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Reconstructing the destroyed church of San Pier Maggiore, Florence | The National Gallery, London

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A short documentary to accompany the exhibition ‘Visions of Paradise: Botticini's Palmieri Altarpiece’ (4 November 2015 – 28 March 2016): http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/visions-of-paradise Made in collaboration with the University of Cambridge.
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Text Comments (8)
valzerna (1 year ago)
extremely interesting!
Mauro Meacci (2 years ago)
I learned something I did not know. Thanks from a florentine
Pasquale Russo (2 years ago)
Absolutely fascinating!
rosydesign1 (2 years ago)
very interesting a very beautiful - thanks
Gabriel E. Girón (2 years ago)
Wonderful video!
Diane Fretwell (2 years ago)
This video is absolutely fascinating! I thoroughly recommend anyone who is interested in both art and in architectural history and investigation to watch it!
peter h (2 years ago)
Fascinating research and insights.
gonzimerchan (2 years ago)
Wonderful video! Thank you National Gallery

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