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The Story of the Queen's Favourite

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This is the story of the Earl of Essex, who was one of the Queen's favoured courtiers. He fell out of favour and became a prisoner at the Tower of London in 1601. These films are a teacher resource for Key Stages 2 and 3. http://www.hrp.org.uk/tower-of-london/learning/teachers/teachers-resources/
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Inella Lifestyle (1 month ago)
Who were the 10 people to die inside the Tower of London? I’m really curious and would love for someone to answer
gohomeannakin (3 months ago)
So this isn't what happened, he actually planned a coup with the king of Scotland and tried to enlist enough support to be named Lord Protector. Granted he wasn't trying to kidnap her, but he was not, by any accounts I've seen other than this, trying to "rescue" Queen Elizabeth.
Ahntara123 (10 months ago)
Essex was the son of Lettice Knollys, the Queen's prettier cousin, former Lady in Waiting, romantic rival (and probably the illegitimate son of Robert Dudley, Elizabeth's childhood friend and longtime love).  He resembled a young Dudley, but lacked Dudley's discerning nature & wisdom.  Elizabeth was sweet on him.  He used her infatuation to gain power and trusted that it could save him no matter what.
Alejandro Rodriguez (1 year ago)
thanks this is very interesting, I come from Ecuador but I love this tale

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