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TT Isle Of Man - Brutal Crashes, Sad Moments 2018

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TT Isle Of Man - Brutal Crashes, Sad Moments 2018 (Including: Ulster GP, Scarborough Gold Cup 2013, Southern 100). Enjoyed the video? Make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more! - - - Follow me here: - Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hadalson - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HadalsonOffi... - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hadalsi/ Instagram: Follow my fitness trainer! : @anchit_fitnessuk - - - ♪ MUSIC ♪ 1. Captain Philips - Safe Now (Piano Cover by Chelsea Comeau) By: Chelsea Comeau Song Name: Safe Now 2. Patrik Almkvisth - Reverie By: Patrik Almkvisth Song Name: Reverie Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com) - - - Check my other YouTube videos: https://goo.gl/fWd8NH https://goo.gl/KNzG2k https://goo.gl/3wgwue - - - Copyright disclaimer: I do NOT own this video clips nor the image featured in the video. All rights belong to it's rightful owner/owner's. No copyright infringement intended.
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Text Comments (641)
mohanicus (4 hours ago)
im telling ye... that race seriously is no fucking joke... it's 100% the most dangerous superbike race anywhere on the fucking planet.
anonymous UK (9 hours ago)
This is crazy I only drive a 125CC lol and the accidents I've seen, never mind these motorbikes.
Gregory Timmons (9 hours ago)
The most dangerous race in the world.
Martin Rost (11 hours ago)
Weiß nicht ob Daumen hoch oder runter! Bin zutiefst bestürzt, aber sie wissen das sie dabei sterben können! Sonst darf man nicht antreten und deshalb Daumen hoch damit jeder weiß was passieren kann und das gilt für alle Fortbewegungsmittel egal wo! Auch wenn mann daneben steht https://youtu.be/yqQwH_Qj1x0
Teguh Rustanto (17 hours ago)
Theme song please...
Auto Acc Rotterdam (23 hours ago)
for some reason i dont feel pitty for these guys, because its natural selection at his best. why would someone even think of racing a motorcycle on a public road with concrete walls without nearly 0.0 protection? morons who are tired of life. play russian roulette. al least you dont cause collateral damage and huge hospital bills that the average tax payer has to pay idiots
Julio Ramirez (1 day ago)
1:07, 1:46, 2:14, 3:32 amazing crashes
Haris Iskandar (1 day ago)
2:53 Good Job !!!
Flange Mauler (1 day ago)
RIP to the biker that died in the TT
FAKEER J. (1 day ago)
hjeyj (1 day ago)
Shit perverted voyerism.
Subhan Yushan (2 days ago)
I dont know what to say, but i think this event should be shutdown not even safe and i dont enjoy someone fall and somebody’s bike run over his body
american patriot (2 days ago)
Just can't understand why all this is worth dying for...
Luca Gray (2 days ago)
Did anyone pass in this video??
cakyud channel (2 days ago)
hanya orang yg istimewa dan bernyali tinggi balapan sperti ini.... 👍👍👍🔝🔝🔝👆
Federico Luzzi (3 days ago)
Feels like an insult to life. Life is precious, and there's a thin line between bravery and stupidity. This race definitely crosses it, and I cannot feel empathy for these riders when they crash. Like, not at all.
Agusbayu Bodo46 (3 days ago)
Alex Kaparchuk (3 days ago)
Wrong music
lxxv (4 days ago)
I don't really like the sad music.
harleyquinn 223 (4 days ago)
harleyquinn 223 (4 days ago)
An urban explorer (4 days ago)
Reminds me of the Grand National. Dumb animals racing. Broken legs and died.
syahrul adim (4 days ago)
ini baru balap........apa itu vr 46 di senggol dikit az ama 93 udah marah2...payaaah
zihhad taufik (4 days ago)
2:52 can you see that???....how that competiton make you more respect iften to your opponent...green rider helps red rides..owww thats amazing
E Girl (5 days ago)
Thse mans jad solid balls. I look up to them. Ride safe up there
Spartan Props (5 days ago)
My dad used to race, Nigel Manuel, every weekend we’d pack for a weekend at a track, spare helmets and all, and he’d face the constant reality that this could be his last weekend, but every week, we went, supported, and helped in every last way, but sometime in 2010 his team mate Ash suffered a horrific crash right next to my dad, that crash stopped my dad from racing because the dangers got too real
Gix Lip (5 days ago)
No one told them to suicide , brainless sport
Andrew Bolton (5 days ago)
What is TT?
game airsoft cz (5 days ago)
1:09 survived?
