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ARMA 3: Project Silverlake Life Mod — Sweet REVENGE (Kicked From Mob)!

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https://g2a.com/r/Psi (use code "PSI" for 3% cashback) DESCRIPTION Ending my story with the mob (casino) in ARMA 3 Project Silverlake Life, but maybe this is the start of something newer, and much better? You can find the ARMA 3 Project Silverlake Life website here: https://forum.projectsilverlake.com/ Thanks for watching, please don't forget to like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video, and check out other videos on my channel. SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter — https://twitter.com/PsiSyn Twitch — http://twitch.tv/PsiSyn Steam — https://steamcommunity.com/groups/PsiSyn
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Text Comments (220)
3RNO (3 days ago)
Just to make a few things clear. - No I didnt Streamsnipe, Lewis talked to a biker in PD who we have good relations with, and I saw him myself driving around. - No I am not salty its all in RP... outside of RP we are still friends.
Assassin638 (1 day ago)
Reegler I like 3rno I do really miss having him and Lewis working together. But it's Arma so it's gonna be aids but I agree Lewis ends up fucking things up. It just really sucks how it ended
Reegler (2 days ago)
To be fare as well Lewis does harass Willy (Erno). Erno also talked it out at one point after Lewis complained that he just wanted to talk things out cause Erno never did (Lewis said), which went well and Lewis went straight back and shot him because he took a cheap pistol from Lewis for his own safety making them go from bad to ok to bad again, he does it to himself. Its aids but its Rp etc lol. I've also seen Lewis be extremely saucy towards Erno for no reason and Erno has just stayed calm and mature. Wayyyy too much Willy hate going on. The comment I made before (if seen) was simply explaining things but it does make it seem very one sided.
love g team 4life (2 days ago)
3RNO can you not let him back in it was before he joined the mob
Chibo (2 days ago)
You might have not streamsniped him this time but you have defo streamsniped before or after this
fergus walker (17 hours ago)
this is fucking gold, great video.
Darius (1 day ago)
Of course everyone's a snake, an Admin-run Organization is the most powerful on the Island. Ass-kiss a little and earn mad cash.
Darius (1 day ago)
That "Indian" dude is cringey af.
BlackDalhia7 (1 day ago)
Great RP
blacky (1 day ago)
Don't think erno was stream sniping just has a spies. Lewis being a dumbass talked to a biker which was obviously going to work out well :/. Talking to anyone except for the pd wasn't smart on his part.
Julian Abreu (1 day ago)
ask for full pardon and recruitment into PD
Antonio Weiss (1 day ago)
Always plug lp
glennstar13 (2 days ago)
Kev McKenzie (2 days ago)
Ginger combover!
MrTHAUniverse (2 days ago)
What a fucking pussy why didn't you just kill sean
RawMeme (2 days ago)
This felt like watching a movie
Fury Gaming (2 days ago)
Erno: so you weren’t at the police station talking to a biker Lewis: no wait actually I talked to some guy LMFAO Lewis you idiot 1:03:40
Lewis (2 days ago)
I love the story line so much in this video good rp
zaia barkho (2 days ago)
Guy with turban just has an annoying voice
Tyler Owens (3 days ago)
Erno the fucking cuck boy
2000jago (3 days ago)
Great vid only diminished by the ridiculous accents...
Jc Atkins (3 days ago)
Im upset you didn’t go in a blaze of glory
HuntingLP (3 days ago)
epic storyline great video :)
Dave ryan Dela cruz (3 days ago)
Get Him in Support Channel what a fucking chuck Stream Sniper
Dave ryan Dela cruz (3 days ago)
Well no evidence Nevermind
Reflx (3 days ago)
the mob boss is clearly stream sniping lol
Arjun Bacca (3 days ago)
really enjoying the videos, keep it up
I think Lewis should of just stayed with the mob
TheHolocraft (3 days ago)
This is so fun to watch!
