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TF2:Rome Vision For Mann V Machine

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The effects of the Genuine Hardy Laurel. Enabling players to see roman vision in Mann v machine. Sorry for the edit I was in a rush. I will be doing another video showing the other character models soon.
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Major Gosnell (4 years ago)
Yes if someone is on the server with rome vcision the option is available for all.
John Adams (4 years ago)
probs just you, or every game might end up being Rome. What if they keep putting it on and taking it off? That might screw up the game.
John Adams (4 years ago)
Is there anyway to get Rome Vision without pre-ordering Rome Total War II? What If I buy the game later? Can I craft the item? Why would valve add an items that causes a huge amount of data to be added to the game just so people can see these models? Can I get the Hardy Laurel by crafting hats or maybe buying on the store?
Fellelin (4 years ago)
you can
FortunaChan (4 years ago)
yep, but only work in mvm maps and not can equip pyrovision goggles in the same time
JacomeFelg (4 years ago)
Yes, but only in MvM.
Major Gosnell (4 years ago)
Tezi (4 years ago)
like pyrovision but,with rome?
DP2050 (4 years ago)
looks like its better to just get anin in store physical box...since Rome 2 will be 35BG ....too much to download...much faster to install form a dvd/blueray...
HeavyTankCore (4 years ago)
so how do you get the romevision by playing rome 2 or is there a other way?
Ormagöden (4 years ago)
Just the ones who have the hat and have it equipped
Collin Smith (4 years ago)
they will be available to everyone as unique items, shortly after the game is out.
George Haskell (4 years ago)
why does tf2 have to make all the best items promos. Gosh darn you valve- you sell outs.
Major Gosnell (4 years ago)
@gizma 122,you ghet it by preordering Rome total war 2
Major Gosnell (4 years ago)
@Dr medic only the wearer can see
MortonXX1 (4 years ago)
pls show us more robots, giants and tank models
if one person wears the laurel can EVERYONE see or just you?
Gizma122 (4 years ago)
how do you get the hats?
Walter Pasion (4 years ago)
James Loftin (4 years ago)
Thank you. I've been looking for this. :D

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