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2018 Kawasaki Z900RS Long-Term Review

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I pulled into one of my favorite breakfast spots one Saturday morning, and before I even had the chance to take my helmet off, some guy rushed out, leaving his table of friends, and had to talk to me about the motorcycle I just rode in on – a 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS. I stood there chuckling to myself for a moment, as I pulled my earplugs out and composed myself, then happily proceeded to chat and answer his questions. This wouldn’t be the only time someone went out of their way to compliment or inquire about the bike, either. There was the guy on the freeway who changed two lanes just to get a closer look, followed by a big thumbs up seal of approval, then the random girl in a Hermosa Beach crosswalk who asked me for a ride across town. These interactions are just a few of the more memorable ones. Fortunately, the retro-inspired Kawi does more than just please your visual senses, because it’s even more fun to ride than it is to look at. Read the full review here: http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/kawasaki/live-2018-kawasaki-z900rs-long-term-review.html Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Motorcycle YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/Motorcycle Facebook - http://facebook.com/MotorcycleCom Twitter - http://twitter.com/MotorcycleCom Web - http://www.Motorcycle.com Established in 1994, Motorcycle.com is the premiere online resource for motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts. With hundreds of high quality, detailed video reviews on bikes from Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and just about everybody else, it's the best place to go to learn about the latest and greatest two-wheeled creations. There's simply no better resource if you're planning on buying or if you just want to check out some awesome machines.
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Text Comments (79)
Marie Hermans (19 hours ago)
Deficit auto dynamics once array training noon cognitive.
Randy Pullman (1 day ago)
Nice bike. How about a review of the physically largest 2w bike on the market. I'm huge at 6'4" and dwarf all bikes. Thank you for the review. Cheers
Rowan West (4 days ago)
Red increase speech drinking disappointed prescription suggestion repair repeat.
David McNamara (4 days ago)
In Australia we call it the ZED900 :) had to LOL at the ZEE900 cultural differences :)
Michael Sullivan (5 days ago)
I guess I've taken my helmet lock for granted
77BeatsPerMinute (9 days ago)
I love that Z900RS... I think the new Z900 is hideous though. But I would buy an RS for cruising days. I currently own a 2016 Z1000 so the RS would be a perfect compliment to her.
terry Hunt (9 days ago)
I love that bike
Holly Fisher (10 days ago)
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Taijean .Moodie (11 days ago)
I'm I the only one waiting for a Kawasaki versys 900?
Junin Macedo (11 days ago)
Like 👍🏻 no começo do vídeo É nois ✌🏻
AeroR (12 days ago)
This bike would look awesome beside my Kawasaki Beast💚 It is a nice street retro bike! maybe i will get it next year🚀
David S (13 days ago)
I enjoy most of your videos, but I rarely make a comment, but let me tell you what this is all about I watch a lot of motovloggers on youtube, and recently a lady motovlogger based in Southern California passed on due to a traffic accident Her name is Annette Carrion Can you do a tribute, or mention her in some way in one of your future videos She was a really sweet person, and made an immense impact on my life It would mean a lot Thanks a lot and have a good one
Brent Brooks (13 days ago)
Had mine since December. Have almost 2500 miles on it, and no complaints. It's fantastic.
Kevin Charlesworth (13 days ago)
nice , can someone buy me one
Mopsi Mops (13 days ago)
Hey Dudes, what for a leather jacket ist the driver wearing?
Evans Brasfield (12 days ago)
Mopsi Mops Alpinestars Brera Jacket http://www.motorcycle.com/products/mo-tested-alpinestars-brera-leather-jacket-review
Jonniethai (14 days ago)
How did the 5th to 6th gear change feel? A big clunk like 1st to 2nd due the ratio of the RS gearbox???
Jonniethai (12 days ago)
Brent Brooks yes. It drops about 1200 revs instead of the usual 500 or so and therefore there's going to be a bit of a clunk when dropping that much. Thanks for your help.
