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Pure 5 minutes of adrenaline rush street racing between BMW 1000 versus honda repsol cbr 1000
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Matrix Dexter (5 hours ago)
anybody seeing the honda. fast as mf
Fritz X (8 hours ago)
Shhahzad Hussain (8 hours ago)
That's really fast. I can't understand at 1 point 4 for 90 km/h , at another it's 4 for 238 km/h ?
There’s no limits to some stupidity ⁉️🤪🙀
jason gideon (1 day ago)
watch at 1.5 speed
jacob freemans (1 day ago)
That's me on the Repsol.i was so scared going that fast i actually shit my pants.Later me and the other two booked into a motel and had a dirty bumfest. Fast bikes and cock,that's me.
Tha Don (2 days ago)
Was these foo goin 299 mph's
Frank Sinatra (2 days ago)
LESSON NO. 1 : don't ride the breakdown lane. That's where all the loose gravel is ! Recipe for disaster. Anyway, I'd have thrown my vehicle right in front of you, and I don't give a shit about it.
6th Gear Vlogs (2 days ago)
Honda repsol 🤟🔥 like for Honda
Ryan (2 days ago)
OMG 🤯 i was about to pass out just watching it! You guys crazy!!!
Juan Corzales (2 days ago)
Sone Pisser gehört eines inne Fresse gehauen. Warum macht man sowas auf öffentlicher Strasse? Idioten gefährden andere Menschen.
Anant Singh (2 days ago)
ohhhh man thi s video is just awesome
tariq hilmi (2 days ago)
Butt clenching
p ch (2 days ago)
Texting and driving a car is 10 Times more dangerous than this I’m yet to see a motorcycle killing someone in a car Fuck off all of u
chris m (2 days ago)
So the bike isn't in miles per hour ...so I don't know how fast they are going...but I do know he is going fast as fuck
Zoltan Farkas (2 days ago)
Both of them deserved the bullet. To the head.
Markus Wincor (3 days ago)
Just awesome if you can do it.
kannan vs (3 days ago)
Jan Janorama (3 days ago)
Komplitly stupid
Flivver (3 days ago)
crazy fucking bastards
Slug Jones (3 days ago)
Nope. That looks like a rush and all, but one piece of scrap metal on the side of the road and youd be dead, or not able to walk.
Claude (4 days ago)
Do not know if jealous.
Anrisss (5 days ago)
Hd Jdjd (5 days ago)
i am a motorcycle lover love speed but tgis is very dangerous
Colin Scott (6 days ago)
riding on the sides of the roads is stupid at those speeds. ever hit a blown out lorry tyre at 180mph. not yet anyways i guess
David Mifsud (6 days ago)
that Honda will haunt you man!! ... nice clip, but a little overboard I think.
imnasangba jamir (6 days ago)
u got less CC then the other bike that is driving along with u
TheEDDmaster (7 days ago)
Pair of dickheads
miguel martos (7 days ago)
Kirill Nikolaevich (7 days ago)
Опасно естественно , однако дух захватывает , весьма круто .
Screen Art (7 days ago)
Uma coisa e ser motociclista, outra coisa é ser um porra louca. O ruim é que ao perder o medo, se perde também a noção do perigo.
chello70 (8 days ago)
Now kids .... This is how you put your life’s and other peoples life’s at mortal risk, in the most idiotic way!!! Over the years I have personally lost 3 friends this way!!! It’s a gara!!! Class dismissed.
1979hayod (8 days ago)
Mohammed the beast (8 days ago)
If they turn on this speed they will die instantly and become volatile
shaneweightman (8 days ago)
The worst bit about this is riding off the roads on the hard shoulder etc ,, rusty nuts and parts of blown out tires,, here in the uk 🇬🇧 on most rds randomly
Mister ZX (9 days ago)
Bikes 2019 - Camera 1975
pankaj Kumar (9 days ago)
Brother you guys are Daredevil. Now I doubt if Marc Marquez or Valentino Rossi are able to do it .
Mohit Sharma (9 days ago)
fake speed
Heikki Kinnunen (9 days ago)
Not even 300. Too slow
Butt Snickers (9 days ago)
Friend died doing the same stuff like this, he used the shoulder lane to pass traffic and hit a wheel cover which caused the bike to lose control and hit a jersey barrier. Top half of his body wasn’t found till 5 hours later. R.i.p Jason miss you like crazy.
R R (9 days ago)
I im a biker and I say they are idiots because they are puting other peoples lives in danger!!
Agris šleija (10 days ago)
Nice! respect them!
