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Henry VIII's tapestries revealed

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Discover how Henry VIII's tapestries looked when he first set eyes on them over 500 years ago. This is a film of the award-winning tapestry recolouration project by conservation scientists from Historic Royal Palaces and the University of Manchester, narrated by our trustee Sir Trevor McDonald. This research resulted in a temporary animated projection that produced a virtual colour reconstruction of one of Henry VIII's tapestries. For more information visit: http://www.hrp.org.uk/aboutus/whatwedo/collectionscare/vrtapestrieshamptoncourt.aspx
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Jeannie Anderst (2 years ago)
How many poor slaves and unfortunates did Henry have suffering to create these beautiful works of art
Leah Warriner-Wood (6 months ago)
None. Weaving was a very skilled art form, which took (men - women were not allowed to be weavers) an apprenticeship of several years to perfect.
Susan Dupuis (3 years ago)
can't wait ! I will visit them in 2 weeks.
frglee (5 years ago)
And for £17 entrance fee [£43 for a family] You can see them too! Best not to be broke these days if you want to see anything historic.
pamelahl1 (5 years ago)
Magnificent tapestries. Beautiful.
RoyalChammy (6 years ago)
gradgurl2007 (6 years ago)
This is so cool!

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