Brent Brooks (13 days ago)
The difference between 5 and 6 is pretty big as 6th is an overdrive gear and drops engine RPMs a lot. I only need 6th if I'm going to be doing a long stretch at 70+, otherwise it's in 5th (or lower).
yash koli (14 days ago)
Yamaha XSR 900 and Kawasaki Z 900RS 😍😍😘
MIGHTY BOOMERANG (14 days ago)
Love the sound whhhoooooo
RockyLovesFood (14 days ago)
Long Term Review in a 2:36min hmmmm 🤔
R Zu (14 days ago)
Are the Japanese now producing bikes with accurate speedometers? All of the Japanese bikes that I have owned had about a 10% speedo error.
andree hammerschmidt (14 days ago)
R Zu Get a Speedo healer, $100 , works great 👍🏍
Ronald Tartaglia (14 days ago)
ĐAM MÊ XE (14 days ago)
I know it says retro but to me it just looks like a real motorcycle
Vincenzo Greco (14 days ago)
Great review...a useable everyday bike that can carve the canyons on weekends! Brilliant!
aluisious (14 days ago)
1300 miles...long term review. I guess that's a long weekend, sure. Oh, the headlight is round...awesome.
Professor cbX (14 days ago)
Good vid. Probably my next bike once the throttle issues are fixed. I know it says retro but to me it just looks like a real motorcycle. If this is the new trend I'm all for it.
gm16v149 (14 days ago)
I wouldn’t even call it a retro bike because it is built on the Z900 sport bike platform, and goes almost as hard but is more usable at lower RPMs. I would say it is a bike that pays homage to the ‘70s Z1. Most people buying it are older riders who owned or remembered the original Z1.
iodineclip (14 days ago)
retro bike shootout is inevitable, but wheres Suzuki ?
iodineclip (11 days ago)
to be honest, suzukis sv650 looks just like a normal 650, but with bikini fairings, and it doesnt even compares in engine size too, they should consider making a new sv1000 in retro styling, that would be cool.
Taijean .Moodie (11 days ago)
iodineclip Suzuki has a retro sv650
Jeff Bingaman (14 days ago)
You said comment.🤷 "It's ugly" you can quote me on that if you want. But the gauges are nice🐈
gm16v149 (14 days ago)
I’ve had mine 3 weeks and this is the most enjoyable bike I’ve ever owned. Plenty of usable power, flat torque band from 2,000 to 8,500 rpm, great brakes (better than the Z900 because they are radial brakes), good handling, the bike feels light. And it looks so good. Every time I stop people want to talk about it., which can be a pain sometimes though I can live with that. Only thing we don’t get in Australia is the helmet lock for some reason. He’s right about the big LED headlight. I’ve noticed people see you coming. Who cares if it costs a bit more than some other bikes. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.
Praque Forqsk (2 days ago)
What about scraping the pegs?
Anders Michaelson (12 days ago)
I added the helmet lock to mine 😊
SunzOffski (13 days ago)
Z900 has brakes from the year 2000.
Jonniethai (14 days ago)
Yes same here no helmet lock in Thailand.
Mattijs Spierings (14 days ago)
gm16v149 i have it too and I luv it so much. Great engine!!! I love the growl it makes when you go full throttle. Only thing weird is that when the fuel indicator is at its lest segment, there is still like 10 litres in the tank. Weird
Oso 11 (14 days ago)
no mention of the shitty fueling/throttle at all ??? bought n paid for eh
Taijean .Moodie (11 days ago)
Oso 11 it's got smoother wtf are you on about? Plus he did say a dislike he said the footpegs drag
Michael Chase (14 days ago)
This isn't a long term review. It's just 5 things you like about it.
Gerhard Symons (14 days ago)
Yeah, good point!
