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Vincent van Gogh: The colour and vitality of his works | National Gallery

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Special Projects curator Colin Wiggins walks you through the life and work of Vincent van Gogh, from the bright colours of 'Sunflowers' to his battles with depression. Discover Van Gogh's changing style and the influence of the Post-Impressionist artists in Paris. Would you like to attend our Lunchtime Talks? Take a look at our program: https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/lunchtime-talks Follow us on social media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/NationalGallery Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thenationalgallery/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/national_gallery/ Help keep the museum accessible for everyone by supporting us here: https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/support-us The National Gallery houses the national collection of paintings in the Western European tradition from the 13th to the 19th centuries. The museum is free of charge and open 361 days per year, daily between 10.00 am - 6.00 pm and on Fridays between 10.00 am - 9.00 pm. Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5DN https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk
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Text Comments (103)
MrPhilEffect (14 days ago)
Great talk - love van gogh. 19:38 - I feel he is saying that those flower heads he is pointing at are dead...I thought they were double flowered fluffy teddy bear sunflowers. Green centres gave it away to me.
Mike Nino (16 days ago)
Ugly paintings i guess back then enybody could become famous.
beagle8boy (1 month ago)
fine lecture, lousy camera work
Harold Ericksen (1 month ago)
Why the new pronunciation of the artist name to Van GoFF?
StereoDeth (4 days ago)
Van Gothic
al cormier (22 days ago)
gh sounds like an f in english
That's weird, isn't it?
Selvi Angelita (1 month ago)
thank you for this, well done for the speaker, very informative, clear, and helpful to get the trusted information about vincent, I love vincent so much
gogoboot gogoboot (1 month ago)
your father is a pasta and your mother smells like gooseberries
Show Cat (1 month ago)
Enjoyed every second of this talk! Thank you.
Paresh Pandit (2 months ago)
Marvellous! Thank you, for sharing... :)
Alice Aldridge (2 months ago)
maryam imran (2 months ago)
AAND .... i hear music !! :D
Cor Draws (2 months ago)
That van gog dude def has liquify on his laptop
ALAN LAWRENCE (2 months ago)
There is NO evidence to suggest that Gauguin caused the ear injury. Van Gough told the police that he cut the lobe of his own ear off. It is certain that he gave it to a prostitute in a brothel because there were witnesses galore. To say Gauguin was "not a nice person" is based on self righteous prejudice. The speaker, in fact, any sane person, would have high tailed it out of the Yellow House... running for their lives. You don't argue with an open razor pal! Some facts: Van Gough had a history of mental instability and self harm. He shot himself in a field. As an art historian, and as a mark of respect to Gauguin's decedents... you should confine yourself to documented facts. To indulge in cheep journalistic conjecture about high profile 19th Century artists does you no credit at all.
Bernard Popp (2 months ago)
Art itself seems tragic... the soul has better things to attend to. As Andrew Wyeths model (i think) once said...art is a most selfish occupation.
Bernard Popp (2 months ago)
This lecture is just excellence for the subject of the world's most beloved artist ever...in my estimation. 🏆
tom dean (2 months ago)
27:00 i noticed in the last few years, mainly japanese visitors find it necessary to take selfies with van gogh sun flower painting. imo very sad.
Kay Muldoon (2 months ago)
I really enjoyed this. Thank you. Impressionism is my favorite style of art, and for many years my favorites were Renoir and Degas. But in recent years I’ve become more passionate about Van Gogh. His work is easily becoming my number one favorite. (I realize that Van Gogh’s art is considered to be Post-Impressionist rather than impressionist, but he showed up on the heels of the movement.)
end times (2 months ago)
I recently discovered and purchased a painting that I believe was done by van gogh. Please look at my video of the painting. Can you help me. It's 48cm x 35.5cm.
TyTrixie (2 months ago)
Everytime i see Van Gogh paintings , i shed tears for him. Great paintings and story
Mp One (2 months ago)
what a untalented below average painter, praised and made famous by the businessman , I love it
Amy Lucier (2 months ago)
I’m in the future... 2018!
Praveena Jilles (3 months ago)
Incredible lecture
Van Goff
Agatha Seunghee RU (3 months ago)
He's born in a little town called "ZUNDERT"
Brenda Staeb (3 months ago)
Van Gogh should be displayed in galleries with a background of black velvet or black satin only. This will make every painting the focal point in his use of color and texture and make the experience much more intense !
Robert Morton (3 months ago)
paintings!, not 'pictures" !!
Beccalotte1021 (3 months ago)
It’s almost like he was trying to do Andy Warhol’s factory but the impressionist version.
MissSushipunk (4 months ago)
I could listen to him all day!