Fallacy-Myst (3 days ago)
Disgusting Meta-gaming scum, they ruin this game I swear.
zeo boy (3 days ago)
this video was so fucking good! the story line is amazing and the rp is just... on point
Ivan E. (3 days ago)
This might be the absolute best video you’ve ever made
Cube (3 days ago)
This has been the greatest RP story in the history of RP stories, maybe ever
D4N1SH 1S54M (3 days ago)
Become a swat and swatted the casino even better revenge for kicking you out of the MOB lel
swallow bleach (3 days ago)
Heath Morton (3 days ago)
Best episode ever hahahahaha
Principal Things (3 days ago)
Whos that shitty litle fucking indian man he talks like fucking moron kill him alredy
Principal Things (3 days ago)
Make new gang and kill ernos gang
ELLIS (3 days ago)
video ends with lew lew fragging erno!
50 in 07 (3 days ago)
Fuck there accents are so cringe
JohnTaylor Pelletier (3 days ago)
Good video
Will Oakfields (3 days ago)
You can’t blow it up because last time it happened, it was a modded/hacker who did it
Branden York (3 days ago)
They keep saying hes the rat but half the people he fucking talks to rats HIM out.. Even that cunt Biker did.
schyler schutz (3 days ago)
“You’re not blowing up my casino!!!” *bang bang* *shoves car* *no kaboomie* “What’s this car made out of!?” *car takes revenge* *video ends*
PervasivePeach (3 days ago)
this was actually one hell of a story jesus christ
brett r (3 days ago)
Lewis your so sexy
Kelahz (3 days ago)
lmao you're the greatest rdm'er and you can 1v6 them?xddd
Am I the only one that had problems with the video being real like choppy
G35 Goon (3 days ago)
Shoulda bought a sea plane or a boat and just sat on the water
JohnTaylor Pelletier (3 days ago)
Oh I didn't know that was a hacker I thought that was just part of your video honestly
SuggestOne Here (3 days ago)
Gta5 story mode😂😂 Pick one of three! One:Kill Entire Mob, Two:Kill Police Captain, Three:Go To Different Island Under Witness Protection! PICK ONE!
William Wescott (3 days ago)
That "MISTERRRRRH" guy is so cringy. Yikes.
TIMINATOR96 (3 days ago)
Holy shit this is amazing
ReZisT Soul (3 days ago)
People should stop insulting erno, this was all role-playing he wasn't really upset and I really enjoyed how he acted. He was dick and he was ruthless not giving Lewis any wiggle room like a gang leader would be. I say he played his role well. I loved the video but the whole going around telling like everyone that you were being hunted by the mob was poor role play. However this video was great and kept me excited for the ending. The last thing I think you should have done was did the witness protection and went to another server. It would have been a great ending to the silver lake series and definitely make it seem you were in witness protection
Hardcore Wolf Sniping (3 days ago)
Lewis your a pussy I see why you look like a Ferrit
Avanced Handles (3 days ago)
U built like a camel with 5 jumps and 2 legs psi
Yoman dasboi (3 days ago)
the cunt who does the arab accent shits me to tears sounds like the tards who tried to be al takesh back in the old MoD DayZRP days.
Zubzeh (3 days ago)
He is so fucking dumb
LittleORGO 02 (3 days ago)
Juicy fucking video
Jayxeng Vang (3 days ago)
TBH I would rdm him
Kemkachi (3 days ago)
Your big mouth lewis😂😂
Kyle Brown (3 days ago)
This is what you need more of in your videos Lewis, some good role play. I was surprised that still know how to do it.
chargermom (3 days ago)
Mr stewart little...lmao, its clear these idiots watch ur stream....pussy stream snipers
TheHardYards (3 days ago)
boom xe (3 days ago)
After you throw the i need to feed my family is over XD
Caudata (3 days ago)
Unwhitelisted Silverlake server: https://armaredux.com/forums/
Nathan Davenport (3 days ago)
Amazing video
imkinglazy (3 days ago)
great vid
crackerblk (3 days ago)
At least it fits the brand, you slimy little cunt.