Robert Wilkinson (10 days ago)
tech hk Pundir (10 days ago)
Fast but not more than h2r
George Price (10 days ago)
juan (11 days ago)
DAMN at this speed it starts to look like a video game well done sir
Pain Akatsuki (11 days ago)
When you play too much GTA
knee ger (11 days ago)
5 gear down to 2nd gear woww that rev.. is best
Art Burgos (11 days ago)
Man,At this speed Kiss your ass Goodbye,, well if you get the chance. !!
Fulvio Liviero (12 days ago)
Fucking idiots
The Grimwiz (12 days ago)
The Blade has ECU flash, no way the Blade is faster than RR although the RR was braking gradually. But nonetheless, both riders are seriously skilled, when you can manuever at 280+, that's mad skills right there.
Scott Cook (12 days ago)
The level of stupidity is off the scale
badmanner190676 (12 days ago)
very boring. only straight ahead. every moron can do that!
This is Maiti (13 days ago)
Honda is best
Gulfam Gulfam (13 days ago)
mohammed merhaba (13 days ago)
MotoGP riders r like kids compared to these two, even Rossi can't pull this off
RealLove (13 days ago)
they are fucking professionals drivers
Raph PC (13 days ago)
MPH or KPH????
Raph PC (13 days ago)
never mind it cant be 299mph LMAO
Llik x (13 days ago)
Barril kkkkkk
How I wish I could ride like this 😀
Elvis Fernandes (14 days ago)
Are you alive till this date
samer hasrat (14 days ago)
the bmw was just playin with the honda :D
Life Is Gucci (15 days ago)
Real niggers
Fernando Marques (15 days ago)
Brazil Racer
gjavier S (16 days ago)
48pluto (17 days ago)
Irineu Moreno Junior (17 days ago)
Caramba, adrenalina mesmo
richard scullion (17 days ago)
Surprised the BMW coodnt keep up with the fireblade when the bmws1000rr is fastest bike on the planet
TGIGGIO (18 days ago)
Due pazzi totalmente deficienti e criminali ..una vergogna per i motociclisti.. dovrebbero stracciargli la patente..vergognatevi siete dei criminali pazzodi oltr a rischiare la vostra inutile vita rischiate di ammazzare altre persone
Donatelo Rumenov (18 days ago)
Mustafa :d (18 days ago)
What is the motor's models?
M_M_A (18 days ago)
Idioten... Speed kills! I hope you go in jail...
its lilbalo408 (18 days ago)
Oh hell no😱
Alihusan Ansari (19 days ago)
So said 299#e350 next
Imran Salim (19 days ago)
Need for speed
Niseah Ali (19 days ago)
Holy shit they did the dash on a bike😮😮😮💀☠️
IRONHIDE AXEL (20 days ago)
😎😎😎feel so good
IRONHIDE AXEL (20 days ago)
😎😎😎adrenaline pumping
Tariq Khan (20 days ago)
You guys are nuts......but love the video....i am pumped baby
Ahmad Raza (21 days ago)
299 ki speed
Ahmad Raza (21 days ago)
Lari Dolan (21 days ago)
Very Entertaining *** may your luck outlast your skills.
Rio Norun (21 days ago)
aspencrest (21 days ago)
Forget about killing yourself, what about hurting or killing someone else? You're just waving a loaded gun around with your finger on the trigger. Oh well.
Calvin Edmonson (21 days ago)
If you want to find out if your really fast, take it to the track. These two would probably ride in the C group.
Michael Burnell (21 days ago)
Human kind simply doing what weve done for a very long time
Sturay (22 days ago)
Too much stuff along the sides of the roads where I live. You would hit a tire or rim in the first 1/2 mile.
LSX 2015 (22 days ago)
L KIRAN Kumar (23 days ago)
Really freaking driving, good job but life has some value
Scott Hart (23 days ago)
Balls of titanium one mistake at that speed, your dead... Live life do what you love that's whats its about. Merica!!
brett run (23 days ago)
These guys are fucking idiots. Darwin will catch up with them soon. Hopefully, they don’t take out others before they kill themselves.
david nicholas (23 days ago)
It was cool. But. I pray for Jesus to watch them over. There riding. Hope they give it up. Especially if they have family and kids don’t be selfish ice most importantly you proved a point these guys rock but please stop by your head of the game Jesus watch over you God bless.
Malay Pangtey (24 days ago)
I overtake with the same ease at 40kmph
Masud Rana (24 days ago)
what a speed? is 299 is highest? and how they control that speed, I can't understand 😲😲😲
Namaku Nobel (24 days ago)
Crazy CBR
Chalk sikhte hain (24 days ago)
Superb speed bro299
Daniel Souza (24 days ago)
Isso aí é no Brasil né? Esses carros e essas pistas tão muito brasileiras... Acho que é aqui...
Alineh (13 hours ago)
É no brasil sim
Mike Fitzpatrick (24 days ago)
I doo believe there on the audabon. There is no speed limit.

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