Yalei Wang (4 months ago)
Loved and enjoyed every minute
Uzair Bhaur (5 months ago)
Just a few words about the picture. No discussion about artistic merits of the picture.
Paul C (5 months ago)
Eh, the wasn't born in Nuenen, he hails from Zundert.
Cesare balocco (6 months ago)
Lodate pelliccia
Diamond Peeps 2 (6 months ago)
I really liked it and thank you for this it really help my home work
Paulo Ribeiro (7 months ago)
Joh Quillo (7 months ago)
Amazing presentation. Thank you for explaining and sharing your thoughts about Van Gogh's painting
Tania J (8 months ago)
listening to the letter from Emile Bernard and imagine that scene, brings me to tears, every time every time
Joh Quillo (7 months ago)
Tania J Same!
Anh Ngô (8 months ago)
Great lecture! I love it! and such tragic story..
midnightchannel (8 months ago)
Loved Collin Wiggins, first lecture I've heard that defended Van Gogh, that is, who was accurate about Gauguin.... Would have helped to include Gauguin's love of fencing, boxing, and maybe a tad more per his temperament (Van Gogh wrote Theo that he was glad Gauguin didn't bring "firearms" to Arle 'cause he had a "passionate temperament and was bigger" than he was. !). But that's ok, the person who really cut his ear off (and it *was* most of the ear) was not the topic if the talk....
midnightchannel (8 months ago)
... also, I believe Van Gogh would have loved the interpretation of the sun flowers but, honestly, I think he just painted what was in front of him (ie, I don't think he chose the flowers for a mix of living and dead, sub conscious or not subconscious). Again, love the lecturer!
Megin Dog (8 months ago)
When a link is displayed could it also be entered in the description above. I don not wish to follow the link immediately but after the video is finished. The video on Rubens had multiple links in it none of which I could follow,
FreeBeDrug (8 months ago)
2:48 Lol, Tishon...
Young Seo (8 months ago)
I don't no who the audiences were. I feel sorry for the people bcause they were given wrong information about Gogh. This lecture was not based on the truth. This man, the speaker made up and added up too much on Japanese paintings with Gogh.This is not right. By the way, I was a painter and I have travelled to places where Gogh went.From Canada.
Fast Forward Videos (4 months ago)
Everything is right about Vincent except for where he’s born It is tru tho that the Japanese paintings affected him
CastelDawn (8 months ago)
Try to educate yourself more before speaking next time, there are no lies in this video.
Young Seo (8 months ago)
Everything seens ok except making up the story about he went to mountains to paint like Japanese painters.
superfuzzymomma (8 months ago)
As regards Van Gogh's Sunflowers, William S. Burroughs said, looking at it. "its makes us aware of what we know but what we don't know".
marcos anselmo (8 months ago)
thanks for this video! remember Picasso has three museums dedicated just to him and always full.
ArtAnalyzer (9 months ago)
Very beautiful presentation, for very beautiful paintings, an exceptional painter! Thank you for the explanations !
Willie Vijer (9 months ago)
Dutch too ° ° ° https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=664457447092272&set=a.230034550534566.1073741828.100005840677906&type=3&theater
Alex Orejuela (9 months ago)
The tormented genius who marvels at us with his thick strokes.
Nick F (10 months ago)
Great presentation, thank you very much for sharing!
The Art Channel (10 months ago)
Chris Ofili: Weaving Magic at The National Gallery on The Art Channel The Art Channel https://youtu.be/J3mDWHAIr6I
Kathy van Gogh (10 months ago)
Colin Wiggins, what a great Eduardo at or and speaker you are! I could listen to you forever. I loved it. Yes this is my real name and yes to the next question........would love to talk to you.
Kathy van Gogh (10 months ago)
Eduardo haha no I meant educator...damn autocorrect
teamcrumb (11 months ago)
Colin Higgins is a treat.
Marielle Nerder (11 months ago)
What a lovely lecture!
gavin Reid (11 months ago)
."....copies by vincent of his own work." It is well known that the others are probably fakes, of course you can not say that.
Happy Reaper (11 months ago)
ohhh thank you. this is more informative satisfying than other documentary about him.
What a fantastic lecture! I hope to get more and more lectures of Mr. Wiggins!
Fabrizio (1 year ago)
I hate blabber about the meaning of paintings. Hey art teachers, I don't care about your interpretation.
CastelDawn (8 months ago)
hey kid, no one cares about your opinion.