X-_LGND- BEAST_-X (3 days ago)
Poggers 💕💕💕💕💕💕😆
NusaTV (3 days ago)
obvious streamsnipp is obvious
All Trac Jack (3 days ago)
Mistaddd ROFL :^D
Tomoplata (3 days ago)
Erno is such a crybaby cuck, lmao
carlo Fezzuoglio (3 days ago)
So much action love it
wyskgaming (3 days ago)
Litmitoma have a video a day
Vadimas Dulko (3 days ago)
James Turner (3 days ago)
Jeremy Ramirez (3 days ago)
this what new lil peep fans do
Phoenix Macaroni (3 days ago)
Stewart little is a chicken
zeo boy (3 days ago)
i have been laughing for 5 mins straight cuz this comment X0
zeo boy (3 days ago)
this deserves more likes cause its stupid asf XD
chargermom (3 days ago)
Phoenix Macaroni dumbass lol
Phoenix Macaroni (3 days ago)
Night Raid o shit u right
Night Raid (3 days ago)
Phoenix Macaroni that's chicken little
jake whitwam (3 days ago)
They should’ve recruited you to the police force as a reward for the mob boss , or like a bj or sumat
jiggums (3 days ago)
Stewart little is a rat-Change my mind
Addiction Playz (3 days ago)
make your own mob
Addiction Playz (3 days ago)
make your own mob
Addiction Playz (3 days ago)
make your own mob
Josh Turner (3 days ago)
What a twist!
jeremy van marle (3 days ago)
Get a gun permit so you dont get trouble from the cops for carrying a gun.
Brenden Moyer (3 days ago)
jeremy van marle its 6k, ridiculous money to carry a pistol lol
Dan Dan (3 days ago)
lewis u make people sing for there life
Nuclear Potato (3 days ago)
Is willy actually dutch?
Donovan Turner (3 days ago)
make a new mafia family
Troy Watt72 (4 days ago)
Best Silverlake vid yet.
NiL8 Nuke (4 days ago)
Omg when the guy pulled up to lewis when he was talking to milf and he ran up and Lewis said “Fuck off cunt!” I was died.
Matthew Savill (4 days ago)
Best video do more with the mob
Maximus Right (4 days ago)
Sick Video. Best one yet
BasicallyMemes (4 days ago)
I mean.... aren’t they technically stream sniping?
Fallacy-Myst (3 days ago)
Is 1 year equal to 1 day irl?
Thom (3 days ago)
〈〈〈WADAKITCHI〉〉〉 45 years in prison is 45 minutes in-game
JNLN (4 days ago)
At last, I liked the videos with him but he is so annoying.
L3X (4 days ago)
Erno is a sad little man
harvey hiller (4 days ago)
I mean at like 1 hour in its clear they stream sniped lewis when he was outside his house as they didnt know where his house was, in addition he had a completely different face and cloths on, how would they of known... *thinking emoji*
tkoscapeshow (4 days ago)
Join the cops lewlew
Moelijk (4 days ago)
the guy in the blue turban ios annoying af
Kogan Kogan (3 days ago)
Just annoying little nerds trying to roleplay lol
Pyro Caveman (4 days ago)
Crying @ sponge bob ending.... I’m in 😭 hahhahahaha
Rigamortis (4 days ago)
nice job telling random people you are snitching on the mob plus the mob is stream sniping
Rigamortis (4 days ago)
lol you are legally required to give me a paycheck when i ask
Walter Thorson (4 days ago)
Amazing role play, 8-10 story, odd ending... i enjoyed it thanks for outputting extra time into this video, also you shoulda offered Shawn a deal, he takes his death and you work as a informant for the police off the record only reporting to him, but great job on the vid still enjoyed the outcome!
Mathew Slone (4 days ago)
honestly who all believes / agrees Lewis should join the PD?
flaka (3 days ago)
he is in the pd now ;3 just wait xD
Thomas Lloyd (4 days ago)
The man at the end that Lewis shot, was erno

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