Den Rey (5 days ago)
balapan ky gini yg cocok buat marc marquez bukan di moto gp
Bob Down (6 days ago)
Wall meet motorbike.. splatt..
context mess (6 days ago)
this video would be better with the Benny hill theme
Darth Strakh (6 days ago)
1:40 that man kicking the other bike saved the guy on the ground from getting hit again. Clutch play
Ben Staniford (6 days ago)
Hat Films sent me
Laylla's Locker (6 days ago)
I drove this route yesterday in a video game. Crashed so many times! Watching this in RL I will def stick to video games. That 1:46 :'(
corrosivobueno (7 days ago)
so sad
universalchiro (7 days ago)
These riders are grossly underpaid.
turbovida (7 days ago)
Pinche video de mierda es una copia de la copia y para que le ponen 2018 si esos vídeos son más putos viejos nada.
That God at 2:45 gliding the bike
Caio Castro (7 days ago)
Uros Andric (7 days ago)
This should be illegal.. Too risky
D O (7 days ago)
Yes I can live on motorbike Yes I can live free Yes I love when I ride my bike fast and faster and faster I don't care if I died I don't care you know why...? this moment I'm free I'm living my own dream you can't ever understand how feel's inside you inside your heart how fast be running with you Yes may I have no fear on me may I'm not think who I left behind but forgive me I SEE only a road I see my dream I see my choose to live with my bike and how fast goes may some day's was perfect may some worst and some day's may I'm not here Yes I'm human may I do a mistake n my fast dream crash with me.. but you you remember you see how fast can go so,... let me FLY for a last time i FLY FREE ON MINE DREAM.! GOOD PARADISE BOYS YOU LIVE MY DREAM WHO IS STILL A DREAM KEEP SAFE OUT THERE... THE LEGEND FOR A LEGEND'S.. MY HEART JUSTDENIED HEAR YOU SORRY ... MY HEART CAN SEE ONLY THE ROAD!!. R,E,.S.P.E.CT I REMEMBER YOU BOYS ! PROMISE..
Tim Travasos (7 days ago)
There's no such thing as a gentle crash on the Isle of Mann.
kbugay (8 days ago)
R.I.P :(
Michael Chettri (8 days ago)
Life is hard in this planet!!!luv u all
Spacken (8 days ago)
Every single one of them is an idiot.
Michał Puzon (8 days ago)
Respect from Poland ! <3
Michał Puzon (3 days ago)
Hadalson (8 days ago)
Za niedlugo robie to samo, pozdrawiam! :)
Michał Puzon (8 days ago)
Zajebisty film ,sam marzenie zaraz spełnię ,prawko na A i Yamaha R6 ale o takim wyścigu można chyba tylko pomarzyć w życiu z doświadczeniem . Smutne ale i piękne strony pokazałeś tego głodu ,pasji . :)
Hadalson (8 days ago)
Michał Puzon Szacuneczek ;)
YaBoiNhoj (8 days ago)
0:56 is probably the worst, oh also 1:45.
HAnsi Fischer (9 days ago)
1:10 , r .kelly's : i believe i can fly
TheVanillatech (9 days ago)
1:50 basically a bag of marbles after that. The leathers holding everything in. Death was fast. Gotta be glad for that. RIP.
Super Pel (9 days ago)
shit bro, everything has its own risk. and i dont blame u doing that, please enjoy anything u want while u r still alive, because we only live once. dont be afraid of death, everyone will be dead. we came from our mom pussy but we shouldn't die like a pussy quote 101
BERTONI B90 (10 days ago)
1:47 omg
What Do You Meme? (10 days ago)
1:07 This guy gotta be dead after that.
metalhead2508 (10 days ago)
Good to place to check the pockets of the dead for loot after they run into a wall. Planning my trip right now.
Swiss LP und Blocks (10 days ago)
Leandro Tm (10 days ago)
This is not a race!! This is not a sport!!
Julaplor (10 days ago)
The Guy right after 1:07 ... Is he dead?
Jahden Carlos (10 days ago)
Julaplor no
Emil Fligiel (11 days ago)
song name ?
Tom Seeberg (11 days ago)
The crash at 1:46 is a death accident.He did not survive by any means in this accident. Take a close look and he smashes right into a concretewall in more than 200 kilometers pr hour. Dead on the spot
AKU PELAT (11 days ago)
why superbike.why not use 100/110/150CC.
