's bed is one of the finest examples of an 18th Century bed. Now on display at Secrets of the Royal Bedchamber, Hampton Court Palace, 27 March -- 3 November 2013 - following years of skilled conservation by Historic Royal Palaces' conservation department.
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Text Comments (17)
hamburgerhelperflick (23 days ago)
Whoa, the volume of the music!
Therealmlw (2 months ago)
Anyone notice how everyone is dressed? It must be absolutely frigid inside that palace!
Billy159100 (3 months ago)
anne bolyen or Anne of cleaves?
yooringonghan (2 months ago)
Anne of Great Britain
KA17 (4 months ago)
Please consider changing your music..ugh.
jerolvilladolid (1 year ago)
Is Queen Anne a dinosaur?
Grimm_ Ace (1 year ago)
Took a whole crew to construct that lol. I wish I was royalty and got served.
Ann Gillespie (2 years ago)
i wonder if the mattress the same kind of mattress that they make today, the royal family would have better kind of mattress than the original people have
InnannasRainbow (2 years ago)
I'd love the chance to lie down in that bed just to see what it would feel like.
Bianca Hall (2 years ago)
M.R. Storie (3 years ago)
All those mattresses . . . lets you know where the princess and pea story came from, all right.
confused salamander (3 years ago)
James Alford (4 years ago)
i wish I lived in Hampton court!!! I would make it my own and everything!!
soilofk (4 years ago)
too much
Honeycoatedkisses V (5 years ago)
wow what a Beautiful bed I love canopy beds!!!
Jessica Rose (5 years ago)
Wow! I want that bed xx
Stuart Breckinridge (5 years ago)

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