Tyrrhenus d'Etruria (1 year ago)
The invention of paint tubes (and the development of new colours) changed the art of painting immensely, as much as the start of the Renaissance. I can't imagine Impressionism and all that followed without portable, ready-to-use paints that gave painters more time, and freedom of leaving their studios to look at the world in a new, more direct way
777 (1 year ago)
Those 2 paintings explode with joy and 'prettiness' ... and subtly teach salvation ... "burstings forth", death-burial-resurrection, (Isaiah), sarcastic sin redeemed, etc. ... from the canvas.
Phantix (1 year ago)
i went to US DC got a show of VaN gogh. wait the whole morning go to Starbucks bathroom. this talk brough me in tears. I see you are teary eyes also.
Giovanna Scotti (1 year ago)
wonderful lecture! thank you! I saw these sunflowers at The National Gallery, but also in Amsterdam and even in Munchen! I love Vincent!
Nancy Ertan (1 year ago)
Thank you
manuel felix (1 year ago)
I suppose you can be a an art critic at any age, but too old at thirty, however , to start painting. Thumbs down.
Giorgos Varvi (2 months ago)
manuel felix Hell no! You are never too old for expressing yourself by painting. You need to chamhe your perception of what's a good painting and art in general.
lau abe (1 year ago)
Thank you so much . Love this lecture , i really enjoy this video .
Paweł Łyszczak (1 year ago)
Great lecture! I was applauding while watching at home.
Ted V (1 year ago)
vincent is boss when it comes to color
Anne-Marie Demers (1 year ago)
Love it! Thank you.
bill mullarky (1 year ago)
W Hu (1 year ago)
Love this lecture! Thank you!!
Bredfort Bingley (1 year ago)
an excellent speaker ! enjoyed this video very much indeed. Thank you.
tigerwa (1 year ago)
Very informative with an excellent and engaging speaker.
Seewhatis (1 year ago)
This starts with a mistake. Vincent wasn't born in Nuenen but in Zundert...
gogoboot gogoboot (1 month ago)
My life started with a mistake- my conception
Franciska Szucs (1 year ago)
yes he wasnt born there however he lived and worked there so he mixed it up probably
Puppude (1 year ago)
christianity yay... what a cunt
Jan 54 (7 months ago)
Also the islam,religion is stupid.
Rosa Angela (1 year ago)
Thanks so much. Beauty
Anna Harding (1 year ago)
loved this lecture, thanks for putting this up! I'm teaching a painting class based on this painting, so this was great to see, and I've shared it on FB for my students.
Aruna Dusoye (1 year ago)
I love this video and Ive got a project work to do on this. I have to critise it and don't know what to write. Can someone help me?? Please
Smallville Boyd (8 months ago)
Aruna Dusoye Criticize Van Gogh? If there were any criticisms, it was the expectations of paintings or painters of that time. Van Gogh was hard on himself so his works were somewhat forced. He was his own worst critique. Good or bad, his art work speaks for itself.
Noor Morey (1 year ago)
loved the lecture, thank you. Not sure, though, if I agree that the sunflowers are dead. There are certain varieties that bloom without petals ( teddy bear sunflowers : https://www.google.com/search?q=teddy+bear+sunflowers&biw=1023&bih=767&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiq2NW4s8zNAhVX_mMKHT7YCvMQsAQIQg )
ramazan okutucu (2 years ago)
bizde yaptik
Dee Chapell (2 years ago)
An outstanding presentation. Very interesting and I learned a lot. Thank you so much. 😊
Mark A Webber (2 years ago)
Much enjoyment had from this.
Birgit Dierken (2 years ago)
I can`t thank you enough National Gallery.After watching your documentary last year the paintings started` talking `to me . A connection had been made and I am now exploring with a great fever paintings and the artists.Thank you for this new love. and thank you Colin Wiggins for introducing me to Vincent whom I thought I knew already.
Je_331_ca (2 years ago)
After seeing this, I'll definitely visit the Gallery again...and again. Thank you so much for such brilliant video! Thank you for the effort👍🏼
Julia Leonetti (2 years ago)
Thank you so much, this was an amazing talk about my favourite artist.
Patricia Duffy (2 years ago)
Mr. Collins - thank you so much for this recording. I was getting ready to do the dinner dishes when I saw the link for this video and decided to watch just for a few minutes. Ha - famous last words! Before I knew it, the video was over. Your lecture was beautifully paced and easy to understand, with your love for Vincent palpable throughout. I learned so much and am looking forward to watching more videos - thank you.
Tom Eveson (2 years ago)
Thankyou, I really enjoy your longer video's, this was great! There's a big serious film project about Van Gogh which tells his story with animated paintings in Vincents style, I seen a trailer and was very impressed, it;s called "Loving Vincent" Vincent's swirly style is an attempt to convey the invisible electro magnetic energy fields that infuses everything that one can sense but not see directly, I think......!

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