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The Clock in the Cupola Room at Kensington Palace

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At the centre of the elaborate Cupola Room at Kensington Palace stands an eighteenth century musical clock, the 'Temple of the Four Great Monarchies of the World'. It was designed by clockmaker Charles Clay; he worked on for 20 years of his life and spent over £2000. It was unfinished when he died, and in his will, he instructed it to be ‘beat to pieces’ to save any more time or money spent on it. His wife did not comply and the clock was acquired by Princess Augusta in around 1743, and placed in this room soon after. The clock is now part of the Royal Collection Trust © HM Queen Elizabeth II. Read on about this magnificent timepiece: bit.ly/KensingtonClock
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Jörg Kirchhof (30 days ago)
What makes the ckock so unique? There is only a small dial visible inside a large elaborated and with paintings and sculptures decorated case. Musical clocks have been very popular in the 18th century. Why did the clockmaker spend so much time and money on the clock?
Erin Ivaska (1 month ago)
Love these little snippets. It would be great to add the description as narration?

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