Raptor1911 (11 days ago)
It's not worth the lifes..
Vitor (11 days ago)
A vida é curta então viva 🇧🇷
anas khan (11 days ago)
love this video
Adam El Massaoudi (12 days ago)
Omg a guy flew downhill. 1:09
zelpofgamesNL (12 days ago)
did that biker survived on 1:08?
Jahden Carlos (10 days ago)
zelpofgamesNL yes he did
It's a Button (12 days ago)
The only life form with a life expectancy lower than a daddy long legs = TT-RIDER.
SoloDiPassaJio (12 days ago)
The most dangerous circuit in the world, there are as many dead as those climbs everest. 1:46
Tunezmad (12 days ago)
Great video mate! We have a 4 year old girl who absolutely adores motorbikes and is fascinated when they drive by. It blows my mind cause we wouldn’t be into bikes much. Guess some ppl are born with the love for them. Think a trip on the ferry is in order!
Hadalson (12 days ago)
Tunezmad :)
Jonathan Stroud (12 days ago)
They are amazing people who have nerves of steel a lot of respect
Jonathan Fruchtnicht (13 days ago)
I'm not too keen on the YouTube TOS but for my own full disclosure, were any riders in this video killed during these accidents? I'd feel much better watching past 1:15 if I knew they all loved or weren't at least killed on impact
Steven Rowlands (13 days ago)
The crash at 1.08 was brutal, being thrown about like a rag doll
Debendra Pun (13 days ago)
why do the superbikes don't have light!!!!
MTB Boy (14 days ago)
Respect to all motocycle 😔🤞🏻
ThiagoF1 Shooting (14 days ago)
Respect yo
Giuseppe Barbagallo (3 days ago)
Bisogna essere coraggiosi per fare questa gara
Antonio Di Laura (3 days ago)
Giuseppe Barbagallo e anche un po tardi,basta un minimo errore e sei morto, capisco l'adrenalina e l'energia che da però è troppo pericoloso per me
Abdul Azim Affendi (15 days ago)
Wow.. 1.3 million views but only 7K likes? 😲😲😲
Oguzhan Yesilay (15 days ago)
1:09 is he dead too?:/
Jahden Carlos (10 days ago)
Oguzhan Yesilay no
卢浩 (16 days ago)
the sport of true man
formatviolation (16 days ago)
WELL done video lads.
Zevto 12 (16 days ago)
Hadalson (16 days ago)
random banana (16 days ago)
the Scottish guy in green suit at 1:40 just kicking away at people lol
Christopher Constas (17 days ago)
This is so sad....
Cyril Gomez (17 days ago)
The cross is a real trophy in cemetery
rizo dinta (17 days ago)
Balapan berdarah
gary fletcher (18 days ago)
Your video made me cry. . . Great stuff.
Laura NL Zucchiatti (18 days ago)
My heart cries 💔
David Ferreira12 (19 days ago)
I love all pilots die
vishal thakur (20 days ago)
These man's are great which are Dealing with dead for the money purpose of their family. Sluate for them those who are putting their life for welfare of their family.
Jahden Carlos (20 days ago)
Cant find the seccond music anywhere
Jahden Carlos (20 days ago)
Hadalson yes i see it but when i search it on youtube there is nothing
Hadalson (20 days ago)
Jahden Carlos It is in description of the film, double check.
Jahden Carlos (20 days ago)
Hadalson i cant find it no where
Hadalson (20 days ago)
Jahden Carlos It is in description sir :)
free man bc (20 days ago)
free man bc (20 days ago)
คลิปรู้สึกสงสารนักแข่วจริงๆกว่าจะมาเป็นหนึ่งได้ ต้องแรกด้วยชีวิตและความเจ็บปวด
Pr0nix Youtube (20 days ago)
So sad...
craig black (21 days ago)
Pisses me off the way footballers get paid millions and roll around on the floor over a kick in the ankle yet these guys risk there lives just for the sheer love of riding
Nope 35 (21 days ago)
1:40 LoL
h0pesfall (21 days ago)
Thats not sad... they know what they're doing...
Sharukh Ali (21 days ago)
Please stopped this kind of race because this is very dedle.......sports. ......please stop. .many people died each year. .......please stop
Alexzander Garcia (22 days ago)
honestly , i respect these men , because they died doing something they loved,
jinyoung cho (22 days ago)
사고소식 들으면 너무 가슴아프다
nico kp (23 days ago)
Ride safe✌️

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