Mal Reynolds (14 days ago)
Cool bike. It would be nice if it had old-school round turn-signal lights, instead of those futuristic StarTrek units. Also, if it came in more color choices. I hate the color choices. Also also.... it's kinda pricey. Because at the end of the day, this bike is just a "new take" on the old-school UJM. No reason it should cost as much as it does. ( I'm sure last-year leftovers of this bike collecting dust on the showroom floors will be discounted down to around $9,000. ) The price-point it should be at.
Mal Reynolds (11 days ago)
The new cb1000r looks interesting. But it's also pretty expensive. It has the old Fireblade engine.
Taijean .Moodie (11 days ago)
Mal Reynolds What about the new cb1000r? It will feel like your fireblade if it breaks down or you crash it. Plus it makes more torque than the fireblade at lower rpms and gets lighter swing arm which also boost it's fuel economy.. Look at me telling you to buy a new bike when I can't even afford to fix tje brake calipers on my 2007 ninja 250... I hate being a college student..
Mal Reynolds (13 days ago)
I always look at HONDA first, but I like other bikes too. The new 2018 Triumph Street Triple R is pretty sweet. ( Also too expensive. ) Since I have a CBR1kRR, i'm not really looking to buy a new bike right now. But when I get sick of riding a sportbike.... I will look to something like the z900rs, or the 765R Street Triple.
SunzOffski (13 days ago)
You wouldn't buy it if it had old school round light design, more colour choices and it was cheaper because it's not a Honda :p
Jonniethai (14 days ago)
Mal Reynolds for some unknown reason America get the Z900 indicators while the rest of us get the LED type.
Gary Walker (15 days ago)
Good summary. Sounds more usable than the likes of MT10s and above. Will need test this versus the latest speed triple (good all rounder, not extreme sport naked) and the latest cb1000r.
The Praetorian (15 days ago)
nice short review!
Nigel Tabb (15 days ago)
It always reminds me more of the 90's Zephyr range rather than the Z1.
Jonniethai (14 days ago)
Nigel Tabb definitely the cafè RS yeah.
SweatyWalrus (15 days ago)
The footpegs come down if you’re riding a little harder. What does that mean?
Evans Brasfield (15 days ago)
SweatyWalrus, they drag early in corners.
Qwahzi IRL (15 days ago)
What did you dislike about the z900rs?
Taijean .Moodie (11 days ago)
Qwahzi IRL he said the footpegs drag
The Mighty Dash (12 days ago)
That it's not a ZRX
Brian Garcia (15 days ago)
I have a problem guys! should i get this one(z900 rs retro) or the z900 supernaked? I want both of them but can only have one at a time!
Jonniethai (14 days ago)
Brian Garcia RS is the one. Classic always maintains style in my opinion 👍👍👍
OregonOnTwoWheels (15 days ago)
Good job on the video! Man, Super K sure has some sweet looking bikes out there these days.
Ichiban Moto (15 days ago)
Russell Federici (15 days ago)
Sweet ride ,I had an H2 750 in 1972, I remember when those came out , everyone wanted to race me !!
Law Abiding Citizen (15 days ago)
the bike awesome! it's my dream...
Contact SC (15 days ago)
What a great point about the needles on the dials, I'd have never thought about that
GrecoRoman123 (15 days ago)
nice UJM
Rider'sDen (15 days ago)
This bike is really amazing...but too bad in our country the price difference between this and the Z900 is so big (almost 8k dollars difference) that one just can't justify that.
Great review Please do neo retro shoot out Z900rs Cb1000R Xsr900 It should be fun ;)
Ohh One more bike is huaqvarna vitpilen 701 It’s should be lightest bike in class but 1 cylinder. It would be nice :)
abhi agarwal Hahaha ^^
Gerhard Symons (14 days ago)
I second that.
abhi agarwal (15 days ago)
Ohh you're thai, I thought you're south indian People have such names here in India! Sorry man! 😄
Matti Sillanpää (15 days ago)
Yeah, and Thruxton too.
abhi agarwal (15 days ago)
*Loved it* 😄

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